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Yeah, right!!

Got a buyer who recently ask so many question on the item I was selling. Then finally came the big question, can you give me your supplier details??

I was thinking, am I that stupid to give out my supplier details????


  1. LOL came across such buyer as well...and the best part is...Pls give me your supplier's details...i'm only 16...(so? 16 years old means i've to give you my supplier's details? swt!)

  2. LOL, same here, encountered the same case, wonder if its the same fella on prowl.

  3. omggg me too! there was once this buyer enquired about an item from my shop and kept asking really odd questions like 'oh..the item is really nice. you must have a good supplier' or 'where do you supposed lucky me could know where your supplier is?' and 'i;m really trying to cater to help the online shopping world as there is lack of good blogshop these days'.

    0.0 YEAH RIGHT!

  4. I wonder why there's a slap on the seller? I believe the person who slap the seller is the buyer who's asking for the supplier details :p

  5. Sharing is caring.. hahahahahaha!!

  6. if you really want to be in the business, then you will take effort to find your own supplier.

  7. agree with anon above,

    no free ride here