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You're so BUSTED!

I used to sell bags of premium brands online. As per usual practice with online selling, once full payment has been made (for those paying by instalments as the bags cost btw RM 900 to RM 2,500), then the bag will be sent via registered post or courier. My sister’s fren (whom I shall call Alice) was interested in a bag I was selling. So I passed the bag to her and she promised to pay me only the week after.  I agreed on account of my sister's friendship with her.

Then a week later, Alice said that she has decided to return the bag to me as she realized she didn’t have enough money to pay because she just paid for her exam fees!  Ok then, I decided to be a nice big sister & accepted it back as I didn’t want to jeopardize my sister’s friendship with her.

When I got the bag back, I realized that the tag has been cut off!  I was thinking of ways to confront her when coincidently as I was looking through my sister’s facebook and came across Alice’s profile, I stumbled upon a series of photos showing Alice with the BAG!!!! Means, she cut the tag, used it, then returned to me!!

Bingo…… so I commented at her photo with the bag – ‘Nice bag!  I am glad you enjoyed using it.  Is there anything else you want to BUY from me?’

Needless to say, the next day, my sister said Alice has decided to buy the bag & request if she could pay by instalments!

Anyway, she did pay me back in 4 installments which took about 7 months but still better than not paying at all!


  1. Thank god for Facebook! :D

  2. Is she just a little girl who desperate to own a branded bag but lack of money? :D

  3. women nowadays.....barely out of school or college and have already had the nerve to own a luxury bag..come on...i don't mind if you're freaking rich..then it'll be your parents prerogative to buy u one...but when u can't afford it..then just stick with the bags or stuff within your range of budget.....don't try to fit in with these so called "BRANDED" items...sometimes i just laugh at the silly things that these kids would when they wanted to buy a "branded" item..but couldnt afford the actual item..then they'll just make do with the accessories like keychain, socks or any of the small long as it is "branded" and comes with the paper bag of the "branded" store...n they'll hold it up high so that everyone can see! ;p LOL

    yeah...seen these situations happening alot in front of me... :) especially in pavillion!

  4. sooooo slapping 'alice', big time!!!!

  5. Scary jie jie la you...but in this case the sarcasm was VERY well employed. Applause for you :)

  6. whats up with Anonymous May 24, 2010 8:13 PM? hahaha. must be one of the spoiled brat back in school ey? :)

  7. the commenter at 8.13,..n not a "spoiled brat" fact im fresh out of college and came from a family with an average income :) what im saying is just based on observation n people i have encountered in the past..

    n i don't shop for things that i can't afford n i know my limitation...just hoping that some other people would come to realize that as well and accept the fact that not all of us was born with a silver spoon in their mouth :) n try being happy with what u have instead of trying to pretent what you're not ;)

  8. im anon 12:23
    u have a point there. but i think theres no need to point out other ppl's flaws. after all they're just kids. they'll learn eventually. i myself come from a family with an average income. n i buy what my family can afford. its like, it doesnt have to be branded, as long as it's nice, good quality n of course, affordable.

    if u know someone as u described in your previous comment, then only u should do something about it. as for the rest, just let them be :)

  9. Kudos to the seller! :D

  10. I agree with Anon May 25, 2010 10:12 even though I think Anon May 24, 2010 8:13 has a good point too.
    I was one of those "kids" before but I learnt my lesson eventually. Actually, I come from an above average family income. My parents could easily afford an LV or something similar for everyone in the family but they prefer to be more low profile and educate us kids in the same way so that money can be saved for future usage and no wastage.

    But, you know, teens are rebellious and I bought one of those myself with money that I saved up. Then, I realised it's not suitable for me because I'm so used to having normal brands that I feel weird bringing out a luxury branded bag.

    Thinking back, I felt so stupid. I only used the bag once and felt weird and ran home and changed to my normal bag and finally felt comfortable :)

    I guess this has nothing to do with the post but i suddenly felt the urge to share. hahaha :)

    Glad that i finally came to my senses :)