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Absent minded

This happened awhile ago with a blogshop doing preorders.

Her prices were about rm10 cheaper than another blogshop which had readystocks of more or less the same dresses. So I ordered 2 dresses from her and using cash deposit, paid RM100 for my total of RM97 (RM45 + RM45 + RM7 for postage) within 2 days. Afterwhich, she tells me that she's made a mistake, one of the dresses that I wanted in XS is only available in L. I wasn't interested in any of the other tops and so asked for a refund for 1 top. POLITELY.

The seller then refunded me RM50 using e-transfer. And I was confused, because my one item still cost RM52 (RM45 + 7). I mean if it was an online transaction, she wouldn't need to round up the numbers right. So minutes after the seller made the transaction to me, I emailed her asking,

"What about the RM2 since my purchase is RM52?"

And the seller promptly replies asking how much I banked in. At this point, I twice as confused. I explained to her about the RM100 I cash deposited. But just as I was replying, she banked in another RM2! So I asked her if it was her intention to give me an RM4 discount!

The seller suffered amnesia, and this time around, asked me WHEN did I bank in to her. And turned the situation around to say she gave me a discount and still I accused her of banking a few ringgit short. And it was me who CANCELLED an item (hello?!), and implied I was illiterate by using caps and extra large fonts in her next email explaining the calculations.

I apologized, thanked her for the discounted poslaju rates and offered to refund her RM2. And the best part? When her stock arrived two weeks later, she mass emailed everyone (without using BCC! ugh!) and said that because she made a mistake of not calculating in 30% for taxes, each buyer has to pay an extra RM10 for every item.


  1. may i know what BCC is for? i'm a bit confused iwth it.. and nooo.. i'm not the seller..

  2. BCC is Blind Carbon Copy. Its meant to hide email addresses when you send out mails.

  3. such a blur case.

  4. haha i think i know who's this seller la, its an australian pre-order spree right? i was on their first batch and faced the same thing too. i paid for poslaju but she ended up sending it to me with pos express. with no extra balance. great.

    were you on their first batch too? or on their second /third batch? if you're not on the first batch, this must be their trick to get customers.

  5. @queeny

    i feel the need to quickly clarify this - i was in her first batch.

    havent check her post since, so i'm not sure if she has updated her prices to include taxes. i sure hope that experience made her wiser! sorry to hear about your missing change. :/

  6. @queeny

    only because you mentioned it, i just realized my package arrived in pos ekspress! i was just so relieved it arrived (because it wasn't for me). and my first reaction was to take it out of the envelope and pack it in a plastic for the intended recipient, because it wasn't packed with any paper/plastic in the pos ekspress envelope.

    but then again, that's my RM5 (discounted!) shipping.

  7. i dont think you should pay that extra rm10 cos its her fault that she didnt calculate it. so she's misrepresenting to all her customers about the real price of stuff. can sue her in contract law. hahaha

  8. yeah i think of the same seller too when i read this post. is it the australian pre order stuff?

    at first she said that the clothes are supposed to reach malaysia in two batches so the tax would not be charged, but instead they reached in one batch, so the custom is charging tax on the clothes. she asked me to pay extra rm25 for the tax charge! i was, wth??

    so i negotiate with her, and then she said "oh, good news, i managed to get the tax reduced, but you still need to pay extra rm10. pls understand bla bla..."

    so i just paid and got my items and swear not to shop there anymore.

    not sure if it is the same person though?

  9. omg if this is the australian pre-order one, i was in the first batch too! same as you, but i didnt mind since i only bank in RM10 for one item.

    but pity others cause they order a lot of clothes, need pay more :(

  10. Australian pre-order? I couldn't find the blog >.<
    Please mail me the blog so that I could avoid being mislead IF I were to order anything. Thanks!

  11. pffffffft! yeah and i still remember how bad the packaging was. it wasn't covered with any plastics, no nothing at all! and since pos express envelopes are not really safe as they can be torn or opened by anyone, she should cellotape it so it'll be safe! i was just damn pissed with her. i actually ordered 3 items and waited but end up she asked me to pay RM10 for each item. wth?! lotsa people lodge complaints to her and even forwarded to all her customers. i so agree with them!

    actually i've faced this twice if you wanna know. first with another australian pre order spree *of the same brand*. but that one closed her blogshop already. that one is much worst, i have to pay RM25 for each item, seriously. but she did include the tax, her reason was because the australian currency rate went up to 3.1 rather than 2.6 so she was charged more. and i have to pay up to her. that's what she told me lah.

    and now after i joined another one, thinking RM45 for panel skirts are dirt cheap, i ended up paying RM61 with postage for a piece of skirt and instead i got it in pos express.


    i never did shop with her anymore eversince. although now she had marked up her price for RM10 each piece and this time was stated "including taxes and blabla".

  12. errr..may i know which blogshop is this?