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Which way is it?

I just got my item I bought from an online boutique today and realized that there is this long stretch of HOLE on it.

Okay so fine I emailed the seller and told her about it and asked her to refund me. She said sorry and agreed to refund the money. What pisses me off is that, she asked me to post the item back to her first and only then she will bank in my money. Does that even make sense, yo?

Think about this you dumb-ass seller: Do you post the item out to your buyers first then only ask for payment?

And also, why would I want to keep a piece of defected item? Not like I can wear it since the hole is so big!

I encountered before receiving defected items and yet, the other sellers refunded me FIRST then only I posted the item back to them. That should be the way, no?


  1. Did you take a pic to prove it? If not, I feel that it's fair for the seller to ask for the top back first to make sure you're not pulling her leg.

    If it's already been proven that you got a defective product, I don't see why any seller would want the item back anyway, unless they could exchange it.

  2. dear dumb ass buyer: the seller will insist u return the item first because she is not your bff and have no idea if u are telling the truth about the defect or if u will actually return the item to her if she is dumb enough to refund u first. for all she knows u could be trying to pull a fast one on her.

    standard return policy - due to unsatisfactory of item - a company will state the deadline which u need to return the item by, and UPON RECEIPT OF RETURNED ITEM, the company will then credit your refund in the same method payment was made.

    hey come on, don't be going around accusing people of being a dumbass when u urself have not done ur research on online shopping return policy before posting a complaint here. makes u sound like a 12 yr old numbnut ok..

    question: will topshop refund you first and then wait for u to return the item?

  3. I second the comment by realdeal.

    Don't you know that there are many cheaters out there who would lie to get their money back?
    It's very easy for a buyer to email the seller and complain about a defected item even if the item is not defected.

    So to ensure the seller's protection, it is best for them to ask the buyer to post the supposedly defected item back first.

    The seller has a reputation to protect, but the buyer doesn't. There's a higher possibility for the buyer to cheat the seller than the other way around.

  4. yeah sellers,
    say the author have taken a picture of the torn top, mailed it to you, perhaps with her face in it to, just to prove that she's the one with the torn top. lol.

    anyhoo, why does the buyer need to send the defected item back to you?

  5. there was once i was in the same predicament, but i took a photo and emailed it to the seller..however, i was still asked to return the item first..

  6. Yes, totally agree with real deal

    Even the most famous Topshop online shop, their site stated "The refund will be processed once your goods are received into our warehouse. Please note that it may take 2-3 working days for the refunds to show in your account.Without this we cannot refund any money if we do not receive the returned items.

    If you dint return, who is going to bear the lost?

  7. Hello,

    I would like to ask, who is the seller that will refund then only ask you to post back to them? I gonna send them a list of return policy and tell them what is REAL business, and HOW to do a business CORRECTLY!!

  8. why the seller ask for the top back? because if the item is torn, buyer can still use it to wipe her feet with it. hence, it becomes a piece of mat which also cost money to buy. means seller is giving buyer money AND product. doesn't matter what the buyer use the product for. if cannot use, then return lor.

    anyhoo, the same question can be asked, why should seller let buyer keep item if she already refunding? n how will the seller know if buyer won't use the item to blackmail her again, seller must protect reputation and get back any damaged items.

    to anon, pls refer to the 2 comments before yours in case u still not sure why buyer should return defective item to seller for refund. also, which buyer so free to take pix of herself and all that nonsense?

  9. wor..
    relax ladies..
    first of all..why can buyer take a pic to prove it??just a snap..buyer also got reputation what..

    2nd..if she want to use it to wipe her feet also she have to pay la..if not just return back may be the seller gonna exchange it and send a good one..

    don't call people dumb ass buyer..your earning your pocket money from them too you know...she pissed have to understand..why you have to put petrol on the burning spot??

    online transaction is all base on trust..without it....only God knows...

  10. If the seller is refunding the buyer, of the buyer has to return the item la!
    If it's a small defect, the seller can repair it. Even if the item is beyond repair, it still belongs to the seller after she has refunded the buyer. So at the end of the day, buyer should return defected items to seller!
    Why make such a big fuss out of it??!

    And I believe that the anon who talked about the buyer taking a pic together with the torn item is just joking. Otherwise, u deserve a slap for suggesting something so ridiculous.

  11. dear hustler Vendor: the best proof is by sending the actual item for a refund. if what u say is sufficient, then some unscrupulous buyers might take advantage of this and say damage the item, take pic to claim for refund just because she don't like the actual item she received. then seller will have to refund buyer AND lose the item isit?

    pls note that the name calling was started by the buyer who wrote this post. so are u saying that buyer has the right to call seller dumbass but not the other way round? why? cause we are pathetic online seller and therefore must kiss the asses of all buyers cos our livelihood depends on it?

    or ur saying its okay for her to call pppl dumbass cos she is pissed? if thats the case, then the ignorance of her post has pissed me off as a seller and that is why i too resorted to calling her a dumbass.

    i do not need to understand why she is pissed because if she doesn't understand, she could've posed a question here in a polite manner, not by calling seller a dumbass to begin with.

    from what i understand from the post, she did not attempt to figure out why a seller would request for return of item, and just because she had allegedly encountered some generous sellers who had for some obscure reason refunded her first, she immediately thinks this seller is stupid for not doing the same.

    'Online transaction is all base on trust', but because so many ppl out there abuse and take this trust for granted, rules should be applied so that fairness is instilled and neither party feels shortchanged.

    hustler Vendor, i sure do hope u give immediate refunds to all the buyers who snap pics of their so-called defective products. cos u know, u don't want to put petrol on the burning spot and u understand buyers oh-so-well :)

  12. hustlervendor, do u mind telling me what repo the buyer got? the only repo i know is early paying buyer, late paying buyer or mia buyer. pls explain..

    its easy for buyers to cheat seller cos buyer can just dissappear into the night so not hard to cheat ok. seller is different, to set up a blogshop takes time and effort. lotsa time to build the repo as a good seller, so seller won't easily risk losing that repo.

    so u are one of the people who don't read properly first before commenting. its the buyer who start calling the seller dumbass.

  13. To this dumbass buyer who posted this post, just because other sellers refunded your cash before you returned the item doesnt mean other buyer has to follow right?

    There was this one case where my buyer made a hoohaa on the item colour saying it was ugly n didnt suit her skin tone, not same as picture posted blablabla... so fine lah! i offered an exchange to another colour, ask her to post it back and refunded her postage, then i was stupid enough to post the new top before i receive the unwanted top... what happened? MIA so fast, no reply, no msg... no top! Cause of these shitz it's damn risky to trust anyone when dealing with online business.

    If seller wants the top back to confirm the defect then let her have it lah, what she does with it is not your problem anymore right since she'll be refunding you anyway, plus, if she doesnt refund you, you can already warn everyone here or and review blog and her reputation will be at stake.

  14. Realdeal is stupid. When you go to TopShop and show them the defected item they would ask you to take a new piece and change it for you. Don't compare Topshop and online shopping, you dumb-ass!

    Then, what if the seller is trying to cheat her too? What if this buyer posted the top back and the seller went MIA. I bet those idiots in here siding the seller are seller themselves too. Don't just think about yourself stupid sellers.

  15. Yes, I did snapped pictures and send to the seller. I am an avid online shopper too and I am not out here to cheat. :)

    Doesn't mean you encounter buyers who cheat you, all the rest are the same.

    To Realdeal: I believe you are a seller too. But have you ever thought that NOT all sellers are honest? What if after posting back the item and the seller just go MIA? So you sellers can protect yourself BUT buyers don't have to is it? THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK! So you are trying to imply that ONLY sellers have rights but buyers don't?

    To Jess: Quite a number of sellers did that. They refunded me first and then I gave them back their items. if you want to know who are the sellers, leave your mail. :)

    To Carly: I definitely don't mind returning the item. Did I say I DO NOT want to return the item? Read carefully before posting anything. -_-''

  16. Hmmm... would it be ideal to ask for 50% first then? Got me wondering?


  18. Yup, I agree with the anon who suggested to ask for 50% first.

  19. lol i received 2 defected item and both companies sent a brand new one to me without having me to return. one's a teddy bear, the other is a tights, which should arrive probably this week or next.. :)) i took many pictures as proof and sent them an email with it~

  20. Avid online shopperMarch 23, 2010 at 8:28 PM

    To Jess:

    Read this

    So what have you gotta say now, dear Jess? Similar case as Yvonne's!

    And also, I think online shoppers should not only be bitches and keep pointing out the bad points of blogshops but also contribute and point out who are the good sellers. I know this is irrelevant to the post but yeah, just my thoughts!

  21. I dont normally let any form of publicity in comments but I'll let this one slide cos while I'm their YING, they are my YANG.

  22. And oh I forgot to add in this post that, before the seller sent the item out, I reminded her to check the item thoroughly before sending out. She assured me that they do check out all their items before sending out and yet, I still received a defected item. Fyi, the hole is very very obvious and big!

    When I pointed out that fact, she said, "Due to too much of orders, we posted you the wrong piece." WRONG PIECE, EH? So does that mean they already know that one of the tops has defect? If yes, shouldn't the seller put the top aside and not put it together when the non-defected ones?

  23. Well yeah I agree with avid online shopper!

    And SMWDY, I don't think that is publicity. :) Avid online shopper is just letting other readers know that there are SUCH sellers. Cos certain sellers commenting HERE think that this writer is totally at fault for sending this post in. :)

  24. Another Random SlapperMarch 23, 2010 at 9:34 PM

    i happen to received a bad clothes before. the thread already torn off badly before i could wear. So i emailed the seller with the pics and the seller AGREE TO REFUND.
    She REFUND.
    She RECEIVED the top.

    and another seller who send a bad item to me also agree to pay back 50% of the value because the item does not LOOK EXACTLY like the pic she posted. (At first i demand 100% n i want to send back the item but the seller told me to keep that item and offer 50% refund). Rather than nothing, so i accept it.
    She REFUND 50%.
    i KEEP the item.
    i RESELL back the item.
    and i get back another 50% of my $.

  25. to the first anon who called me stupid: u said it urself, IF U TAKE THE DEFECTED TOP TO TOPSHOP. sadly u are missing ur own point. u have to first return the item to them, THEN ONLY they replace it for u. do u think u can snap some pics and email them asking for a refund?

    fyi way topshop do sell online, just that they don't ship to our country (wonder why), and i was comparing topshop online with blogshops. i mean most buyers expect tip top professional service and complain when we can't live up to those standards but u can't obey simple rules that are made to protect both parties?

    if the seller is trying to cheat her, she can always bad mouth the blogshop in review sites and smwdy and tonnes of other such sites, there are a million ways to make sure the blogshop goes down and i doubt any blogshop's future is worth the price of a top.

    to the writer: i believe the previous paragraph addresses ur questions too. i never said that all sellers are honest. but it seems the seller wants to resolve this by agreeing to a refund. and all u need to do is return the item and she transfers u the refund. if she doesn't then u have every right to make a big fuss out of the issue.

    i am not implying buyers don't have rights to protect urselves, but more people know the seller and not everyone knows the buyer. so logically, its easier for the buyer to sabotage the seller's reputation if the seller cheats the buyer but the buyer could be anybody, what does the seller do then?

    has anyone ever thought that maybe the seller wants to take the defective item back to the supplier to exchange for a good one? why should one assume that the seller can't do anything with it? and since it can't be worn anyway, why not just return it? so if buyer conveniently forgets to mail the item back or finds a way to repair the defect, seller makes a loss cos u know, tough luck la..supplier gave her baju with lubang?

    seller refunds u and seller is stuck with the deficit of having spent on a defective product which she may or may not retrieve back from the buyer if she wanted to exchange or demand a refund from the supplier. and when she goes to her supplier to get refund, she's supposed to show the pictures u sent her isit?

    there are 2 sides to a story and u have told urs but it seems that no matter how much we try to explain the seller's side, all our dear buyers here are not having any of it. my gawd! if ur so afraid that online sellers are out to cheat ur moolah, go to a shopping mall!

    u send item back, seller dun refund, u can shittalk the blog. blogshops have to be safe cos sellers are dealing with all types of ppl. if buyer cheats seller, who do seller go to?

    to the anon who called me stupid in caps: is that the best u've got? incapable of arguing with facts or valid points isit? sellers only think for themselves? why shouldn't we? are u buyers gonna think for us? DUH!

    note to sellers: pls make sure u state clearly ur return policies on the blog.

    to the first anon who called me stupid: u said it urself, IF U TAKE THE DEFECTED TOP TO TOPSHOP. sadly u are missing ur own point. u have to first return the item to them, THEN ONLY they replace it for u. do u think u can snap some pics and email them asking for a refund?

    Reply to that:
    We take to them, we get our refund IMMEDIATELY. So, there is NO NEED to snap pictures and e-mail them, silly! It is a total different case, ok? You are the REAL NUMBNUT, not REALDEAL! HAHAHA!

    And damn, you are definitely arrogant eh? "if ur so afraid that online sellers are out to cheat ur moolah, go to a shopping mall!" you sound like one of the arrogant screwed up seller I dealt with before.

  27. To the author of this post:
    Did I in any way imply that you did not want to return the top? I was just saying that buyers SHOULD return the top if they want a refund.
    Please read properly before replying hastily.
    And stop calling people dumb ass. It's only used by uncivilized, uneducated and in some cases, barbaric people

  28. dear anon: if thats the case, why the hell did u use that example in the first place? when it is so obviously a different scenario than what the writer's situation?

    my point is, for any retail outlet they will ask u to return the item so they refund u and with topshop online, like someone pointed out in the list of comments, they still need u to mail the defective item back before they refund u in full. even if u are residing overseas.

    i dun think i am arrogant, just abit fedup with the whole excuse that ur afraid blogshop will cheat u line. come on, most of us are trying to conduct a business and we are here to stay. but if proper retail outlets apply the same rules on their refund policies, why are we crucified for doing the same?

    online transactions are done online, so trust is only slowly built as time passes and u deal more and more with a person. i have had instances my customers whom i have dealt with before request for exchange or complain that an item is not as expected/damaged/loose threads/etc, eventhough it is clearly stated there is no refund & exchange policy, i still make exceptions and allow them to take place especially if it is partially my fault. and i don't need to tell my customers that i need to receive the items first cos it is understood.

  29. ei anon, don't cal ppl dumbass can? pls read properly and understand the topic before you start calling ppl dumbass.

    what u have written, twice, you contradict your own self. since you are that stupid, let me help you to understand the topic of what is happening in this debate.

    the point is..the buyer does not understand why she have to give the top back before she get her money back. that is the main point.

    you yourself already said so, you need to bring the top back to the shop. just that this is not an actual shop in the mall where the writer can just walk in and return the item. if that is the case, no cerita aledi.

    from the second thesis piece realdeal wrote, you still cannot understand what is the topic and then come and call ppl bad names that makes you an arrogant dumbass fool bitch.

    by the way, in malaysia retail line, the refund policy is the same. buyer must always return goods then only the company will give refund or make other arrangements. if you don't believe, go ask around. i dare you to. because i am also an arrogant bitch!

  30. To all sellers who commented on this post,

    I still think that you guys shouldn't be banging on the writer post. Well firstly, this is her first time encountering a situation where the seller asked her to return the item first then only she will refund. All these while, she was refunded first then only she posted out the item. So can't blame her entirely.

    And she could be disappointed. I mean, imagine the wait that we buyers were put through, and when we finally got the item and checked it, there is a defect. Then have to go through the hassle of going to the post office, posting the item out again.

    The writer even stated that she has already asked her to check the item before sending out, so if the seller really did checked the item thoroughly, all these are avoidable. So c'mon, don't just bang on the writer. Gotta think of the buyers perspective as well. Sometimes, think rationally and don't just get irritated and start fights.

    Perhaps, these bitter sellers all have encountered 8 bad experiences out of 10. For that, I feel really sorry for all of you. But like what one of the commentator said, NOT all buyers are like that.

    And realdeal, do you think it is that easy to bring a blogshop down? I encountered this really really bad experience with a seller who cheats buyers money, I emailed all reviewers and even spam her chatbox/blogshop but yet, there are people buying from her (but definitely end up with regrets, they mail me and complain). My reply to them is I have given the necessary advise but they still don't take heed. Seriously, it is not that easy to bring a blogshop down. Easier said than done!

  31. Dear writer, don't fret. There are 3 easy ways to solve this problem.

    1) try cod-ing (if not, move to next point)

    2) try to repair the item. is it a top or a bottom? is it totally obvious? ty stitching it back, hide it with lets say, if it's a top, hide with a military brooch, iron-on badges, bows, ribbons... if its a loooooong hole instead of a round hole, use a coloured long ribbon to cover the top of the hole. if the ribbon looks random, put a few more ribbons parallel to it. give your item a symmetrical feel. use your creativity.

    3) if you're just too lazy to repair the thing, just post it back to the seller. you're not gona wear it anyway. don't post, no refund. if post, at least u'll get a 50/50 chance of refund. if seller mia, easy... track down the return address. threaten her. throw pigs into her house.

    To the rest of the people who commented, you guys are just here for the fun of arguing. never help to solve the problem at all. wth.

  32. realdeal - why are you so defensive?

    Anyway things can be settled amicable, why bother to call each other rude names assuming you're not the seller.

    An easier settlement if both don't trust each other is a 50% refund first as per suggested earlier. Note Topshop is an establishment, the shop is physical,so no arguments when you walk in for refunds but writer is worried as online sellers can go missing (as seen in alot of complains here)

    I'm not taking sides for both as i'm both a seller & a buyer. Before shouting & calling ppl dumb or what, please look at things from different perspective before hitting on every single comment as though u "makan cili rasa pedas"

    Just my 2 cents; I dont intend to flare any temper.

  33. hahah good advice from JY. i actually ordi confused with the comments from various annons and other commenter.

    sudah sudah la tu.

  34. Hey girl,

    Just happen to see this post today.We are the blogshop owner here, first of all, thanks for everyone here who commented here, especially the writer. We hope to stop this war & deal with our buyer peacefully.=) Deeply apologize for the incident, we understand your feeling sweety and we hope that you will understand our situation too. Purchasing item & returning item is different situation. And we met a girl that gone MIA before. Thus, we have to change our rules. We appreciated you as our buyer and we treasure you. That's why we break our rules and refund you back RM20, once we got the item, we will refund you back. =)Thank you for giving us a better solution for this.

    We hope this war stop here and for those sellers, please help us to stop banging on the writer post ya =). Much appreciated =)

  35. i cant believe she even posted this up on SMYDY!

    i'm not gonna say anything i'm just gonna laugh at her here.


  36. OMG. That is one of the dumbest rant ever. Come on lah. If you have the guts to pay her first before receiving the item, why not this time?

    What if you are lying about the hole and she refunds you, you get a FREE top?

    Makes no sense AT ALL.