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Too late to apologies

I bought a pair of shorts from this seller. The seller was friendly. She provided me with a photo and measurements that I needed. Oh, she owns a blogshop too.

After I made payment, that's when the real "fun" gets. She told me she has posted the item out on a certain day. 'That was a fast service!', I thought. Then I tried checking the tracking code on It says tracking code does not exist. So, OK then. I guess I'll just wait til tomorrow. The next day, the same thing happened again. Fine, I'll try again tomorrow. Still the same thing happened. I was worried! So I emailed the seller and she told me she sent already like 3-4 days ago and the tracking code she gave me was correct. OK fine, I'll let it go.

2 days later, I checked again and to my relieved, the item was posted. On that very same day I complained to her.. I was a little pissed that she lied to me and told me she has posted the item days ago. I decided to just let this one go as well.

Few days later, my item arrived. We agreed to use the big envelope pos express. However, the small one came. Guess the seller wanted to get extra bucks from it!

The worst part was the shorts was not wrapped in plastic. So you can imagine how the small envelope compressed on the item and leaving stains all over the shorts. What a waste of a perfectly good shorts!

I was furious this time. I demanded a 50% refund and all she could do is apologize. Hey, apologizing doesn't make up for your silly mistakes!!

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  1. Some sellers want to earn all this "small money". Sigh... Then their customers start to walk away. They don't realize that they are the reason for no business or poor business.
    I think sellers must aim for a long term business.