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Me not stupid

Bought a Forest Timber bag from a blogshop. In the photo it looked ok despite being pre-loved.

Bag arrived packed in a paper bag. No problem. The 'skin' on the handles started peeling off immediately when I unpacked the bag.

I took the following actions but suffice to say, unethical sellers do not bother with customer satisfaction.

1. Complained to the seller.
2. She said she will look into it. Then no response.
3. Sms-ed her again. She said she will refund. Then nothing.
4. Sms-ed again and this time, she claims it is damage in transit. Seriously, which part of me looks like a moron? Peeling top layer is not damage in transit. It is wear and tear.
5. Sms-ed her and asked for her address to mail that bag back to her. Told her to look at it and tell me honestly if it was damage in transit. Told her she could keep my money. Refused to accept post back.

Checked her site. Post has been removed. Seriously, I am a big fan of re-using items but it is totally unethical and a genuine case of cheating when you sell an item that is no longer fit for use.

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