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Still waiting

I've recently encountered a buyer who wants to buy my items in my blogshop but have no idea what she wants. It all started out with a chat (I have this chat thingy in my blog which can be embedded in your blog) where she's asking about this particular item.

Buyer: Hi! I'm very interested in XXX dress. Is it still available?

Me: Depends on which color you're interested in.

Buyer: Oh, what's the one you're modeling in?

Me: White with blue patterns.

Buyer: I want that one.

Me: Sorry babe, out of stock.

Buyer: But I really want it. Can you restock it?

Me: I don't really do restocking la.

Buyer: PLS PLS PLS can you restock for me? I really like the dress!!

Me: Er, I'll try. In the meantime, just fill in the order form JUST IN CASE i can restock it for you.

(next day, after checking with supplier, conversation with buyer via email)

Me: Hi! Thanks for giving me the details beforehand. I've checked with the supplier and (I decided to be nice to her) ok i'll restock for you. Confirm you want this color?

Buyer: (after 2 days) Yes. I'm in XXX right now, can I make payment on Sunday?

Me: (only 4 days away. what the heck) Sure. Please bank in RMXX to XXX account. let me know when you've banked in.

Buyer: (after a few hours) Hi. Can I change color? I want the purple one.

Me: (dumbfounded) But I thought you want the white one and I purposely restock it just for you!

Buyer: Sorry ya. I really, really want purple one.

Me: (being nice again) fine. I'll just have to find ways to sell off the others.

(At this point, I'm getting a bit annoyed)

2 days later,

Buyer: Hi. I forgot to check with you. What's the size of the dress. lol. I'm size UK?? and it fits me or not?

(I've clearly stated it in the blog btw)

Me: It fits up to size XXL. If that's what you're looking for. I hope after you knowing the size you're not backing out.

Buyer: LOL. I'm just asking right? I'm a serious buyer. No worries. You give me via pos ekspres right?

Me: Ok. Sorry for being rude. Just remember to let me know after you bank in so I can confirm payment. Yes, pos ekspress.

Buyer: Oh. Can give me discount for the dress?

(I'm getting really annoyed now)

Me: Sorry babe. No discount (I clearly stated in my blog no nego).

Buyer: Sorry la. I'm just kidding. huhu. I will bank in on Sunday evening.

Me: ... ok ....

(Waited till now almost 3am, no sign of buyer banking in the money. I'm quite tempted to just email her and say, wth, just go away already if you're not interested. I let you go and to think she's begging me to restock she must be interested. Gosh. buyers. make.up.your.mind!!)

Maybe I'm overreacting but sometimes some things just annoys people ya know?


  1. Who is the stupid buyer? let me know! I am also a seller and i always facing this kind of stupid buyer..

  2. Just encountered one buyer yesterday. Srsly, some people just get on your nerve !! & once you hold the item fr them & they go MIA and then come back again saying they want it but its all sold out, she calls you RUDE. wth mann.

  3. tell me about it ppl. I'm still waiting for her reply.

    She even sent me another email after this ordeal asking.

    "Er, what color did I order again, white with blue patterns right?"

    I was like... oh no, here we go again...

  4. Just tell her your supplier called and its out of stock cos she tooo damn slow

  5. And, why are they slapping the seller? Guess the buyers who "siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas" slap huh?

  6. this type of customer is totally not worth dealing with. they'll go on and on and on and on..
    sometimes i feel like im dealing with a 10 year old !

  7. People are slapping the seller is probably because the seller doesn't sound friendly at all :)

  8. Hahaha.

    I'm the seller. Actually right, I'm super nice via emails but I left it out here coz lazy to type so much. lol.


  9. the seller doesnt sound interested in doing business. and i think those are normal inquiries except for the part that she forgot what color she ordered.

    Me: (dumbfounded) But I thought you want the white one and I purposely restock it just for you!

    and that was just rude.

  10. anon above me : that was rude? you obviously have yet to face situations like this. i would have done the same thing cos ITS THE TRUTH. buyer is one serious bimbo.

  11. i support seller. this kind of buyer is a LOT.
    it keep dragging on and on until buyer had a firm mind to say NO after few days (even weeks) of deciding. (u know, women takes time to decide, if they CANT HAVE IT, they wont let others have it either).
    so to the writer, just say 'no stock-'. it will end ur misery n better move on to other buyer.

  12. Yeah. I think I should have. Oh wells :)

  13. I would have done the same thing too! Even though she's paying for the item(if the deal goes through), please don't be too much ok? Be considerate. How do buyers expect sellers to be considerate to them when they are acting as if they are the princesses -.-"

    Put me, as a buyer to shame la.

  14. Me : Hi! Thanks for giving me the details beforehand. I've checked with the supplier and (I decided to be nice to her) ok i'll restock for you. Confirm you want this colour?

    OKAY. what's up with the 'you decided to be nice to her'? as if before you don't wanna be nice to her. huhh. shouldn't us sellers be nice to our customers? eventhough they're quite annoying sometimes but we should treat them equally. you seem not interested in making bussiness.


    next time you make sure they pay deposit first before you restock it for them. and state new t&c if she plans to change colour or sizes once you restocked them, its either the buyer pay the rest and get the item she earlier ordered (easier since they can resell i), or the deposit is yours. would be easier so there won't be any backout after restock.

    so, slaps for buyer and also seller!

  15. well it's this type of buyers who make online shopping a living hell for all sellers don't they?

    and to those who slap buyer: i bet you must be one of them as well.

    double slap buyer!

  16. I am nice to her la. Not *decided to be nice to her*. Ok, proves that I suck at retelling events. hahahah!

  17. I met a buyer like this too..
    She asked me to reserved a bag for her almost 2 months!!!
    she sms-ed me and tell me that she can't bank in cause of this and that..
    at end, she mailed me and ask..
    Can I change to another one?
    WTF, m really =.=""""""
    If she rili dun wan can at least let me knw earlier but she didn't..