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A bit overkilled

What i really hate is when sellers try sooo hard to promote their items. I sometimes inquire about things i want by posting at SG's cbox or Diary Addiction or Sought & Found. And usually i put specific descriptions.

Like "looking for a plain white maxi dress, size uk4-uk8. i dont want short dress or maxi with patterns thanks" then i get tons of emails from sellers. Some selling short white dress, some selling maxis with patterns. I mean, i've stated the specific item i want yet they still email me with their products although different.

Some even have the cheek to say things like "i know its not what u're looking for but we have pretty dresses as substitute too". Ok, thanks for the info and thanks for promoting ur stuff but when i state what i want its most definitely that i want that and only that.

Sometimes up to 15 sellers email me but only 3 have the things i want. Its really tiring to look up each only to find they dont have the things i want. And replying each email saying i'm not interested is also a hassle. But dont reply also they'll keep bugging whether i want or not. *sigh*


  1. i know what's that like...i also posted on SG chatbox....looking for XXX size UK12-14 and still some sellers promote XXX UK4-8....hello, don't waste ur time....why would i want buy something that is way too small for me? plus, i already mentioned specifically the size...

  2. same goes for me. tons of mail from blogshops, and they usually say things like "we might have what you need, come visit" and when i do, guess what? zip. nada. nothing i'm looking for.

    so frustrating, especially when you've already stated specifically what you want.

    please la sellers, if tak ada what buyers are searching for, don't mail okay? tq.

  3. exactly! i know sellers want to sell their things but we buyers are looking for something else! a few weeks ago i saw someone complaining in SG saying that she's tired of emailing potential buyers looking for things because these buyers seldom reply her even when she "give other items as options from what they're looking for".

    well there u go. nobody asked for those other options. and if 10 sellers do that, that means we have to go through 10 blogs and see that nothing we want is there. do u know how tiring that is?? seriously, sometimes i dont bother replying. serves them right.

  4. YES! The dumbest thing happened to me. I was inquiring about bomber jackets that fit uk12-uk14. Then i got this email:

    We have bomber jackets in black and brown but only fits until uk8 or uk10 if unzipped..I know ur too big n cant fit but u can buy it for someone else other than u who can fit it. Ur sister or friend maybe? Its really nice!

    Wow. Desperate much? Since i was actually looking for the jacket for a present for my classmate i didnt really feel offended (i'm a uk6). But if i am plus sized and to have someone directly say i'm too big and cant fit, i think i would be so insulted.

  5. @ honestly - what the hell :\ that is such a mean thing to say. dah la don't have what you're looking for, some more call people fat (well, i guess she was trying to be nice about it, but not really)

    and. i have seen many [want to buy] posts in a particular forum, and once a girl wanted to buy a maxi dress, and someone posted like 5 short spring dresses (she obviously runs a blogshop). i mean, really? really?