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Zebra crossing

I dont know about you guys, but i HATE when the seller decides to update her/his blog in black and white! 

I mean, come on, whats the point of editing your freakin' photos when later your buyer have to ask for more pictures (in colour)?

Black and white is okay, but not for e-blog. I want to see the actual colour of your dress please?
If you want/like to edit your photos, do it on your Facebook account. Okay? :)


  1. got also meh? i never come across such blogshop b4..mail me pls! ;)

  2. omg! i know! this one particular suddenly come up in my mind. even if the items are black and white, i still wanna see it in colour. who knows maybe the black is actually faded and the white is already yellowish. please blogshops, post up coloured pictures even if it is just black/white.

  3. i know one that's a pre-loved blog =D

  4. i know it too! :D their pics is really nice but.. :\ really want to see the condition of the clothes instead XD

  5. i know it! the owners look so bitchy hahahahaa slap me but you gotta admit that! and lotsa complainers here been talking about this shop but still, no actions taken. sigh.

  6. I think she put them in black and white because those clothes are in black and white only!

  7. anon MAY 25, 2010 10:00 PM, duh! but like anon MAY 24, 2010 10:42 PM said, even if its only black n white i still wanna see the true colours. the discolourations/fades/yellowish and whatnots if any. if black n white only u cant tell.

  8. i know that blog too. somehow i think pics with too much editing are just plain annoying. and somehow felt like they'r hiding some flaws which they don't want buyers to know! be honest la!