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To all you English teachers

I saw someone here like to comment about the english of each post and comment! Comment like : "Please improve your english!" When I saw this, I feel like asking: "Are you an English Teacher?"
This blog is opened to all, from different level of english/ education. Even some blogshop's owners do not have a good command of english? So What? If reading their blog irritate you (your eye), then just close it, don't shop there!
To me, the most important things are
1. Nice stuff  
2. Best price
3. Friendly owner

Owner's english good or not doesn't matter...

Dear buyers who are VERY good in english, please don't humiliate those who are not!
Who said only good english can write blog? Who said only good english can have a blogshop? If you so caring, please give them chance to write more, then only can improve.
Let's encourage them, rather than put them down. :)


  1. you're right. i agree with you :) not everyone can talk/write good english.

  2. i was about to write the same thing. there's owes that someone who like to comment
    "her english is poor @ that girl had a bad english @ i cant understand what she's trying to say @ etc bla bla bla"
    so wad if u can speak purrrfect english? it is still d attitude that matters!

  3. Tho I do not press on people to have good English, but I do find it is a necessary to have a minimal 'understandable' English to avoid misunderstanding when dealing because one might be twisting and turning the words to his/her own advantage.

  4. Thanks May, that does make perfect sense. Well put :)

  5. As blogshop owners, if you have decided to set up your blogshop in English, I think it's a fair request that you guys have at least a comprehensible level of English to communicate with your English speaking customers. It would be great if you guys had made a lot of effort to improve in this area too, besides just your customer service. However, if you owned a Chinese or Malay based blogshop and customers who wanted to purchase from you but can only type in English, I think it's fair not to expect too much out of you, and definitely unfair of customers to accuse you of being poor in English.

  6. 1Malaysia, untuk semua -,-

  7. I agree with every comments here.
    But at least give everyone a chance to learn. Other than humiliate each other here, encourage us!!
    Some of us just don't born with good language or even good brain in mastering a good language very well. Not only english, may be they are equally bad in mandarin or malay, or any language... Poor thing! How? Ya, just like our parent always say to us, you are going to be jobless if you didn't study hard now?! *yawn*...
    Small error just let it be... Who don't make mistake? Why must pick on each grammar mistake in every post and comment?
    Let's us learn together, and improve together. :)

  8. Best comments of all posts!!
    I find it extremely disheartening when I read post of people lambasting one another of their English. Give and take... learn from the good and teach the not so good? Let's all be humble. Being arrogant & defensive serves no good to another I guess?

  9. English Teacher (wanna be)March 18, 2010 at 11:29 PM

    To May, I think those who have good english are the one who "twisting and turning the words to his/her own advantage". Haha...
    To those sellers/commenters who are poor in english (please don't be ignorance! :p), first english lesson: Use simple english. Short sentence.

  10. wannabe english teacher : its ignorant :)

  11. English Teacher (wanna be)March 18, 2010 at 11:43 PM

    haha... wanne be lor... Thanks!

  12. Hug! I need a big one. :D Bcos I get some slaps here...

  13. The most constructive post ever in SMWDY history I'd say. :)

  14. thx writer! a box on your ears, you judgemental ppl!

  15. English Teacher(Wannabe),

    I do notice that people with 'better English' or they think they are better in English than the others tend to be the ones doing the twisting and turnings. That's why I said, simple and understandable English is enough for buying/selling to avoid misunderstanding. Beneficial for either sides regardless of English level. It's money anyway. Money should do the talking ;p

  16. Agreed on all comments and this post. Having good english skills doesn't really mean that you are a better person, you know. Like the blogshop owner in the case of 'Paid not received', she responded in such good english and politeness BUT omg super sarcastically bitchy and defensive.

    but of course, both sellers and buyer must have basic english (or even engrish XD) skills to communicate. Like the one who couldn't understand 'pass' is a bit over la. However, buyers can always say 'I duwan'.

    i mean , we are not competing for the best english essay in blogshops, you see. So, it's best if both sellers and buyers can minimize their usage of awesome vocabulary. There is no need to use figure of speech or proverbs here. ;)

  17. woahhh!! best post ever? yep, so far. =D

    cakap guna bahasa mana-mana pun boleh, as long as it is comprehensible by both parties.

    what irritates me are not the grammatical errors, but the shortforms! be it english or malay. really hates it!

    kalau nak guna bahasa pasar pun, masih boleh tulis setiap perkataan dengan penuh kan??

    gee, is it because i'm too old that i can't understand shortforms??!! 0_o

  18. attitude counts more to be a good seller than good english speaker but bitchy seller!

  19. Cikgu Sekolah,

    Bukan you yang old tu. I pun sama juga (I baru early 20s..haha. Old tak?). I langsung 'x phm' with most of the shortforms. Tak understand la I kenapa some people tak boleh taip full words. Grammar betul atau tidak pun tak kisahlah kan? Asalkan semua faham then semua pun happy!

  20. To Cikgu Sekolah,

    Thank God that it is this post you are commenting!! No one dare to comment on your languague used here. If you use this kind of "Mangrish" on other post or before this post, you sure kena hentam kao kao!


  22. Like everyone else, I like this post too =)

    I am an English teacher btw and although we are 'preconditioned' to 'correct' any glaring mistakes,I personally also find it annoying and irritating to have people correcting other people's grammar and what nots, esp when said action is done in an impolite and/or condescending manner =)

    Nevertheless, I encourage people to keep writing in English if they want to improve their mastery of the lg and applaud those who try =)

    Keep it up babes! =D

  23. Cikgu Sekolah punya english VERY koyak in all posts!! That's the problem when teachers are trained in BM, but expect them to teach in English. This is one of the good example! Sigh... Can't blame her/him.

    By the way, Cikgu Sekolah: Which sekolah are you teaching? I will not want to send my kids there!

  24. Errr....Mrs. Kurt, not to burst your bubble or anything..but did Cikgu Sekolah mentioned anywhere in her (his?) post that she's an English teacher?

    I just don't get the animosity...btw, I'm in no way affiliated or know this Cikgu Sekolah. Just saying.

  25. Hi Anon, teaching in English and teach English is totally two different things! Teach Science in English is not teaching English, right?!

  26. I wasn't aware this site was meant to function as an English tutoring course. One would assume that based on the page name, readers are here to bitchslap buyers/sellers that have pissed them off. So why are we raging on about people's usage of English? If you want to cat-fight about who's more terrer in English, pergi cari tempat lain la woi.

  27. 2 words : VeRY GOOD

    This is Malaysia, not Singapore ! why keep humiliating those cant type/speak GOOD englsih?

    Writer memang boleh! completely voiced out my feeling ~ as i m very chinese act people :P