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No more trying!

I usually dont allow trying in bazaars for a lot of obvious reason. But if you dont let people try, they rather not buy. Strange how alot out there are willing to take the chances with receiving clothes thru the post but are skeptical even when holding on to the piece of clothing.

I also find it very disturbing when they damage the clothing or accidentally drop it into the toilet bowl, they dont tell you about it. If someone accidentally knock into your car, would you want them to "make dunno"? Same thing la... you have to own up to your mistakes and take responsibility. Have a heart...

If I let you try on the top, why did you bring it back with a fresh wet footprint on it and pretend it was there before you even tried it on? Want to scold me some more... *sigh*

Why la...? Why you all do this to me?


  1. I actually hate to let customers to try on my items because mostly at bazaars, the toilet would be so far away. Many 'unfortunate' things may happen..

    But you know, customers are always right. Bleurgh..overrated la the statement.

    So what should we do? How should we tell customers 'no trying' without us receiving that 'evil look' from them?

  2. hi, just a suggestion, why not bazaars organizers provide some kind of fitting rooms nearby the stalls?

  3. Yeah, that would be lovely, to have fitting booths at bazaars.

    But again, bazaars are usually really hot. The thought of customers trying on clothes AND sweating at the same time just makes it worse. =(

  4. Anyone knows which bazaar has got fitting rooms? Would really like to go to one that has it ...