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Not Another Back Out Story Again?!

Just to be clear. I never backed out from my orders (or so I can remember).
I\'m getting a little annoyed with many many MANY complains in SMWYY about back out buyers.
Come one people. Get real. Its pretty obvious that there will be back out buyers when you wanted to start a shop online (or even offline). Its business, for crying out loud.
Stop complaining already. The stories are getting stale.

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  1. You know I still have another 27 unpublished back out stories...

  2. Wow. I hope you don't publish them. Its getting really boring reading them. =/

  3. yeah SMWDY, dont publish please. need a new breat-taking stories ;) haha.

  4. seriously, im with u writer. its very boring to hear the same ol backout story.

  5. better same ol backout stories than no stories at all i'd say! bring them on, SMYDY!

  6. haha I just blogged about this in my blog. Oh well. You are really true and I totally agree with you.

  7. Believe it or not... even after this post, i am STILL getting backout posts.