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Poll Discussion #1

I've actually decided that doing polls are just not enough. I would love everyone's feedback on the poll result. So this is the first of the polls that is open for discussion. Slaps are irrelevant here la...


  1. i voted via email: reason being it's easier to communicate if i have any inquiries as some blogs don't provide all of the information such as exact measurements.

    i also have my email open every time i'm online which is all the time except for when i'm sleeping.

    order form would be my second preference as i don't need to copy paste the seller's email and all that.

  2. I voted for emails, as it's fast, you get to ask whatever questions you want first (since some sellers say only confirmed buyers should use the order form, but don't provide their email add wth)

    The shopping cart is great since you'll know what's available and what's not, but only for items that either has all the answers already stated e.g. accessories and their measurements, but it must have been done nicely so that there wouldn't be any confusion (e.g. stating the color when there are multiple colors pictured).

    No matter which choice, all sellers should allow their customers to be able to contact them first before confirming their order.

    If sellers really want to use the order form or shopping cart, they should allow customers to query/discuss via email first and once everything has been answered/decided and the customers confirm, then they can use the order form/shopping cart and after that, if they back out only blacklisted (for those with that condition)

  3. Order Form and Email is easiest to track for me. Unless buyer's email goes to spam box. Though, that never happen to me before. So far, any transaction by email works and I've done quite a lot of online transaction before.

  4. I like the shopping cart system provided that it does not take me more than 30 minutes to register myself as a user. Shopping cart allows seller to be more systematic in managing their sales and inventory. And the probability of back out sellers is greatly reduced as there is no "Reserve" mode for items on display. Having an efficient system also means that seller cannot always be posting HIATUS note, which also means that it is more relevant for sites which dedicates their time on online selling, and not just sell when they are free during semester breaks.

  5. I voted shopping cart cos mainly it cuts off all correspondence with the seller. Aside from the ones with korean photos, i already know my size well enough (from 5 yrs of online shopping) from the actual photos be it on a model or mannequin.
    I get my order and payment done in under 15mins and usually get my package within 2 days. ALL without playing email ping pong with the seller which is such a pain most times becos they're not always online.
    No problems so far. No time wasted...

  6. i voted email 100%!!

    order form: ruang kecil, tak nampak tulis apa, sometimes salah taip, susah nak baca balik. doesn't have a space for "special request" (eg: notes, or catatan). even if they have, they never read it. this one seller, didn't even read the message i put in the Notes area. I asked to post out the item next week, because i wasn't at home that week, but i still wanna order and immediately made the payment coz its a very limited item. but then she just post it out! haiyaa

    shopping cart: leceh la nak isi registration form.

    sms: sms mahal la, especially if you are a seller, then 1 day you have like 10 customers, and then you used 10sms for each, so total in 1 day is 100sms!!!!

    email jelah, kan senang. u can write anything, can put some extra orders, and many other things!!

  7. Harlow Cikgu Sekolah, do you know that filling up the registration form will only take you 2 mins and placing orders via email will probably go into hours before you get a reply from sellers. Then after that you dont have to fill in the form anymore. Long run, shopping cart has major benefits.

  8. I voted for email as a buyer. As explained by so many before me, it's easier to correspond thru email and have all ur queries answered.

    But as a seller, I prefer it if my customers fill up the order form as it's easier to keep track of the orders.

    So the best solution would be to ask questions via email, and when u've decided to confirm the order, to fill up the order form as a confirmation gesture :)

  9. i know shopping cart has major benefits, but the shopping cart blogshops i have encountered with are all loading very slow, and the form are very tedious.
    i have tried to use it, believe me, and that first time i'm trying to use shopping cart, it took almost 30mins and i still hasn't finished filling it. maybe i was very new to online shopping and maybe stupid too. but that bad first time really make me "serik" la.

    sorry, not that i'm anti shopping carts.

  10. I hate online form! Esp those that I need to create a log in ID and password! Before creating all these, I need to fill in my particulars, blah blah... It is really wasting my time! Then the system will reply: "Processing". Forever processing...
    Some sellers insists! She said it is for her account purpose wor...
    Wasting my time for her own benefit, selfish sellers!

  11. Not keen on shopping carts because of the hassle. Order forms are alright, but sometimes I worry if they actually get processed efficiently (I've had some sellers not get my forms, I think! Or something along those lines lah, thus delaying my order even though I'd filled in the form).

    Order forms are also rather... disengaged and impersonal. An e-mail sometimes requires some thinking on the buyer's part in terms of wording to request/inquire about an item, but somehow I think it's friendlier and more personal - and the seller usually earns brownie points in the buyers' eyes when they get back to the buyers politely and promptly, and especially if they provide good customer service!

    An order form is very efficient and useful, though. Both buyers and sellers sometimes love the 'personable' feel to interactions and transactions - we're all people and we like to reach out to one another. What'd be good for order forms to counter the 'distant' and 'purely businesslike' feel would be to add a section for 'messages/inquiries/comments/feedback' or something along those lines - I'm sure some sellers like hearing from their buyers too!

  12. can see the poll ordi mah.. clearly ppl prefer email rather than shopping cart. i dont like shopping cart cos i cant interact directly to the seller plus d hassle of god-i-dont-know-how-many-mins-it-takes-to-fill-this-form.

  13. i find it funny when ppl say its troublesome to create an account for shopping cart.
    wats so difficult? all u have to do is enter your email address.
    dont tell me when u place an order that time u dont type ur email address too.

    and its so much easier when u want to go back to the shop to buy again. think properly first.

  14. I think email is still the normal process used here in Malaysia as not many online boutiques have a shopping cart. But to move up to the next level in online shopping, I think we are need to learn to use shopping carts or order forms. I mean, if you order from Dell or a bigger company, I'm sure you need to fill up a form 1st right?... before ordering through their shopping cart system.

    As a buyer, I don't think it's a hassle typing in my name, address, contact number into a form / shopping cart system... as even through emails, you sooner or later have to type them out. As a seller myself, I've tried emails first before upgrading to a shopping cart system. And to avoid the hassle of trying to search for emails from buyers who send in their contact number much earlier, and then their address a few emails later before confirming an order many emails later is such a joy. A shopping cart system completely organizes things not only for the seller but the buyer as well. And it's definately more professional :)