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What can you do?

I came across a number of cases that buyer received damaged item,as i am a serious seller, i do not intended to sell u those damaged item, guess most the seller feel the same.Whats the point selling damaged item and get scolded in end??

Sometimes, we(seller) ordered the items in large amount, we might not manage to check the item inch by inch, but i admitted that i do review the item once before i sent them out. Some of the minor defects ( i think ) which are not noticeable, i seriously don't know abt it.

Tell me what do u think if u received a bad/ damaged/defected/ not fit/ not-so-nice item??
( if the blog stated no refundable/ no exchangeable )

Guess all sellers are always headache about these problems.

It getting me furious in few cases:
Cases 1 - i sold a lace top, the buyer telling me that the top she got is so ugly, threads come out everywhere, and don even dare to wear it !! Since she is in KL, i went to her place and i exchanged with her,without any charge for my petrol~( Hello, threads come out isn't it common ?jus cut them of will do)

Case 2 - Lace Dress, always got problem with lace clothes..sigh...She bought a black lace dress, opt for COD. After an hour we cod, she sms me tat the dress is badly damaged, torn, failure of zip.Second sms, she said : Ur dress is so badly defected, what is ur point of selling damaged good?what kind of business ethic do u have?i want refund !
Well,i told her i will compensate her rm 10, and exchange another dress for her.
She said : " i have no option at all, u forcing to get the dress "

Case 3 : Buyer wants exchange, for a rm6 thingy~ (Think ur self,how to i exchange??even pos laju/ pos ekpress more than rm 5 !) so i said, i refund half price, rm 3, ok?
she said :" is ur fault by sending me defected good,cant use all all,why i can't exchange? !" So...since i been scolded badly, i refunded rm6,and ask her post it back.Isn't is more troublesome for her?

However, some buyers understand my situation, they satisfied with compensate of half price of the item sold.
In the end,i apologize to those got a defected item, i do not intended to do so.


  1. I'm a seller too and i experience the same thing! But most buyers would think that we sellers should compensate EVERYTHING when they receive a bad conditioned item :(

    Sigh, we had a hard time dealing with customers like that too. But its a must for us to treat our customers with a smile. Oh well.

    I particularly dislike those who sends an email scolding us. If I receive a bad condition item, I would ask them about it politely. That way they would also think of the best way to solve the problem right? Why can't customers say it in a nicer and happier way? Then we as sellers would also feel happier to solve the matter. :)

  2. what is the best solution do u think?

  3. half price compensation is unreasonable.

    it is understandable that the suppliers were the ones who gave you sellers defected items. fine.

    so if you sellers accidentally sent defected item to buyers, without noticing the defects even after checking, the buyers deserve an exchange of the same item.

    yes, sellers are human too. you make mistakes like not noticing small defects etc.

    but buyers deserve an exchange of the same item from sellers if the item has defects and if so happen that the exact item is sold out, maybe and exchange for any other items of the same price or lower price.

    as for buyer in CASE 1 above,
    be reasonable and just cut the extra threads that are not meant to be there. save trouble for both you and the seller.

  4. If seller is the buyer, wouldn't you as a buyer want an item that is in good condition? I'm sure you do too and would find ways to either exchange it for a good one from the damaged piece or exchange with something of the same value. Any buyer would want to make their money's worth, so do you as a buyer.

    Say if you have bought a top from Zara and they have no refund whatsoever but if you bring the top that was damaged to them, they will get you a new piece or otherwise other alternative. Just because sellers have such policy means die die follow 100%, then make time to check every piece you're selling. So things like this don't happen again.

    So one can be meticulous about something one gets from an outlet out there but have to live with the damages from blogshops? Right.

  5. what if is the item can't be exchanged as there isn't any more stock? and the other stuff in the blog doesn't appeal to u?

  6. disagree with anon4

    if you bought normal priced item from any branded retail store, you are entitled for exchange

    BUT if is discounted item, even if is damage, there's no refund / exchange can be made.

    And for the threads stuff, it's a common problem, as for online seller, they got it directly after item is being sew, and without another person to cut off the excess thread. That's why you pay for more than half price compare to retails.

    For retails, they either asked their manufacturer to make sure is in good condition before shipped out, or when they get the goods here, they'll hire mostly middle-aged citizen to cut off the excess threads.

    retails item is being trimmed that's why they can sell at a super high price
    while online stuff is practically raw - direct from factory, and not trimmed nicely, that's why they can sell cheap

  7. who will pay for all postage for exchange? if the stuff kinda heavy? like cost about rm 10?? but the items sold was rm 30+ postage?

  8. alternatively you can check the items before sending out la and always be honest with the buyer then they won't give you so much shit. LOL

  9. If like that you just jeopardised your own reputation for not able to deal w an issue fairly. Might as well put up a sign 'Sent out goods are not our responsible if damaged. Sellers are humans too, make mistakes but it is the supplier who sent us these items in such condition'. Aren't suppliers also humans then? So who to blame after that? Like that ah, no need to sell anythingla.

    Its sellers responsibility what goes out to customers isn't it? What? Are we suppose to live with sellers 'tidak apa' attitude to their items they obiously don't care enough about and simply sell it?

    There is a reason a place like FOS, Reject shop and Brands Outlets are out there. So why not sell your rejected items in a dedicated 'rejected' blogshop then rather than making customers live with something they obviously didn't ask for. Or give it to charityla. Do more good also.

    The thread issue, that one depends on who you send it to, not all are that fussy lah. Some trim on their own like I did, but I agree w Anon above, trim it tp avoid further dispute. How you treat your items will go a long way. Treat it well and customers will not complain so much. It's all about karma baby. You don't give a damn about your items, your customers will come chase you la.

    Simple deduction.

    Why sale items are not refundable in retail shop is because customers are ABLE to check the condition of the item. How do you suppose can you impose such law upon your buyers who trust the sellers to check for them only to find out the items are damaged?

    Of coursela they'll get pissed when the item they buy is stretched/stained/smelled/damaged/torn when seller should be the one to let them know if its not in perfect condition.

    Want to have rules and regulations, t&c but always forget the loopholes :/

    I'm aware that some customers 'lie' about the damages, therefore get them
    to take pictures an post it back to you and then further discuss about
    it however both sides feel is best to solve it. It takes a lot of maturity, strength and confidence in your own products when selling it to customers.

    Check and check again. Most customers will understand if you let them know before hand and deal with it fairly. Everyone wants their share of the cake right?


  10. for anon 5,
    if the item is out of stock, and nothing on the blog appeals to you then it's a problem.
    i think you still have to pick something else from the blog as no full refund will be given. unless if the blog itself wants to refund.

    as for anon March 29, 2010 1:18 PM,
    postage should be bared by the blogshop itself as it was their fault to begin with.

  11. i'm a seller and i've been in this situation before..

    just like Anon4 said, i requested the buyer to take a pic of the defected area, examine it, then decided that it's really my fault to have missed the torn spot (cause i check before posting it out).

    we agreed on her posting the item back to me, then i would give her a full refund of the item, including both postage fees (to her and back to me).

    the defected item was sent back to the supplier in exchange of another stock. happy ending. =D