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Loose change

I realized that some blogs priced their items, in a very odd way. well considering that this is an online business, most transactions would take place online.

And bear in mind, that NOT everyone is able to pay online, which is why some would resort to going to the banks to deposit their payments.

But, how in the world would this poor soul bank in their payments, if the amount to be paid is:

"RM44.10 or RM32.50"?

I believe banks DO NOT accept coins and rm1 and rm5 notes. so surely these people would have to bank in RM50 or RM40.

It is ok for me if the seller is willing to go the extra mile in providing changes for the customer, so go ahead, priced it that way...but after going through some stories in SMWDY, i realized that some sellers would not post their items even when the payment is short of 50cents, thus prompting the buyers to pay extra, and some would not return back the money to the buyers if they have banked in extra than needed, this how some of "these" blogs fished the "extra" money out of their customers?

Why not do away with the cents? can't you just round up the price? i think it would be more convenient to the buyers, perhaps both parties! :)

I mean come on, im sure 50 or 10cents less wouldn't bring any harm to your business or make you go bankrupt ;)


  1. Most of the time it's cause of discounts that the cents come in.

    Could be mistaken though, never been faced with such a situation before :p

  2. I personally think it is up to the seller how they want to price their goods. Even if it is RM 35, most machine do not accept RM 5 notes. So does that mean seller can only price their item like RM20, 30, 40 ?

  3. that is why, when u do online shopping, payment through online banking is preferred. please la do online banking. its a convenience for both sellers and buyers.

    SMWDY, maybe have to do another poll la
    "is there anybody here not use online banking? please explain why"

    sorry, i just dont understand why these people refuse to use online banking. maybe the poll/ survey can clarify this.

  4. Actually that poll was done before but ok, will do it again with a survey after that :D

  5. not everyone here has an account for online banking, some is still students like me. so we can only use cash deposit machine.

  6. im a seller here and i do state this kind of price sometimes due to the discounts. other than sales period, i don't put up such kind of price. and IF there is an order for such priced item, i'll juse give the buyer a rounded figure or provide exact change. it's all about communication babe!

    do u go to the mall and tell those retail shopkeepers that their discounted items should be rounded up as well just because u're short of loose change?
    please think of the reason why ppl actually put up such kind of prices before complaining.

    not ALL sellers are that irresponsible. dont simply make assumptions okay? everything could be discussed through communication.

  7. to the last anon, i emphasized on the word "some"..i didn't say all :) and i didn't simply make assumption that ALL are irresponsible, i have met quite a number of sellers who have some EXCELLENT services and i praised them for why are you so irritated?

    btw it is just a simple suggestion, you don;t have to go around being so defensive, a nice feedback would be appreciated enough ;)

  8. Buyer: If 20 cent or 50 cent doesn't make any different to you, why not you pay extra? Instead of paying the seller RM32.50, just pay RM33! RM32.80, are you willing to pay RM39?
    It works to both way. Ask yourself first before you complained. :(
    Every single cent count! Even 5 cent, you need to pay at the counter...

  9. do u guys know u can actually transfer money via ATM machines to another person under the same bank? even to the cents..

    Eg: I want to pay RM32.50 to a seller with a Maybank account. I can go to an ATM machine, use my ATM card to transfer the amount to that seller.

    Worse come to worse, if u don't have the same bank as the seller, then pay RM33 or RM40 instead. I'm a seller and I believe some sellers will refund the excess via online banking / together with the items sent.

    There's always a solution to such payment problems.

  10. Don't be surprise, some of us here don't even have an ATM card. :)

  11. I have customers who use their family members' account or get a friend who has the account or atm card to pay for them. They will in return pay their friend in cash.