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Just to inform buyers who shop with preloved blogs. Please do understand that the clothes selling in preloved blogs is not RAGS which isnt worth anything and you're doing charity by buying from us ok.

Yes. I do own a preloved blog and i've encountered many ridiculous buyers lately. Although stated there is preloved items, some items is just being worn once doesnt mean that it should be sell cheap like almost free! The good part of preloved items is that you can negotiate with the prices but please be reasonable. And for the COD arrangements, please do understand that is not a MUST we should provide this service. Is just for the convenience and some who would like to cut down on the posting cost. So if the COD areas is at the north part.... please don't demand us to go south to meet you up. Do understand that we sellers are not POST MAN or DESPATCH which is damn familiar with the roads and are 24 hrs getting ready to do COD anytime. Yes, you can discuss on other COD areas but if we really cannot make it... please, do not force or threatened us. And if you want to choose COD, please please please please be PUNCTUAL. If your time is valuable, so do ours! Be fair!


  1. Why are you scolding all buyers as if we wronged you somehow? Yes, we get that some buyers are irresponsible and out to get better value. We also deal with preloved items sellers who fob off very-often used rags on us.

    If a buyer is being too rude, just politely tell off!

  2. The Orphan In the charity centreMarch 19, 2010 at 8:54 PM

    Yes!! At last someone voices out! I am not sure why buyers think preloved blogshop are like some charity centre. Asking for discount is so normal.As a buyer I would also ask for discount, but when one ask for discount for a RM10 items, let say a shorts, thats a bit ridiculous! I would rather save the hassle and use the shorts to wipe my feet. I am not calculative to the extend of putting into account the amount of petrol required for me to drive to the opposite highway to get to the post office,but do be fair. Every item have got its depreciating values, but it ain't free. Even old newspaper also have got values when sold to the paper collector. Now I think I want to keep the shorts and cut to make some clothing for my dog..

  3. hurmmm..after reading this, i rasa i cancel lah nak jual my used-once clothes..better i give to charity..anybody agree? =D

  4. oh ya and there are buyers who said things like "i'm just helping you to clear stock" Pleasela your single purchase is not gonna make us a millionaire nor make us a bankrupt if we don't sell to you.

    Its not being arrogant but please respect sellers as much as you want us sellers to respect you.

  5. TRUE! i'm a preloved blogshop owner and since i stated there prices are negotiable and the buyers go all crazy asking for RM30 dresses to go to RM10 with postage...


    and i sometimes do sales and price slash anytime i want to or whenever i feel generous. at my sales, all sales price are final, means no negotiations. i put the LOWEST, i repeat, the LOWEST PRICE (meaning i cant go any lower than that, seriously, its a total loss for me but yeah i just gotta get rid of all the items) for all sales items but yet i still get negotiations inquiries. perhaps less RM1/2 i can consider but RM5-RM10 or more?!?!

    i understand that we're just PRELOVED blogshops, but some items are BRAND NEW, in fact WITH TAGS *come on la see the price yourself* and i cut down more than half the price also. haihhh. you guys can never get enough is it?

    i'm a buyer myself and i do shop at preloved shops too but i don't treat them as their clothes are trash. nego reasonably lah. maybe they wanna get rid of them but at the same time they need money too so please stop being drop dead inconsiderate.

    shame on you buyers, how can you live with such ethics? stop being so cheapo. you think brand new TOPSHOP item is dirt cheap that i can sell it at RM10 to you?