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Left hanging with disappointment

I'm an online shopaholic :P Im too lazy to go malls and try on clothes or whatsoever since my schedule is really tight.  So I've been looking for a high waisted pants since forever but i never got the chance to get one. I did go to malls to try my luck but nothing *sob sob* So I came across this blogshop selling the kind of high waisted pants ive been craving for. I was so happy & ordered it. I waited for 2 days, no reply so i sent another order, still no reply. But the seller posted new things up so i bet she went online right? Obviously. I sent something on her cbox but no reply as well. I think i sent her about 2-4 orders since i wanted it so badly. After a few days, the seller replied my email saying

"Hi dear, thanks for the order but its already sold out, do shop we us again, cheers!"

I WAS LIKE WHAAAAAAAT? I WAITED SO LONG & ITS SOLD OUT T___T I double-checked my mail, who knows i sent to the wrong email but no, the email i sent to was right :'(

I am so frustrated, its based on first come first serve right? & im sure i was earlier than the other girl who got my pants :'( But if the girl ordered earlier than me, please do tell me, dont keep me hanging.


  1. sometimes sellers get a lot of emails, when i say a lot, means A LOT. and they cant afford to reply all in a short time. sometimes they just simply dont want to reply u if u seemed annoying to them.

  2. well,thats kinda rude isnt it.u should always reply even if the buyer's annoying as a pig

  3. to first anon, no matter how annoying a customer can be, sellers should reply their email. i know some sellers always get emails and enquiries from customers, but it's their job to reply and to serve the buyers. are you trying to make business or what? sheesh