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My regular Miss Stingy

How much you willing to spend for a preloved items? I'm a buyer and also a seller, but not a serious seller, means if there s a product given by frens to sell, i will help out to sell. im oso letting lots of my expensive shirts and dress. so there s 1 shirt i bought from US, wore once and let go at RM20 only which i bought at nearly RM200. as i said, i'm not a serious seller, so that's the price i guess is reasonable coz i m not asking for profit. It is very low price already. so this buyer, emailed and asking if i can drop down the price for the shirt.

omg!! it's already RM20 how much you want me to sell? RM5??
but i replied her nicely and she's ok to pay for the RM20, cod term only at my convenient place. ok settled.

In my business, i dont do COD at all. I do post laju to most of the time. but for the shirt of RM20, i purposely do the COD cos she seems so kedekut to pay for the post laju fees, and willing to travel by train to my place.

Another story is my handbag that i'm selling at RM2500. There's one buyer, always bugging me for low price but never buy one at all since 3-4 yrs ago but i keep on entertaining her emails, to remain the seller/buyer friendship. Tho i always hope she will stop emailing me.

So the RM2500 handbag, she was asking for RM1000! i think if you wanna go reasonable bargain, dont lah dare to ask that much. I could expect for a bargain of RM2000 from RM2.5k but a 1k for a new bag??

The handbag was sold at RM2,300 finally, and of cos it was bought by my repeat buyer, not that lady.

This week, i'm going to put sale for few items too, and i tell you, that lady will email me again and again, like her 3-4yrs attitude and wont buy a single thing.


  1. Erm, why not just put your foot down about the price, rather than letting her haggle when you know you won't go so low?

    No offence, but that's kinda stupid right, to let her waste your time like that?

  2. 3-4 years???? tell her to go fly kite la

  3. im the author

    out of 60 buyers, only 1 asking for more lower price than the RM20, so it s not wasting my time, just asking for more lower price is the point now. fyi the buyer 1 of RM20 and buyer 3-4 yrs r 2 diff buyers.

  4. Oh I know some Rm20 sumore wanna include postage (although not stated). Finela after transaction she has the cheek to ask what's the Poslaju/ Pos Ekpress Tracking number, SHITTTTT xxxxxx

  5. to the anon above: the customer has the right to ask for the tracking number. :) no one can force you to sell your items at the price you don't agree with. hope you can keep that in mind...