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Where's the PLUS in plus size?

I know I'm bigger and that's why I prefer shopping in plus-size blogshop.

However, there's a particular supposedly "plus-size" blogshop that I've shopped at twice (never again) that have disappointed me.

They claim that their shirt can fit up to size 16. I'm a size 14 and I don't want a shirt that is so tight cause I don't want to look like I'm gonna explode or something.

However, both times that I've bought from there... the shirt I can fit into but I can't breatheeeeee! It's so tight! You have to be kidding me. The last time I bought a supposedly "up to size 16" shirt, the label states that it was size M.

ROAR! I know people will be telling me, "oh you should ask for measurements" but I assumed since it's a blogshop catering for plus-size, they should know well enough.

Sellers please don't stretch the truth about the size.


  1. Size M can NEVER fits XL - XXL way toooooooo small...but didn't the website stated any measurement for that particular tshirt? I would never buy any shirt / blouse without any measurement stated....... way too risky...

    But I had bought from few plus size blogshop and got 1 is my personal fave :) ...very nice seller and helpful too..but kind of pricey though... :/ with the quality and style they offer...ok la...worth the price ^^ I still can tahan... LOL...

  2. That time I was still new to online shopping and just trusted the seller. The particular shirt that came with tag M, the seller states that "it can fit up to size 16" and I thought it'll definitely fit me! Trusted the seller > < Felt so cheated!!

    Mail me the blogshop address? Thanks!

  3. *slaps seller a zillion times*

    mail me the bad plus size blogshop and the good one as stated by the first anonymous, please? thanks :)

  4. I had the same experience as the writer does.

  5. The bad blogshop already closed down. Just checked it yesterday. Thank god! No more cheating customers.

  6. Tis topic is also posted in Burn your size chart.
    I'm pretty sure both posts refer 2 the same seller.

    i recently gt a top which says can fit till UK16 but when i gt it, the label is M size.

  7. Yes and sometimes those clothes can fit like UK6-UK22! Please lar however stretchable also impossible to fit nicely for so many sizes right. >.<

  8. hi,can mail me the good and bad blogshop please:)

  9. Please mail me too. Gonna avoid it.

  10. I bet they will reopen a new blogshop soon.....Still cant solve the problem.

  11. I'm a plus sizer and I bought one really nice dress from a plus size blogshop. But it turns out, it could not fit me even though the measurements in the blog said I could.

    Then not wanting to waste the dress, I pass it on to my friend who is way slimmer than me, and guess what, she said it's tight for her too. I mean, suppose to be plus size what, I can't even fit my head through it :(

  12. mail me the blogshop address referred to by the author of the post please!

  13. yea would love to know about good plus size blogshops out there mail me

    i have a particular fave too who i became friends with eventually

  14. Better to have one size bigger...