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Why am I less important?

I ordered some make ups from a pre-order site. I paid the full amount for all of the items i ordered and so, i have to wait for 2 weeks. After two weeks, the buyer told me that there's a slight delay. I'm okay with it. No fuss. Its pre-order so you have to expect the unexpected and so the next week, the items arrived. I was so excited about it!

Three days after the items arrive, she still haven't posted my items yet but she posted other customers stuffs (i know since she put up the tracking number, batch number and date of posting at her site). I mailed her asking why didn't she posted my stuffs as well? She told me that one of my item is broken. Okay... if i didn't ask her, will she have the guts to mail me? Its better to tell me than i find it out myself right?

Thing is, there's a well known fashion reviewer who ordered the same item as mine (the one she claimed broken). and she posted her the item instead (saw on the sidebar tracking number and such). and in the order list (she put it up at her site as well), i ordered the items first, then only came the reviewer. I paid full amount and i bet the reviewer also did but of course, later than me. She ordered them 2 days after i paid.

But why did she get the item instead of me? In fact, my total amount costs more than hers. How the heck did the seller know which one is mine or hers? We both ordered the same item and one of them is broken and the broken one is mine. I bet the seller wants to take good care of her reputation, that's why she sent the fine item to the reviewer. Well, how can that be right? By playing it fair, she's supposed to send it to me! since i ordered first, and i paid first!

If she still want it to be fair for both me and the reviewer, tell us that the items are broken, so she can't send it to us. Its a white lie but its to make things fair and better.

I feel so offended. so what if i'm just a normal customer and not a reviewer? you can't treat me as all your usual customers? you don't want to take good care of your reputation with me? haihhh.


  1. Babe, so did you approach the seller to clarify matters? It sounds so unfair though, I'm totally with you on this one. Being a reviewers has its perks. .__.

  2. I'm a seller who just started preorders for US makeup (but this case is definitely not me, since our first batch hasn't arrived yet :/)

    It is unfair to the buyer since shouldn't it be first come first served? Yea, reviewers do get perks, but it shouldn't be at the expense of other customers. Even my sis aka business partner agrees, which is why we gave reviewers free postage, but if the above case happens, we'll definitely give the item to whoever who paid first (and that's from who first paid at least the deposit, rather than who paid in full)

    Slap seller!

  3. I guess seller might be afraid that Reviewer will give her blogshop a bad comment and won't review their site forever already. Hahaha..

  4. haha, I'm a reviewer but I always shop with my personal account, so I can know the real attitude of some sellers =P

  5. to the reviewer: but some reviewers probably use their own emails just to get perks! i'm a seller as well but i never use my business email for personal purchases or resort to the "i'm a seller too so sell it to me at cost price!" gimmick.