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Messy Look

I was having my daily blogroll fix when I came across this pre-loved blogshop. I noticed the pics all are the same with another pre-love blogshop. And I think it's the same owner.

Cuz the model has the same un-comb serabut hair!  <-- i dont know why I cannot undo the red highlights.

I really dont understand why seller(and this goes to all the blogshop out there also) cant tie her hair up or at least comb and make it nice and presentable la.

This girl has messy hair and she was looking down in all the pics which makes the hair covering a big part of the top. I dont get it, is she trying to hide her face or something? why x she just look up and crop her face out?

This bothers me cuz 1) I cant see the neckline and d details properly n 2) her messy hair is such a turn off. Looks as if it x shampooed for days. ew.


  1. Haha, maybe the seller never combs her hair? like i was in college, this one girl admit she never combs her hair. but she did shampoo everyday, and i believe her coz her messy hair smells nice. LOL.

    btw, writer, does "x" means "not"? or "tak" in malay? why can't you spell it out properly? a bit spoil la..

  2. maybe she's trying to channel kesha? lol

  3. i so know which blog.. but it is weird actually for them to have two blogs.. selling the same thing..

  4. haha. i have messy hair too. i don't comb my hair but it looks nice and everyone compliments my hair. hehe. seriously. can also comb with my fingers, lol.

  5. aiyo.. what if she got curly hair? so hard to comb one. cannot do anything right?? haha

  6. no, not curly. but even if she has curly hair, she should TIE it up. u wanna sell something, show the piece properly. why cover with hair?

  7. i SO know which blogshop!

    haha lol yea she should just tie her hair up!
    theres this one pic she looks like a ghost cuz she was looking down and all i can see is hairrrr

  8. what? u mean the owner have two preloved blogshops selling similar things? :O

  9. some of their stuffs are similar, she claimed that one blog she's sharing, the other one is her own stuffs, i think so. anyway, i dont care if her hair is curly or what, tie it up. it's not a pantene ad, fgs!

  10. well, if u intend to sell the clothes, model it nicely. dont put that ghostly hair. it so turn off. messy hair plus, pics dat bright at the top and darken at the bottom and with the black background, i feel dirrrrty after browsing it. hahaha.

  11. i know which blogshop as well! i've personally bought from her/them. lol. There was some complaints on the chat box previously and i chose to ignore it. And i honestly have to say i do regret my purchases. Just a little warning for future buyers (: