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Burn your size chart

Okay, so here it is... The same ever problem : SIZE!!!!

I admit that i'm a little plump (i'm a UK12-UK14).. So i bought clothes from this plus size blog..
I ordered two same pieces of clothes, same size (both UK14), same pattern.. it's just the colours (black and green) that different...

When i got the parcel i was soo shocked! The green one that i bought is way too small for me. It just fitted my friend who is UK8. Come on! i thought it was supposed to be plus size blog and since when UK8 is plus size??

The black one, on the other is way too big for me! Hell yeah, it fit a UK22. Damn that seller because i consulted her personally about the size of the cloth and already look at the size chart. there's no way i got it wrong!!!

I end up giving the green item to my UK8 friend and that over sized black one, i just dump it in my store room. Yes, i did called/smsed/mailed the seller but she had never answer.

Damn! i wasted my money on something i dont wear!


  1. haha, i once also had tis experience. i'm also uk14. bought a shirt from a plussize blog, n when i c, wow, it's for M/L size. u noe wat i did, i expand the shirt till i can fit in. haha

    btw, i would like know which blog u're referring to. Email :

  2. same here,
    I just received a cardigan, and it apparently should fit till uk 14 but guess what? it best fits for a uk 10 and below, what happened to the two sizes it was supposed to fit?
    its so annoying :(

    please email me blogshop too at! :)

  3. Hi, would like to know which blog is this please. catherhea[at]live[dot]com

  4. i'm the author...
    are you sure you want me to mail you bout the blog?
    i mean,it's a well known shop and you might have spend there before...

  5. i have a strong feeling it's not the one i always shop at.. is it a single or double owner?
    ehehe..from there on i think we can roughly guess who la kot..cuz the ones i buy from mmg fit or besar one :D

  6. author said...
    from what i know,it's a single owner...
    and she is well known among plus sized buyers..
    maybe it was just happened to me alone..
    because her products still sold out till now..
    luckily i did not spend a lot.

  7. Hi :)
    Would love to know the blogshop too :)
    Email me please :DD Thanks in advance :)