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Oh no....

Crap... i think something is wrong with the Slap Me form.

In the last 3 days, i have received 18 stories but only 6 are complete. Rest are very much truncated. Arghhhh!!!

Is it the internet in Jakarta playing with me? Let me try to figure this out. Sorry if the site has gone boring. This is not RIGHT!

Who's head?

Saw this on the announcement board of some blog:

"I'm told by my supplier stocks are being shipped on the way, will arrive in the head of June, if there's no unpredicted delay. Restock orders were placed around the head of May, and it was announced on the blog that restock needs to wait for a month."

Sorry but I don't quite get what the whole paragraph meant?

I do know what "head of June" means though :p

Cuss Free Discussion anyone?

Hi everyone, I need your opinion regarding this matter and, no cursing okay :)

I'm a seller who owns a blogshop. My trademark is selling low than others. Well I don't get much profit but that is not a problem to me as I'm just selling for fun.

Recently, I'm selling one of the hottest items that mostly everyone think they need to have one. As usual, I'm selling it lower than others (I believe). To be honest, I get RM14 of profit of THAT item,and that would be the highest.

However, there are some other sellers who sells it much higher and roughly got around RM20-RM37 profit each piece. Well, not that I care. I chose to sell lower and rather having stocks rolling in and out and hey! I'm the one who bear the costs..

My problem is, my supplier has been calling my thousand times and she's mad at me because I'm selling at much lower price, and that other SELLERS are complaining about it.

(Why are you guys complaining? I don't even understand why u need to complaint and, I believe threaten the supplier. If u can't sell at much lower price, than don't sell la. Nobody can control the market, or can we?)

Keep it simple:

1. Supplier ask me to sell it at higher price, at so-called market price. Who in the world set THE price of items such as clothings or shoes, right?

2. She threaten me that she will not sell it to me anymore if I didn't increase the price. Do I have the right to sell it at any price I want or is it the supplier's right to be mad at me?

Apparently, her other client (other seller) buys in larger quantity than me, so the supplier wanted to take care of their (other client/seller)customer. I think she got scared if that customer boycott her and not buying from her if she kept selling it to me.

My opinion

1. I think she doesn't mind what price I'm selling, as long as her stocks turnover is high. But i think she wanted to take good r/ship with her BIGGER client. (I've spend almost RM2k buying stocks from her. huh treat me and threaten me like that!)

2. I think I have the right to sell at any price I want. I bear all the cost, so what? Right?

My questions

I'm not asking about what can I do to make this right. I know what I can do to take good r/ship with supplier and to keep customers coming..

But my question is,
1. what do you think of these?
2. Do you think it's their right to be mad at me and ask me to increase my price?
3. Do you think I should just keep the price and ignore the supplier?
4. What do u think of the OTHER seller?

I hope to get your opinions WITHOUT cursing any side (me or supplier). There are lots of cursing in SMWDY, let's just be nice okay :)

Thank you so much for reading!

Editor's note : I will not be approving any comments with email addresses asking for the name of this blogshop. This is to educate, not for publicity.

Another bites the dust...

On January, I'd bought a bulk of Headband from this Online Shop.
This girl gave wholesale price if i bought in a bulk.
So, I'm agree to bought those headband.
After, I had make payment include postage fee to her Maybank Account which total is RM 195.00

Then, the girl ask me to wait around two weeks to get those items i had bought because she will posted it from Bangkok.
Far place, cost times.
So, I had said "Okay".

But, after 2 months which is March, my order did not receive me yet.
So, I decided to ask the girl back what happened?
I also ask her for the tracking number.
She did checked but she said that those tracking number is not existed.
Then, I ask her to check with p.o(xtau pe benda...)
Then, she said that those item were at KLIA and ask me to check.

And, I believe her and keep myself waiting and waiting.
Still, after 2 months (now is May) I still did not receive it yet.
So, I had to ask her back.

Me : "Where is my parcel?"
Girl : "Owh.. I thought you already got it"
Me : "No I did not."

This thing make me mad already...
It just doesn't make sense anymore.
So, I think I wouldn't take any risk and no more waiting.
Then I decided to ask her to refund my money and just keep those parcel cause I don't want those anymore.

But, the girl told me that I have to wait(again with this waiting)...
I have to wait until she knows exactly what's happening with those parcel and also if I want my money back, still need to wait because she need to ask someone else to bank in those money for her.

After all this waiting, she still ask me to wait.
How long did I have to keep waiting??!!

Erhm... Thank you?

Referring to the girl-who-got-cute-hamster's post.

I bought a very nice PRE-LOVED bag last week. It's really lovely and nice, bought at really bargained price and hey! I got PADS and TISSUES as free gift!

In every pocket, there's at least PADS or TISSUES. That makes it 3 tissue (new one) and 2

Maybe u pre-loved sellers should really check before post the item. If u want to give me free pads and tissues, do wrap it nicely so I feel the excitement of receiving it :P


I just want to share this for an evening laugh. I'm not complaining or blaming the seller. Somehow I found it quite funny.

I bought two clothes from this blogshop. She sell her clothes form RM40++ and now she's having a sale. I just received my parcel like 20mins ago and the clothes still have price tag from this shop at Sungei Wang and Times Square (it two or three branches at BB).

So now I know how much profit that the blogshop made cos it stated at the price tag 'RM 13.90'.
LOL, I've got Punk'd!

Why are you stalking me?

I'm a normal gal running an online new+preloved blogshop.

Everything's going on good until a gal (Anonymous) started stalking me in LYN and my blogs.
Biatching around SG and blogs that i sold defected items and etc.

I mean we could settle in a good way if she provides me with her true identity and evidence that i sold her default items instead of calling me a cheater and liar. The main problem is that she admitted that she's been stalking me around which I believe I know her name in person.

I really feel annoyed by her childish, immature and uncivilized atittude.
Wonder wat kinda prob she has? I mean..can't she jus get a life?!

Need money for Pisang Goreng

I'm a big fan of SG or The Wearables as i love to see what ppl are reselling cos i might come across something that i like , and if im lucky i would get it at a cheaper price.but what i dont get is why would some sell their items at a margin profit of practically -0% ??

selling this PLASTIC bangle for RM2.50. PREFERS COD.
my god for only RM2.50 you're rajin enough to go to a certain COD spot and pass the item to the buyer??
and even if the buyer opts for shipping instead, the cost of the shipping would be HIGHER than the item itself!!
sigh..with the fuel and the trouble of having to deliver it yourself for merely RM2.50 , i advise you just give it to your sister or charity for FREE, would do you one good.

and im just saying, for RM2.50 it aint gonna make your piggy bank any heavier honey..


Zebra crossing

I dont know about you guys, but i HATE when the seller decides to update her/his blog in black and white! 

I mean, come on, whats the point of editing your freakin' photos when later your buyer have to ask for more pictures (in colour)?

Black and white is okay, but not for e-blog. I want to see the actual colour of your dress please?
If you want/like to edit your photos, do it on your Facebook account. Okay? :)

Must have password is it?

To certain sellers,

Tell me, what's your purpose of doing an online business if permission to enter your blogshop is denied? How the heck can your customer view your items? :X

So full of yourself

Tracking numbers at Pos Laju site comes out slower. Sometimes 3 days ++ it still say it does not exist.
And you go call others hoe.

I pity your bf.
And any people who have to deal with your narcissism.

Editor's note : What's this? Where from? Spill it! You labeled yourself as BUYER... but are you sure you're not the SELLER from Hoe Alert??

Give me value for money please

Nowadays getting more and more review blogs come to the "market"~ Well, this is good for the sellers because they have more channels to promote their products (of course good for the buyers also since they got more places to "lepak" now :p)

However, for those very very new review blogs, can you please improve your web traffic before you call for advert fee? Don't you feel funny to ask me to pay you advert fee but indeed my blogshop hits per day are MUCH higher than yours?

Please spend few months to gain your website traffic (as well as reputation) before you ask us to pay you money. :)

You're so BUSTED!

I used to sell bags of premium brands online. As per usual practice with online selling, once full payment has been made (for those paying by instalments as the bags cost btw RM 900 to RM 2,500), then the bag will be sent via registered post or courier. My sister’s fren (whom I shall call Alice) was interested in a bag I was selling. So I passed the bag to her and she promised to pay me only the week after.  I agreed on account of my sister's friendship with her.

Then a week later, Alice said that she has decided to return the bag to me as she realized she didn’t have enough money to pay because she just paid for her exam fees!  Ok then, I decided to be a nice big sister & accepted it back as I didn’t want to jeopardize my sister’s friendship with her.

When I got the bag back, I realized that the tag has been cut off!  I was thinking of ways to confront her when coincidently as I was looking through my sister’s facebook and came across Alice’s profile, I stumbled upon a series of photos showing Alice with the BAG!!!! Means, she cut the tag, used it, then returned to me!!

Bingo…… so I commented at her photo with the bag – ‘Nice bag!  I am glad you enjoyed using it.  Is there anything else you want to BUY from me?’

Needless to say, the next day, my sister said Alice has decided to buy the bag & request if she could pay by instalments!

Anyway, she did pay me back in 4 installments which took about 7 months but still better than not paying at all!

Funky Allergy

I've had this blog-shop long time ago, but just started my online facebook-business like, 5hours ago. I got scared of tagging people (after all the fuss in SMYDY), but then I try my luck. I mean, not everyone hates it, ayt?

So being very careful, I just tag 1 person per pic, and different person all the time. Which means, one person will only be tagged ONCE.

When I add new 'friends', i even tell them 'Pls tell me if u don't want to be tag. I know its sometimes annoying'

Wasn't I nice? lol


So I have this 1 customer got tag to item X.
She comment "Oh no..Don't tag me with bags! Allergic!"

I thought she's just like "OMG i'm so a bag lover" etc.

But then she make a facebook status
"Don't tag me with bags anymore cuz I'm allergic!"

Oh dear. How was I to know, ayt? I apologize, but she haven't reply

So now I didn't tag anyone anymore!
And I don't know why I got so phobia about it!

When people request to be tag, i got hyper.
A guy even request to tag his sister, and I msg him saying thanks.

Gosh, tagging goes wrong!

*to THE girl who got tag, this is just to share ya? Don't be mad at me.hee

Updates #6 ~ Rubies

Ok i knew i forgot something... sorry. I was rather too preoccupied with the situation in Bangkok and of course little parcel.

So this is the update to Putri Shahreena Daud of Th3 Golden Wardrobe from the post I Blacklist You Back!, Rubies No More and Achtung!.

Shahreena has written to me from the start and do seem cooperative. She named 3 buyers with outstanding issues with her namely Wanisha (writer) and 2 others of whom I will remain anonymous. Only 2 however were in correspondence with me throughout with CC mails. Wanisha and another girl with her bag still not delivered. The other remained quiet till now.

To date, Wanisha has been refunded. Case closed.

The girl with the bag not delivered kinda fell out of the radar after Shahreena said she will post the bag out. 

No one else has come forth during this time... Maybe situation isnt as horrifying as it seems?

So there you go. While I think Shahreena did try to make amendments, she probably should concentrate her studies now and think about doing business some other time. Take the time off to learn maybe.

Readers call now, (be nice) shall I remove her name from the TO WATCH list?

AND finally, the moment a particular reader has been waiting for. The unveiling of your masterpiece. Thank you LUREX AVENGER for your skillful photoshopping! Hahaha!! Sorry Shahreena, you have to admit this is funny. Jangan marah ok?

Your skirt's on fire!

There's this customer who wanted to order 2 items and she came up with 1001 excuses of not wanting to pay full. As i'm doing pre order and also ready stock, i told her it won't be fair to others if you pay half only where others paid full. She then said she's broke.

I told her to order for the next batch. She said no, she wants it asap like in 1 1/2 months time. Then she said, it's her FIRST time shopping.

Fine, since she begged like mad i agreed but I told her that I will forfeit the deposit if she ever backout on it. Good thing she didn't back out.

But I came across her email is SG and THC reselling so many clothes of hers. So called for being first timer shopping online. What a liar! There were post of her reselling items last year! Such hassle people go through just to lie their way out. GRRR!

Updates #5 ~ The little Miracle


Look who came in the mail today?

Hi, this is the Author here.

I've just sent a photo of Parcel to SMWDY. Will definitely take good care of him.
As for the few Anons who think it's a story to bring the blogshop down, I am not doing such a thing. Hence I will not be revealing the blogshop's name either as she had seen this post and she's asked me to not reveal her blogshop. The seller sounded really sorry and she allowed me to keep Parcel after all so I will at least spare her blogshop.

And I don't know why the hamster survived, but he was barely alive and very weak when I found him. As to why no one noticed him in the parcel, well Pos malaysia do not have an x-ray scanner like airports do, so how do I know how he even survived. I cannot answer that but all I can say is that it's a miracle. :)
  Hello Parcel... *waves*

- Story Below -

Livestock included!

I know many of you are gonna think I made this story up but I AM NOT.
I swear. It really happened and I am just in utter disbelief.

I received a package that comes with a hamster!
I only bought like a top and leggings, but it came with a hamster.
I'm not the kind who's grossed out by animals, and the clothes are in a plastic wrap.
But I pity the hamster, it looked so scared and half-dead when I opened the package. Can you imagine it being transported from the post office to the post-van all the way to my house?
Thank goodness I was home to receive the package otherwise it would have died.
I'm really pissed with the seller for being such a useless owner, how can you allow a hamster to get into a parcel?!

I called her up and pretty much scolded her for being a lousy owner.
She said she didn't notice (until i called only she realize), what the hell?!

She DARED to ask for her hamster back from me. I asked her to come to my place cos I sort of wanted to punish her for being so useless.

And you know what?
She asked me to send it to her by POST and that she'll bear the postage fees! WTF?

What makes you think I'll send you a living thing by post?

I told her off and said that I won't be giving her the hamster cos she doesnt deserve it. I kept him and named him Parcel. (awwwww...)

Of course she's pissed, but what can she do? She has my address but I doubt she has the balls to even come over and demand for her hamster anyways. I was right.

She messaged and emailed me non-stop for 3 days asking for her hamster and after that.. nothing. Na da.
Until now, which is a month later, still nothing.

See how fast she got over Parcel?
What a useless person. I hope you're reading this you loser.


Tell me where is it written.


Dear "The ones emailing me updates & blogshop announcements",

Since when have I declared myself to be a REVIEW site?

Why do you all keep emailing me updates and promos?

Why do you keep asking me to review your blogshop?

Where do you see reviews in this site?

Care to tell me?


PS : 3 blogshops have now abused the un-CCed email addresses to blast mails for their own blogshop benefits. If you have received this mail and DO NOT appreciate your email being abused, tell them to stop.
To the ones abusing those email addresses that were exposed earlier, dont you all have better marketing tactics than to blast unwanted emails using someone else's database?

Wah Lau Eh

A seller emails me her blogs url and tells me to review her and link her up. I have a dozens of emails to reply and and only reply a few days later letting her know that i will and her next email to me :

"What's your blog?"

Now is that a slap in the face or what?

MAYDAY - Anyone else missing a few handbags?

The owner of the blog ignore my sms, emails and comments I wrote on her blog.

I don't remember where I saw this blog, but I'm pretty sure on some reviewers' site. She offers awesome designs of handmade bags, clutches, etc. I ordered my items on March 18 - 21 (made order, add up 1 new order, made the payment and asked her to change my original order where the bag supposed to be zip to button), she said my items (I ordered a bag & small purse) will take about 2 weeks. So I waited up until 2 weeks and asked her about my items.

She then replied me saying that my items will be posted on Monday (April 5). But then, I didn't receive my item. I mailed her on April 7 for tracking number she only replied, 'yah, sure dear' on April 8 but no tracking number provided.

Asked her again when will she send out my item on April 14, when she replied on April 20 saying that she hasn't finished doing my bag, only done with my clutch. I asked her to inform if there's any problem with my items where she replied ok.

Then on April 28, she said she will be posting my clutch as she's busy with her FYP and will post my bag later. I agreed but up until now I haven't received anything. Mailed her on May 8 asking for the status of my items but she didn't reply me.

Then I sms-ed her asking the same thing again (I don't remember when as something wrong with my phone and all the sms were gone but I think I sms-ed her last week) when she said she will be posting it out as she got problem with her Internet and couldn't online to check on her customers details.

Waited again but still no items. I sms-ed her again asking whether she already send out my items but no reply. I went to her website asking the same thing again on May 15, she replied on May 17 saying that she'll be updating her website with tracking numbers that night.

But up until now, no updates. Now I'm worried that I've been cheated as I never experienced something like this before (I started shopping online last year, never experienced something like this. The very late the items were posted to me 1-2 weeks late).

I wanna know who else has bought bags from that shop and how long do they usually receive their items? I've checked her website again just now, there's 2 people who faced the same problem as I am.

Email buyer here : AMIE

Time for a shampoo

There's a blog selling hair accessories.
And for all her accessories she models them on her head.
What grosses me out the most is that in all her pics her hair is really oily. Noticeably.

Its as if she went through a full day of work, then walked home in the Malaysian sun that suddenly turned into heavy rain. Got home and decided, hey i'm gonna take some pics now.

Am i the only one who thinks this is an eye sore?

Odour free?

There is this girl who were looking for some clothes.
So stated that she is looking for a jacket which can keep her warm as she will be traveling to some other country.

I have this leather jacket that I am selling.
Since she is interested in a jacket, I sent her few of the pictures.
The pictures are clear and it is obviously you can see whether what type of material it is.

I explained everything to her and answered questions that she asked.

1 of the question that she asked that got me laughing and kinda piss is that..

"Is it SMELLY?"

Oh gosh, how can a seller sell something which is smelly to a buyer right?
I don't know what do you think about this but I really find it funny when someone ask whether is it smelly.
The only smell I can get from the jacket is the leather smell..
That's all.

Oh Mon Cherie...


There was this online shop which wrote "smocked back" as "smooch back" HAHA
No slapping required, just wondering how it can go from smocked to smooch.


Counterfeit Cop

Are we allowed to buy or sell counterfeit goods in Malaysia?? If not mistaken, this is illegal and infringe of intellectual property! I think at least you should mention is "what what" inspired instead of label this is Hxxmxx Bixkxn Bag right? Do you know how much it cost for the genuine one? And you only sell if for less than RM200!

Both sellers and buyers, I think we should have some knowledge or understanding on this matter before the custom or police "call you for interview". (Seriously, I dislike people who sell or buy counterfeit goods...please respect intellectual property, what for you go and buy a fake one if you can't afford to buy the genuine one? Those not branded one also look very nice kay? )

Hello there. I was told by a guest in my cbox that I was alerted in your blog. I really appreciate your comment that I should have put the inspired or N/A or replica to the handbags so then the buyers knows that the bags are not the authentic one.
I tell you what, even the price is below 200, but still they are still few customers request to pay installment. It shows that they love fashion and luxury good but don't have enough money to get one. So, they go for the replica one. I even came to few very very fussy buyer who wanted to get the bags but expecting it will be 100% like the authentic one. And I did somehow suggesting to them to go for brands like GUESS or MNG that are authentic and not that expensive. I know how much a designer bag will cost and my intention is just to satisfy their fashion obsession with selling the N/A bags but look similar to the authentic. Yes, my action is wrong but there's are million blogs,shops are selling fake handbags and trillion more people are buying. Why? Because not everybody can afford the authentic one but everybody wanted to have it.
Anyhoo, I appreciate your critique and other comment about the issue. Will try to improve my service in future. Peace. :)

Metaphor WIN!

I wonder if anyone encounter this kind of situation:
Let's say A is Ronald Mcdonald, and B is Colonel Sanders. One day Ronald McDonald walks up to Colonel Sanders and ask: hey what's the secret recipe you used for KFC chicken ah?

If you're Colonel Sanders would you even answer Ronald McDonald (burker king, sushi king or any other competitor equilvalent?), I mean, come one lah. I sell KFC, you also sell fried chicken, now you want to know my secret recipe also? You think I'm too old can't see clearly that you're also into this chicken business is it? What's with the copycats nowadays?

The true Trend Setter!

I was browsing frm blogshops to blogshop yday and i came across something weird or funny, depends on how you looked at it.

Its stated :

Shop X
Established since 22 April 2011.

Woah. Blogshop from the future ! :P

Prayer for Thailand


This post is in no way meant to be political. I'm sure many of you online sellers out there are badly affected by the unsettled issues in Thailand. Blood has been shed. Lives has been turned upside down.

No one knows how long will this last or how many more lives will be lost. We can only hope for the best.

Collectively, let's all say a little prayer for the people of Thailand. Our hearts go out to you. May peace be reached swiftly and soon.

This badge was made by a Thai friend. It says "Peaceful Thailand". Let's spread that message.


Calling all customers who are seeking refunds from Putri Shahreena Daud of Th3 Golden Wardrobe, please do write to her with your claims. I cannot personally help you chase the money but please do CC a copy of all emails to me. I can only be your witness. Shahreena, do me a favor and CC all your emails pertaining to these refunds to me as well.

This only applies to customers seeking refund or exchange in damaged goods, non deliveries, out of stock goods or anything pertaining to a monetary transaction within Th3 Golden Wardrobe and its affiliated blogshops belonging to Putri Shahreena Daud.

STRICTLY does not apply to cases of "I dont like her", "She's rude", "I dont understand her BM" or "I want to buy her handphone"

Do it asap as I would like to update the status on the 21st May 2010. Shahreena, this is the time to make right. Make me proud!

** I am getting submitted forms about cases of being cheated by Shahreena. PLEASE WRITE TO HER INSTEAD! CC me the email. I cannot do anything if you all keep submitting forms. If you want your money back, just email her ok? Not me. Please please please.

Me not stupid

Bought a Forest Timber bag from a blogshop. In the photo it looked ok despite being pre-loved.

Bag arrived packed in a paper bag. No problem. The 'skin' on the handles started peeling off immediately when I unpacked the bag.

I took the following actions but suffice to say, unethical sellers do not bother with customer satisfaction.

1. Complained to the seller.
2. She said she will look into it. Then no response.
3. Sms-ed her again. She said she will refund. Then nothing.
4. Sms-ed again and this time, she claims it is damage in transit. Seriously, which part of me looks like a moron? Peeling top layer is not damage in transit. It is wear and tear.
5. Sms-ed her and asked for her address to mail that bag back to her. Told her to look at it and tell me honestly if it was damage in transit. Told her she could keep my money. Refused to accept post back.

Checked her site. Post has been removed. Seriously, I am a big fan of re-using items but it is totally unethical and a genuine case of cheating when you sell an item that is no longer fit for use.



** Holy Batman 10 times over!! SG replied and it's not looking good. NO!!!**

There's this famous site that helps unfortunate buyers sell off their purchases that they bought online if they can't fit or if it's an impulsive purchase etc

And the operator of the website has decided to boycott any email that I send (of items I would like to sell)

Basically because I accidentally used 2 email accounts while sending her emails to post my stuff up,
like for example, I used one email to inform her to post the item up
and another one to inform her that the item was sold.

And boyyyyy did she get mad.
She sent me an email asking me to refrain from using 2 emails etc etc in bold.
The next week when I sent her another item hoping to publish it on her blog, it never appeared even when she was constantly updating it..

It was an honest mistake, since I'm a frequent commentor here, I use another email to avoid spammage in my personal one so I forgot to switch the accounts when sending her the post..
Was it such a huge mistake that you would have to boycott/blacklist me?
Lesson learnt. Oopsie.

Beating around the bush of Perhentian

I’m so totally pissed off with this one seller who sold me a cardigan. It’s been close to 2 weeks and I still have not received it. She will take ages to reply my email and when she does reply she will never answer what I asked! Sickening. Imagine the late reply with no answer to your queries and you have to email again to ask!! I went through her chatbox and apparently there are other buyers too who go through the same thing! Payment made but no parcel altho the seller claimed to have posted it and no tracking number given when requested!! Some also requested for a refund but no news from the seller.

Here’s our email conversation:

ME: u have the measurement for the above item? It says it can fit from uk6-uk10 but for certain clothes the measurement is kinda small. thanks!

SELLER: No babe sorry. Btw may I know what size u usually wear?

ME: that depends though..sometimes m or L..but for cardigan maybe L size..

SELLER: Owh ic.. I can recommend u to get bigger size. I only have one more with me. I'm sure u can fit in :)

ME: hmm ok..can use pos ekspres?

…No reply from seller
…No reply from seller
…2 days later

ME: hi..didn't get ur reply and just saw that payment for the cardi must be made latest today. still hv?

…No reply from seller
…No reply from seller

ME: hi again..just wanna know whether the cardi is still available or not and whether it is restockable if all's sold out..and how long i need to wait for it. thanks a lot..


Seller: Its available and limited for now. Kindly make payment by 2@m today if u want one yah? :)Btw I can't use pos ekpress for this cardigan.. So its rm 38 including postage fee. Thanks dear :)

ME: Hi..payment made..pls see attached for the details.. thanks ya..btw can you provide me the tracking number?..thanks again :D

…No reply from seller
...The next day..

ME: Hi..did u received my payment?

...2 days still no reply from the seller

ME: Hi..i need to know my current status now pls

SELLER: Goin to pos on monday k :)

...4 days have passed..

ME: hi..have u posted my cardigan? i need it by Friday..need to use it on saturday..pls reply thanks

SELLER: Yes babe :)

ME: when did u post it? may i hv the tracking number pls thanks ya

SELLER: Yes babe :)

...The next day..

ME: Hi..I still have not received my cardigan. May i know when you post it and i would appreciate it if you could provide me with the tracking number. Thanks.

..No reply from seller..
...The next day…

ME: It's been close to 2 weeks. I still have not received my cardigan but you said you have already posted it many days back. You took so long to reply my emails. I hope you can be more sensitive to your customer's needs. I've been really patient all these while. If you are busy with exams and what not do let me know. The reason why i want the tracking number is because if the item has been sent out and didn't reach me at least i have the item number to track it down.I hope you will reply this email. Again I need to know the day you sent the item and the tracking number.Thanks!

SELLER: Hye seriously I already sent it and try to get someone at home to check the tracking number for u but no one at home can help me. I'm at perhentian right now.internet coneection on my phone not so good. I'm really sorry.. I post everything out before I left.. But didn't expect this to happen..

ME: thanks for replying. I hope my parcel didn't get lost. Pos Laju requires the recipient's signature so it is impossible that they sent it to the wrong address. Furthermore, i'm at home everyday and almost everyday i receive parcels from pos laju but none from you. Very well..the tracking number is important at least we can know the status. When will you be able to provide me the tracking number? Do let me know at least i know how long more to wait and mentally prepare for it. Thanks again.

SELLER: I'm so sorry yah. I suppose to email u once I post it but I left early so didn't manage to email u. Really sorry.

*sigh* So now what? You get what I mean? Even her last email there were no answers or any solutions given. Sick la. Like when she said 'really sorry' it could mean two things either:

1) too bad i'm not gonna help you with this. Go figure yourself or

2) I will give you the tracking number and help you out with this once i'm back home. Don't worry'.

You'll never know who sits next to you!

I dealt with a pre-order blog, which provides okay service, but very very slow at replying emails. One reply would take her 2-3 days.

She uses her personal email to deal with orders, so I dont understand why she's so slow at replying cos everyone checks their personal email daily, and at least few times a day right? Especially if you're running a business.

Anyways, when I got my items, I realized that one of the item is not the one which I ordered. So I emailed her. After 2 days, I was getting nervous in case she's a scam artist and cheats me of RM45 (for that item alone). So I googled her personal email and lo and behold, guess who's face popped up?

My work colleague which I absolutely detest!

It was frustratingly funny and downright ironic. In any case, I kept quiet about my discovery, see her at work everyday and just waited for her bloody reply.

Guess what? 2 weeks and NO REPLY at all. I even sent the email again. And every single day I'm staring at her face. LOL.

So yesterday, I decided to confront her.
I asked her if she has any online boutiques since it's a hot trend.
She excitedly introduced her blogshop to me and gave me a long speech of her efficiency and cheap prices (so NOT true) for about 15 minutes.

Then I dropped the bomb.
Me: Oh, you're the owner of Blogshop X? I am one of your buyers.
Her: Really? What did you buy?
Me: I bought A, B and C. And I've been emailing you regarding the wrong item received for item C.

I swear, her face looked like a balloon losing air.

Her: Ohhh. Yeah I was gonna reply you soon after my supplier gets back to me, cos they sent me the wrong item. Sorry la to keep you waiting.
Me: It's been 2 weeks, does your supplier really take this long to reply you?
Her: They've been really busy with orders from other people all over the world so will take some time la.
Me: You should have at least emailed me or something, I was kinda worried.
Her: Oh, no worries la, I won't cheat your money.

Yeah right. If I didnt ask or confronted her, I bet I wouldnt even get any response.
To prove my point, she told me the next day that her supplier had miraculously found the time to reply her and my item will be sent within 2 days.
C'mon, shipping from Korea doesn't come within two days, otherwise why is the waiting period like 2 weeks right? Or at least 5 days.

But sure enough, in 2 days time, she brought the item and exchanged with me for the wrong one. I still think she's lying about the whole supplier thing.

But whatever it is, Im never buying from her again.

p/s: As she's my colleague, I will not reveal her Blogshop's name just in case she stumbles upon my post.

Wrong equation


I came across this pre order blogshop and asked for quotation

Here is wat stated in her blog :
All apparels and accessories are imported from *
Your order will be shipped directly from * to your door steps.

Item + shipping fee + (other fee) = $ i need to pay

Something i want is only RM 20 over if converted to Malaysian currency, somehow when she quote me is double . Not something I mind paying but what was quoted is

Item + shipping fee + (other fee) + postage fee = $ i need to pay

Just dun understand why i will need to for pay shipping twice when its stated shipped directly to me

Rubies No More

 ** Shahreena of Th3 Golden Wardrobe is onboard **

Hey peeps, Wanisha has written to me with details of their agreement for a refund. I'll withhold any further comments until Wanisha has received her money.
Havent heard from Shahreena personally on my end but if she does send in proof of an amazing spam box phone, I'll post it up. Does she owe anyone else money? Time to write to her!

Last month I ordered a pair of ruby shoes from this blogshop. It's actually a pre-ordered item, so I've to wait till the shoes arrive (the owner said the shoes are directly from Australia, so have to wait until they arrive).

I've made full payment for the shoes and wait patiently. She said when the stocks have arrived, she will directly post it to me.End of April, I emailed her asking when will I receive the shoes, and she replied that I'll received mine together with the other buyers. When I asked again when is the actual date, she didn't reply.

Then about 2-3 weeks ago, I browsed her blogshop again and I was shock to see, the label for "Ruby Shoes" has been removed. I emailed her asking why she removed the label and asking for clarification whether she still selling the shoes or not. And to my surprised, she didn't reply my mail. I started to feel that I've been conned.

Recenty, I checked her blogshop again, and it is 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION'. I emailed her again, asking politey, what happen to the shoes that I've bought and reminded her that I've paid full payment for the shoes. And as I already thought, she still hasn't replied my email.

I am very upset with her acts. At least, she should inform me what is happening or let me know something. She shouldn't just go MIA like this. This is so unprofessional. Though the money that I've paid is not too much, but I still can use the money for other purposes. I hate doing business with this kind of people. When people started doing online business, you also want to own one. But you do not know how to give a  commitment. Pleaselaa weyh!!

** Sherlock Holmes Alert in comments. Kudos to you **

Yes, I have it but buy something else...

I was interested in item X and item Y in a preloved blog and sms her later that night. She replied the next day :

'Item X is ok. Item Y is not OK. Check item Z.' 

*there are 3 items there -- X, Y, Z

I don't really understand, and I didn't reply because I thought she's sending sms to wrong people, besides, I'm a middle of something.

She sms me again like 10mins later asking whether I still want it. I said I don't understand her last sms. What does she meant 'okay and not okay?'. She replied the SAME THING.

Anyways! After blahblah, said I'll confirm later that night.

Around 7 something she asked me to confirm.

*check her blog

Me : I will buy item X only since item Y is not okay. Would u like to swap?

Seller : Item X is belongs to my sis.cannot swap. If I were to post 1 item, rugilah  (HUHHHHHHHH???)

Me : I don't mind if u dont want to swap. So what's the total I should pay, plus postage?

Seller : Item X has some discoloration, u take item
S lah. It's in great condition. okay?

*that's the 4th item after item X, Y, Z bebeh!
**went to check her blog for 2nd time

Me : Oh really? Is it obvious? No, I don't want item S, thanks.

Seller : Yes it's obvious. I LIKE ITEM S.

*check her blog thrice

Me : No it's okay. Guess I have to cancel. Sorry for that, and thanks ! :)

Seller : Okay. Why don;t u take item Z. Go check item Z.

* but hey, I go and check for 4th time, just in case..

Being so, seriously angel, I replied : No thanks, maybe later. Thanks and sorry :)

She did't reply.


Not this kind of combine shipping

I'm a seller and I use an order form service for my customers to place their orders.

The order form has a tick box for Postage including Pos Laju and Pos Ekspress along with a box for addresses to be filled in.

There's also a Tick box for COD choices if the customer opts for COD.

What I don't get is, some, no, actually ALOT of customers tick both POSTAGE and COD. They put their addresses in, pick either pos laju or pos ekspress and tick for COD too.

???? You're confusing me =S

P/S : I realise most of them tick the COD choice with the free FEE :D


You know you've made it into the A-List when you've been cloned from the forms and right down to the mini LOL tab!

Hey, no biggie but at least say hello to me you little hooters.

How are my readers treating you? ;)

** Ferocious status : They said Thank You to me via THEIR site... Look hooters, I am not out here to say you cant do what you're doing now but at the rate you are using my site's name to gain every bit of publicity it's getting a little annoying. Go ahead and run your site but could you maybe tone down on the name dropping. Oh... maybe write to me personally to say Thank you for the traffic and readers you ripped off? I am still directing traffic to your site, you know?
Please stop making feel like a celebrity!! I so love living a low profile life...

Where's my caviar and champagne? 

14th May Update : I think they are scared of me for some reason... Why else wont they talk to me? Say Thank You personally? Say Sorry for ripping emails from here personally? I cant find their email address... do they have one? Being humble wont kill you kids. 

How hard is it to go "Oh sorry babe, we'll change it to HAHA instead of LOL. You used it first so let's be original?"


Pinochio's free size

I saw this post on Diary Addictions of this very nice simple stop. And it was only RM20+

So I immediately went to the blogshop and went through her stuff. Most of her stuff are cheap and nice but I wanted the one I saw on Diary Addictions. She wrote there Free Size and I saw the model is quite an average size I think. Plus I wear UK6-UK8. I was very sure I could fit into it even if its too big. So I bought it.

I was excited when the parcel arrived. First thing that turned me off was her way of packinging. Mind you, I'm a seller too. I would have at least fold the clothes nicely even if I dont have plastic to wrap it whatsoever. She just dumped my shirt without folding it! Okay lah fine you're busy but make it more presentable la.

Oh before that, this blogshop apparently has 2owners. So since she stated that the top I wanted was last piece I quickly sms-ed the owner. So I sms-ed the first number and said "hi my name is bla bla I want that bla bla please sms me yr acc num so I can make immediate payment" guess wht she reply? Please sms the other number. WTH? Why am I the one who has to do that? She could just simply pass me the acc num whatnot and tell me to wait for her to check ke whatnot. But nvm I wanted the top so bad so fine, I sms-ed the other number. Luckily the owner was all nice and she sold it to me.

Anw, I was happy when it arrived and when I took it out from the envelope, I knew I couldn't fit into it because it was tagged XXL? Hello? It was tagged XXL and yet you wrote on your blog it was free size. Come on la. I was upset so I sms-ed her. I said, "Hi, the top is really big. I thought it is supposed to be a free size. I can't fit into it because its XXL and I wear S-M only"

She replied, "Dear it is free size only the tag says XXL"

Come on I know how XXL looks like. And it was big. Please lah. The least THEY could do it to tell me the truth. PLus their blogshop was reviewed.

Theres no need to lie.

Unwanted Bumps

Slap me if you like, but i am so ANNOYED by this stupid blogshop who keeps bumping up her posts! she's been trying since forever to clear her ugly stock. The only thing she used to be famous for was her 'agnes b wallet'. ring any familiar bells?

Yes i sent in an order form asking her to stop bumping up her posts but wow, this seller is SO rude! i didn't scold her with any rude words, i just told her to stop bumping up her posts, but in her reply (by tracking my ip address - which is not even my ip address because i'm online at my friend's house hahaha! joke's on you!) she called me a bitch. Wow. I wouldn't like to deal with her as a seller!

She said there's a reason for bumping such as a price drop, but her price DID NOT CHANGE. She's freely bumping as she likes, with duplicate posts too (which she probably will remove after reading this).

More rudeness: she said, 'BF never bother to bang you till you're so damn free? Why don't I ask a few guy to give you a nice 3some? Loser! Mind your own blardy business!'

Jeez, like, sorry that I'm a buyer who prefer to see new stuff instead of old stock from a year ago that can't sell.

Hoe Alert??

My bf from UK ordered two pair of shoes, from this active blog. He made the payment through me, I live in KL. I understand it is pre-order and thus will take approximately 3 weeks, as the blog owner stated. despite that I would keep regular checks on her, in the begining she would answer her phone or reply like her ass is on fire, once payment made, she started showing her true colours.

I placed the order on 11th April 2010, its exactly a month today. I didn't receive my shoes or my money.On 7th may she sent me a text message saying, will be posting the shoes tomorrow this is ur tracking number refund included. Basically she jus got 1 of the two pair i ordered. I didn't complain.

A day later I check the tracking number, it doesnt not exists.Furious, I call her only to the voice mail. Frustated i wrote her a long corny email, asked her to shut her stoopid business and jump off a bridge, haha =P

Her reply to the email, hey excuse me i have already posted your parcel, here is the tracking number. LOL it doesn't exist, i took a print screen of it and emailed her. And again shez MIA.

If i get hold of her, ima just strangle that biatch. Suggestions pls, hw cn i get my money back? Its more RM 100 +

ps: she has my bf added on her msn but she doesn't approve my invitation, fishy fishy, hoe alert!

So thick skin

I used to own a blogshop but i was too busy with my college to run it , to cut a long story short, i was closing down, and this other seller emailed me:

Her :Wahh so cheap! I want to order blablablabla (sum up to 9 items)

So after a few emails back and forth,measurements, details, you know mafan things. She said she'll take all of them.

Naturally i was a bit excited! i mean cmon 9 items? and i want to clear all my things so i gave her my acc no and etc.

And she went MIA. wtf! you're a seller yourself and you dont have the decency to at least tell me you arent interested anymore. Whatsmore you put me through the trouble of giving you minute details for every single piece you wanted. and you just disappeared?

Turns out, she has been doing the same to countless other shops!ordering and going MIA.

Ok but whatever.

A while ago, i started up a new site again because i have more time now.

And lo and behold she submitted in an order.

When i saw her name in my inbox, I simply deleted it without a second thought.

and honestly, it made me feel better about her.

Burn you!

I've been spammed like a million times by unknown blogshops.. emails, facebook, twitter... everywhere... but i dont reli care i just delete em' but what ticked me off this time... is where you how dare you seller subscribe me to your feedburner... how la?

You use my email add, type in the spam protection letters and i get a mail stating i have to click on the link to activate my subscription.. wth!!!.. never heard of the blogshop before... simply amazing... speechless..

Seller's Privilege

I am not sure is this normal or what, have any of you came across someone asking for discounts just because that person is a blogshop owner too?

It's okay la to discount abit but that person asked wayyyyy more discount until near to cost price.

I'm a buyer too but I'll never do that.

Anyway, wtf.

Updates #4


For those of you who knows the seller behind STILL IN BUSINESS, she has updated her blog!

Dont play DJ

i love browsing 4-5 blogshops in one time.
A little slow in loading but its still Ok for me.
(and i love playing my MP3 while browsing and shopping online.)

But what annoys me when the blogshop put music in the background.

and imagine, not ONE but THREE blogshops playing 3 diff music in one time (1 playing a hiphop/rnb song, 1 playing lily allen, and 1 playing just music).
and that is SUPER ANNOYING.
i have to click 'x' to all the links cos im totally annoyed and no, i dont bother to silence my speaker.

to Blogshop owner, can you please REMOVE that music background??

What size again?

This post is not to condemn or comment any bad service provided by online blogshop out there. It just for fun. Really!
I happened to stumble upon a blogshop selling various kinds of stuff including sling bags but what make me confused is that when they write this :

Description : PU Leather, 1 zippered compartment, adjustable strap, cotton interior, Magnetic Snap/Flap, colour is more to milky white, tasseled detailing. IMPORTED!!

Size : FREE SIZE (comes with dust bag)

I thought free size is just for clothes only. correct me if i'm wrong. LOL!


Im owner of one prelove blog..

1 day i got SMS from one owner of prelove blog too... She want to swap with me..  I search N look for her blog.. There is nothing that i like.. but i just randomly selected one item that are same price with item that she want to swap.. I told to her i want that item.. But she replied.. Ohh sory that items was booked.. Then I said to her i cant continue to swap with her.. Than she asked me to choose another items.. I dont want because there are no others items that really i want..
( that she not understand that i dont want to swap !!!)

then some days later she sms me again.. told me that she already update new items and asked me to choose.. I choose 1 of the items.. Then what she said " Tak boleh kak, baju tu kain berkualiti kak " .. So geram!!! The item that i choose is same price with the item that she want to swap.. So she try to said that my item is not good in quality... LoL..

Then I dont want to reply her SMS again..waste my credit..

Selfish Mofo

When I first started my blog shop, I got a cbox for only Q&A section. Still,there are sellers that doesn't understand English keep spamming the cbox advertising their blog shops.
Fine. Since everyone is blind to read, i stop deleting their message and let it be a free adv platform. (who knows i might have them as my buyer. =D )

Since then,i start going around other's blog shop to advertise my blogshop. Then i encountered few things that i don't understand.

a) why will you(seller) bother to put a cbox there where it's only bout 3cm x 3cm, you think your buyers are tiny mouse or chipmunks?

b) don't you think you are very selfish and annoying when you spam other's cbox with your adv whereby there's no cbox in your own page to let people to adv?

c) where's the submit button? o.O

d) some will just put their adv cbox at the most bottom of the page. WHY? o.O

You kid me?


Spotted one blogshop only offer poslaju delivery,
and they charges it at RM6 PER ITEM.

Cut throat man.

Patience ran out the window

Here's the context of the situation. I purchased an item from a taiwan/korean/japan pre-order (and you know how sometimes the actual item turns out a little bit different from the pictures when it comes to pre-orders), and i didn't have any occasion to wear it, so i decided to post it up on Shopping Gazebo (SG) to resell.

A buyer e-mailed me about it, and I'll let the conversation speak for itself.

Buyer: Blazer yg u post kt blog shopping gazebo ade lg x?

Me: Hi, Masih ada :) Nak beli?

Buyer: elok lg ke? selalu pakai x?

Me: (thinking why she's asking this question when she should know the rules of SG that items must not have been worn except for trying purposes, but anyways...) tak pernah pakai langsung, kecuali try je la :)

Buyer: knp x pakai? sy tkt blazer 2 bsr ngn sy..

Me: (-_-") yg ni measurements... (gave length, shoulders, bust, sleeve length measurements). tak pakai sebab tak ada kesempatan.

Buyer: gmbr yg kt dlm shopng gazebo 2, yg mne 1 blazer u nk jual? ke dua-dua 2 sme je?

Me: (is she for real?? As SG users/visitors should know, SG requires a pic of the item from the blogshop and a pic of the SAME item taken with our own cameras..) gambar pertama diambil dari blogshop dari mana saya beli blazer tu. yang kedua-dua lain tu gambar sendiri (I posted 2 pics from my own camera). tapi blazer tu sama blazer, hanya gambar yang beza. (running out of patience, so running out of smileys)

Buyer: blazer yg u nk jual gmbr yg pertam ke kedua?

Me: kedua-dua blazer pun sama. Hanya gambar pertama diambil dari blogshop dari mana saya beli blazer tu. Yang gambar kedua dan ketiga diambil dengan kamera sendiri. Gambar kedua dan ketiga adalah gambar bagi blazer yang dalam tangan ku.

Buyer: mcm lain je design blazer gmbr pertama n kedua. Gmbr yg pertama ade patern ckt kt bwh blazer 2...

What the... first said they look the same, now say look different... Make up your mind la, woman! I didn't bother replying anymore.

Good question

Dear stubborn sellers,
when buyers are asking for a refund,
do you prefer us being polite and nice in our sms-es/emails
or plain bloody rude and scary to get our money back?
Which method will get your asses off the couch and return our dough?

Check your postage

When you hear of FREE POSTAGE, you might get lil excited, do you? Well, who doesn't?! So, one day, when I saw the FREE POSTAGE offer in this online shopping store, I felt happy and bought something for my niece for her first day in school. It costs not even RM 10.

So weeks by weeks, the item hasn't arrived. I text the seller and she said she is using normal postage so it may take a lil bit of time. It means she was sending the item using an envelope with a 30sen stamp on it. It may take 2-3 weeks, isn't it? I was so shocked about the FREE NORMAL POSTAGE. I've already felt that I won't get the item.

Few months later, the item was still 'out of nowhere'. I couldn't call Pos Malaysia or check online because normal postage means you post, then whether you get it or not, NOT their prob.

So I text the seller and told her about it. She said it was the first time her customer didn't get the item through the normal postage and "Just sorry". Just like that. So I said to myself, lucky that I never buy anything pricey from her!

It's a lesson for us all to check what kind of postage method they are going to give. If not,the item you've paid may end up in the hands of stranger :)

3 weeks game

The owner of the blogshop claim herself to be A darn lazy graphic designer / web master who fallin in love with uber 80's, trash fashion , 70's glam and electrix fashion . A pre-love collector and legwear lover. She has her own preloved blog and another blog selling mostly leggings.

Is anyone having problem with this blogshop? I've been emailing, calling and smsing her but she is not replying me. I've banked in to her account but up till now always 3 weeks plus, i have not receive the item.

It all started when i was searching for X & Y. then i posted comment in the reviewer blogs hoping that someone have it. Then, she mailed me that she have it. Then i saw X in her blog, so i negotiate the price la. I usually check my mail during nights, then when i did not reply her mail when she sent me in the afternoon, she send me another mail that night stating "babe , still interested or not ?" I think she's quite desperate cause she should at least give me some time to get home and reply the mail.

Then after asking for acct number, i made payment quickly after that. She even said this after giving her acct number. "lme know when done ya" I did mail her after i get paid, but she did not reply my email. So the next day i sms her to confirm whether she got my payment and aksing when will she post out. In the SMS, she said she will post the item out and will let me know the tracking num.

After two weeks of countless mails, i even called her using different phone number, which of course she didn't pick up. Then last week i receive an email from her saying she met in a accident, so i thought ok la then, at least she did reply. Then she even said her BF will post it out this week Tuesday but of course i still not yet receive.

When i check her blog again, i saw few other victims (buyers) also got con by her. they still have not receive their parcels after many weeks. Her chatboxes were flooded by victim's comment. All wanting her to refund. One even said that this owner told her buyer that she was too busy with her work. So now i don't know whether did she really met with an accident, or busy with work or what.

Few days ago i went into her blog, i found both of her chatboxes were removed. So i think this is really a con job. She is trying to hide it from other buyers. And she is not answering any of our mails.

Leave your mail if you want to know who is it.

Ultimate Paranoia


Buyer: I want item A, B, C, D and E.

Me: Okay, total is RMxxx. I give you free postage. :)

Buyer: Is this some sort of scam?
Me: Er, no? Purchase above RMxxx got free postage. (o.o)

Buyer: No, I pay for postage. I scare you cheat me.

Me: (WTH) ...

Hello Competitor!

I happen to have a customer on my list who sells the same thing as me. At least a few of the same things as me. This makes her a competitor but it's okay, she has the right to sell something similar as me. Competition is healthy right?

I put plenty of effort into photographing my things so that it looks attractive to the customers. This particular customer comes enquiring to me, "Hi! I'm also selling xxx. Can I please use your photos as they are very nice?"

I was in a good mood so I said, "If you help me to promote my product, of course you can. But if you are not and are also selling the same things, I don't think it's fine. Hope you understand."

I have been in far worse moods and can come up with meaner retorts. I am very mean one, slap me lah. But it's bad enough that you're selling the same products as me. Which is not a crime, nothing bad at all. But to have the cheek to ask if you can use my pictures?! Seriously?!?

I cannot stand stupid questions. *grows a white hair*


Hey dearies, just a reminder... for those greedy people out there who are greedy and likes cheap stuff online, do not get fooled by cheap 'i phone's. Was in a scam recently. :( hurts so much my money gone like that and police cannot do anything about it.

Fella on e-bay selling i-phone for RM1400. i know its ridiculously cheap la but i had friends who got their i-phones online as well. So no biggy right? So anyways, this seller, stated there to mail him for more inquiries. So i did la. Then we talked on the phone regarding the payment and so forth. Attached is his e-mail.


Before we go further, let me explain on the item. Actually this item is an underwater (Customs/Kastam) item. Which means this item has been seized due to tax problems. There is no middle man involved, therfore you are getting it direct, this is why it is cheap. I have a few units to be sold, therefore, you do not have to Bid. You could purchase direct from me without having to Bid. Due to limited stock, i base on first come first serve basis. Who makes the payment first, gets it.

Regarding the Warranty, Full Warranty for 1 Year will be provided by Principal in Hong Kong. This is because item came in from Hong Kong. Not only that, from my side, i will offer 3 months Full warranty. Which means, if there is any problem or you are not satisfied with the condition, you can ask for a replacement (1 to 1 Switch) or full refund will be given. This item is 100% Brand new and Original. Not an imitation, recond or 2nd hand unit.

For your information, since this is our first deal, COD or COC could not be done. This is for the safety of both parties. I only do COD with my previously ready buyers. Perhaps on the second deal we could already COD. Payment can be made through Bank transfer. Once payment being made, item will be ship to you via courier on the same day via poslaju. Shipping charges will be covered by me. Unless you require it to be sent by other courier companies like Citylink, GD Express, etc.. then you have to add the differences. Once Shipping had been done, i will sms to you the tracking number. Im sure you will wonder, how if you already made the payment and the item did not arrive? Do contact me and i will explain in detail how this deal could be secured.

Anyway, my contact number is 012-932 9614 En Amran. Do contact me if you want to know more about the transaction or the security of this transaction.


I sms him la and fuh-yo 15 mins later reply ask whether i wanna talk on the phone. So i did la. Since it was a bid on ebay, i sort of buy it now so that i can get it by yesterday (Friday). However when i emailed/sms/call whether payment received, no reply or anything. So my worse fear came, i googled the shit ass account and IC number and what do you expect, i found the guy... AND CONFIRMED IT WAS A SCAM! F***.

It was an expensive lesson learnt. I tried calling CIMB bank and what do you know... even their customer online service was not working. ZZZ... people lodged reports against him since march. AND... NO RESULTS. POLICE DID NOTHING! and all his account everything still valid. I mean if he is being reported for something like this, his account should be freezed right? Curse the system.

Anyways, to warn others out there, here goes:

These are his details as i JUST REALISED MANY others were scammed as well:

Mohd Amran Bin Amat (details given by another buyer who was scammed)
CIMB no: 1414-0001127-209
Hp: 012-9350629
IC: 830521-12-5507

details given to me:
Amran Ali Bin Amat
CIMB acc same
HP: 012-9329614
IC same

read from forum, his details searched by people who were scammed.

Kad Pengenalan 830521125507
Tarikh Lahir 21 May 1983
Jantina LELAKI
Lokaliti 190 / 56 / 05 / 001 - KG TITINGAN
Daerah Mengundi 190 / 56 / 05 - TITINGAN
DUN 190 / 56 - APAS
Parlimen 190 - TAWAU
Negeri SABAH

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Supplied from Pasar

It was my 1st experience buying online. The seller was super duper nice and friendly. Bought few item for RMXXX from her. The clothes were really nice in the blog. The lowest price from her is RM30+ excluding postage. I tought never mind la. if the clothes really nice rite.

Made payment, yadayada, received and it turned out that the clothes were really in low quality of fabric. I mean after u wear it few times there will be "holes". Like kinda holes created by the ciggates. Small tiny holes.

I also found that the clothes she sell were relly cheap actually. She bought it from a "Pasar" in Kelantan. My mom's friend open a shop in that "Pasar" and one day i accidentally met her there. Kantoi ! ;p

Supposed one clothes should be only RM20 but she mark it up until RM45. Yes u wanna make some profit aite but dont sell cheap things for expensive price. The clothes she sell also can be found at cheap supermarket in Pantai Timur area where u can buy shirt or dress for only RM20. Just imagine how much she can make.

She has no job actually. Only seling the expensive cheap in quality clothes.

Also stated in her blog if u buy more than RM200 will get mysterious gift. I wonder how mysterious it is and i got 2 small bag my mydin as a mysterious gift. So not worth for buying more than RM200

Slap slap ! Anyone who want to know this blog leave ur email n i will give the name.

Broken promise

A few month ago, i purchased a vintage blazer. Due to the seller reply my order late, she promised me to give me a free-gift.

Then "ok lah", i'm not get mad actually even she didn't give me any add-on free-gift. When the parcel arrived, the free-gift not there with the blazer. I emailed her to ensure that thing didnt drop somewhere. The she said, I will send you the free-gift later. WTF.

Did she send me the free-gift with the blazer or what?!
I don't care with her small free-gift, but i do care if the seller broke her promise!
I want to slap her with my hands=p

Email Ping Pong

I feel really irritated by a buyer. She took 25 emails over a span of 7 days then she finally made payment (how to fill order form, how to make payment, dunno what a cash deposit machine looks like, bla bla). Then took another 16 emails to ask why item has not reached after she made payment coz item does not reach her within 3 days of payment. Pos Malaysia website said it was delivered already. HOO HAA!

Curiosity... for those who stays in apartment or condominium, how does Pos Express boxes reach you? Doorstep? Or locked mailbox? Or with the guards? Curious

Why should I?

Okay, sellers spamming my email promoting their blogshop is one thing,

but what the hell is she thinking when she spam me(and hundreds others) for her college assignment? seriously what the hell? She dare writing this at the end of her email "I need this as soon as possible as this assignment are going to due in 2 weeks time."

Okay I dont mind doing it if I'm her friend or her customer, but thing is, i never ever heard of her blogshop and never enquire bout anything(duh).

How did she get my email? And she didnt even bother to use BCC or anything. Wow, stealing people's email n ask for help. You must be wearing 10 inch of makeup. And tell me again why should I help her?

I clicked Junk straightaway

Too Much!

Would u buy a NO BRAND Shoes for RM160 (not even inclusive postage yet), via Online and not even able to try it out?

I just hate seeing shoes being priced for RM100 plus!!
For God Sake, its just a pair of heels !!

Just slap whatever you like. I dont care.

I see thru you

My Singapore friend from the post MY BOSS IS A POSTER had another boo boo with her staff again. She's a classic!!

The staff received an email from a customer today asking if a particular dress was transparent. She promptly asked her boss (my friend) "If its transparent, how can she see it?"

*slap* I'm thinking why she's still on the payroll is becos she provides damn good entertainment!

Who paid?

Just an important issue that I wanted to raised. I own a blogshop. And sometimes I get alot of buyers at a time. This happened quite recently.

The thing is, buyer ordered an item. After 1 day, received a typical email as most buyers would send as below.

(Buyer A): Hi! Payment made, reference no. 1928192.

Okay, I had a couple of same amount of transfer payment that very same day, which other buyers include our email address in the receipient email, but she did not. So okay, I thought one of the payments was hers as some people dont bother to do so.

That same period, I had another buyer, (buyer B) email me: payment made, do check alright? As I am unable to scan my receipt now.

So I assumed that she was using cash deposit as mentioned in the order form, cause normally in my maybank transaction history, they will state transfer or cash deposit.

Then I told her to email me with receipt. As if not I cant confirm her payment.

While waiting for her receipt, I've already posted out Bueyr A's parcel along with others. After 3 days only Buyer B emailed me her receipt transaction, which did proof she made payment via ATM transfer!

At checking this I realized that Buyer A might have send in a fake reference number. So I checked with Maybank and they Confirmed that the reference code is not valid.

At this point I really dont know whether should I email Buyer A.

Have any of you ever encountered these kind of buyers? Should we expose them?

Fit for a clown

I came across blogshops that state their clothes size as " fits Uk4 till Uk12 ". So now people that are Uk4 can fit Uk12 size?

Personally, I've experienced this before. I bought a dress that states it can fit Uk4-Uk12. I'm a Uk6. But the dress turned out so huge that its more like a Uk12! I think the seller meant that Uk4 people can fit the dress looking like a clown.

I swore never to buy from this blogshop anymore because her pictures look nothing like the real deal!

Selling Meow

I was so free today that I started to look through all the pre-loved blogshops.

Mostly they are selling clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and then I came across this, CAT.

People are selling their pet at a pre-loved blogshop. LOL. I cant stop laughing. It somemore stated when its birthday, and his personal details like has been potty train before, Vaccinated and etc. and above is the picture of the cat. LOL

This is way hilarious!

Are you listening?


I dont care if it's an inspired piece. If it's ugly then it's ugly.

Being Topshop/F21 inspired does not exempt it from the fact that it is in fact, fugly.


This is an online purchase gone wrong none the less ok?

My nephew & I decided to go watch Iron Man 2 tomorrow afternoon after his tuition so ok la, I go book tickets online. *This is the curse of speed reading I tell you*

I now am the stupid owner of 2 tickets to Ip Man 2 tomorrow...

Power to the People


This is hilarious, got this one mail from a blogshop owner with this signature "say NO to BLACKOUT buyers!!"

Hahahhaha!!! Super hilarious

Failed delivery

This is not a slap slap slap story, just need your opinion. A girl sent me an email and stated she wants to buy a tee from me. The problem is when i reply her email, i received a delivery failed email. I've tried a few times but it's still the same. So im unable to reply her email at all and then when i message her, she didn't reply. But a few days later, she sent the same email again too me but like before, when i reply, failed again :X

Have anyone encountered this before?

Still in business

I have frequently bought from this blogshop which the owner claimed that she will close the blogshop down cause someone bitched behind her back. Ended up she's still in business, and judging from her frequent overseas trip, I don't think she ever will close it down.

But anyway, so long as I like the clothes, it's non of my business whether it close or not, so I continue shopping. What irritates me is we already agreed to meet at say 11am at Mid Valley. Great!

A night before, I had to go for a sudden discussion so i informed her that my friend will be collecting the cloth for me, and I would pay her first tonight by banking in. Great. She kindly said it's alright if we postpone the meeting up but I told her it was okay cause my friend would be going to MV anyway. I gave her my friend's number. No reply. Fine.

On the agreed day and time, she did NOT appear!! After my discussion at 1pm, I called my friend to check if she took my dress. She told me the owner did not call her. I was quite pissed already, cause previous night when I reconfirm her with her she did not reply and on the very COD day itself she did not appear. So I sms her right away. No reply!!

Three hours later, she replied and say she left the phone at her house so she couldn't contact me. What a coincidence! Don't you think? And she did not apologise on her delay AT ALL.

Fine. Reschedule the COD time. And she was late for 1 hour then! When I sms / call her, she only replied, 'M on the way.'


** Editor's note : All comments will now be withheld as I am in talks with said seller. Hey takes guts to write to me and I admire that. She's not nasty like some emails I get from people that has been blasted here. Rather chatty :D so let me talk to her ok?

Thank you BEBEH!

I read this convo in a chatbox of one of the blogshop and I just couldn't stop LOL-ing.

Blogshop X (with clickable link to blogshop): gorgeous accessories in town bebeh! with reasonable price!!!!!

Seller: Thanks for your compliments, blogshop X

The seller clearly stated no ads but she thought that X was complimenting her blogshop so she thanked her instead! But in actual, Blogshop X was actually advertising for her shop in her chatbox! Talk about miscommunication!

Where from? How so?

I just wanna clarify something that's been on my mind with sellers out there, what do you really mean when you state that the clothing is "imported"?

I feel as if this is just a gimmick by sellers so that their item can appear to be more exclusive and it gives them the chance to hike up the prices.

So if their clothes are from China/Taiwan/Hong Kong then also counted as imported? But aren't most clothes these days from there and doesn't that already automatically makes it imported?

Messy Look

I was having my daily blogroll fix when I came across this pre-loved blogshop. I noticed the pics all are the same with another pre-love blogshop. And I think it's the same owner.

Cuz the model has the same un-comb serabut hair!  <-- i dont know why I cannot undo the red highlights.

I really dont understand why seller(and this goes to all the blogshop out there also) cant tie her hair up or at least comb and make it nice and presentable la.

This girl has messy hair and she was looking down in all the pics which makes the hair covering a big part of the top. I dont get it, is she trying to hide her face or something? why x she just look up and crop her face out?

This bothers me cuz 1) I cant see the neckline and d details properly n 2) her messy hair is such a turn off. Looks as if it x shampooed for days. ew.

Hairy Parcel

Dont you all find it freaky when you see someone selling hair extensions?

I mean like, imagine if you receive a parcel, you open it and the hair drop off.

No slaps required. :P

CBOX hogging

If you guys haven't noticed yet, please pay a visit to a famous re-selling blogshop and read their cbox messages. Currently there's a ongoing drama about a dress, a girl who's not satisfied and a seller who's been claimed selling a dress she bought at rm50 for rm80 and worse, she even stated in her lowyatforum that she bought the dress at rm150 from a also famous preloved blogshop.

The main thing is, i know the girl is trying to give precaution to other people bout the fraud/lie but their drama is hogging the cbox, which is really annoying as the cbox is supposed to be for those who are looking for something or anything not for drama!

*Editor's note : Bring it here!!!

Dont be mean...

I'm really sad to know that people are giving mean comments in SMWDY.

I thought the blog owner stated that " THIS BLOG IS YOUR OUTLET TO VENT"

I mean, come on, people are just posting on how they feel, do they deserve mean comments? if you don't like then just slap them, need not to say something nasty to people.

Editor's note : Erhm, dont know where to slap. Just comment I suppose...

A bit overkilled

What i really hate is when sellers try sooo hard to promote their items. I sometimes inquire about things i want by posting at SG's cbox or Diary Addiction or Sought & Found. And usually i put specific descriptions.

Like "looking for a plain white maxi dress, size uk4-uk8. i dont want short dress or maxi with patterns thanks" then i get tons of emails from sellers. Some selling short white dress, some selling maxis with patterns. I mean, i've stated the specific item i want yet they still email me with their products although different.

Some even have the cheek to say things like "i know its not what u're looking for but we have pretty dresses as substitute too". Ok, thanks for the info and thanks for promoting ur stuff but when i state what i want its most definitely that i want that and only that.

Sometimes up to 15 sellers email me but only 3 have the things i want. Its really tiring to look up each only to find they dont have the things i want. And replying each email saying i'm not interested is also a hassle. But dont reply also they'll keep bugging whether i want or not. *sigh*

Invisible prices

I was browsing one day and I came across this blog shop with an announcement that said:

"Please email us if you are interested in any of the items and we will inform you the PRICES."

Sure enough when I scrolled down further, no prices were displayed along with the items sold. What I don't understand is why does the owner want buyers to email her for the price instead of displaying it for all to see?

Maybe this is some new marketing strategy, but it sure does not work on me!

Useless piece of info

I add quite a fair bit of blogshop owners and pages in my facebook since I'm such a shopaholic BUT when i saw this status update on my notification, i was so turned off by this girl that I deleted her.

Shouldnt have gone COD with my BMW...

Wow, you're just an inch away from slapping people with wads of money screaming "I'M RICH! I'M RICH!" Was that really necessary?

Advert FAIL

I always wonder why are there so many slapping stories in SMWDY and I don't encounter any of them as a seller. I think I should be grateful!

This is not a slapping story but it got me LOL so just thought of sharing it here.

I have got an advertising chatbox in my site, and while doing some housekeeping earlier, I saw an advert by a newly-opened blogshop that read: "hey we are new and limited!"

So much for trying to promote the shop?

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