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Stinky Partner

OMG. I got cheated by my “friend” and ex-partner. We managed a blog selling perfumes and all this drama started from there. She handles the email, orders and postage. I deal with the supplier. But the thing is, customers are to make payments to my bank account since then it’ll be easier for me to directly transfer the money to the supplier.

I thought everything was going well until my cousin found a blog where my name is posted, apparently I’m a “penyangak”. It seems that she ordered perfumes and she never received the items. Of course I was shocked, since all this while, I checked the email for the perfume blog, there wasn’t a single email from anyone saying they haven’t received anything. I guess she must have deleted them before I had the chance to see them.

So anyway, I confronted her and after a hell of a fight, she admitted that she actually did take a few perfumes from 5 different orders. But get this, some of them she just didn’t post it out because she was too lazy to go to the post office. Ugh, I could just slap her there. If she was so lazy, I can send it out myself!

I found tons of vials on her table, but most of them untouched, just left there, all nicely wrapped. It is really weird, she doesn’t really want it since it’s unopened and unused, but I think she’s plain lazy. It’s not like she cheats customers of their money, since everything is ordered after customers pay, but she just don’t send it out. I already retrieved the vials and a few miniatures, and now I’m on the course to sending it out to the respective owners.

The thing I’m really really angry about this is the fact that it is MY name that is tarnished. Since customers are to pay to my account, of course they would think it’s me cheating them, not this selfish lazy bitch. I’m so tempted to reveal her name here, because her action got my name posted out on people’s blog.

Editor's note : To those who may have bought some perfume lately and have yet to receive them, please do refer back to the blogshop. I will get the blog owner to put up an announcement.

Some people just dont get inquiries...

Dear SMWDY, Its kinda' routine for me to do monthly update with my closets cuz like any other girls out there, I just love shopping but due to hot weather nowadays, I prefer to do it online. And so, few weeks ago I met dis one online blogshop, selling hot dresses which offer lower price compare to other blogshops.

Well, I did bought from her before and as the transaction before ran smoothly and the parcel arrived perfectly on time, there is no where in my mind that dis blogshop gonna trick me. :( like any other buyers, I did leave comment on one of the picture (*just leave your comment and i'll get back to you a.s.a.p* method), as far as i got my self fall in love with the lovely design of one of her dress, Im asking her to give me measurement details of that particular dress. and later she replie! d my comment, together with complete measurement that i asked for.

Well, unfortunate me, the dress only suitable for S size and from the measurement dat she gave me, I perfectly know that dress wont fit my body nicely. So, I ended up my comment saying that the dress is nice but sure as hell wont fit my body. No reply from the blog's owner and I guess our transaction just now comes to an end already.

Last week, I was so surprised to received Poslaju parcel and surprise to the max when I opened the parcel and guess what, the lovely dress that I've found from the blogshop a week before were in it. I was like, ehh, since when plak I confirmed to buy dis dress with the blogshop owner? The dress wasn't my size and our last conversation clearly told her dat i am not gonna buy the dress. Plus, I dont even pay or transfer any payment for dat dress. And so, with confusion filled my head, I browse her blogshop just to get her phone number. as I try to call her, the lines is surely not busy at all but she didnt pick up. So I try to text her, hoping that she read and reply my message.

I've wait about 2-3 hours for her replied. and her replied really shocked me to death. Below was conversation between me and the blogshop owner.

Her :Oh Sori Miss H (me) i dont pick up ur phone call, ive been busy handling new stocks. Well, the parcel u receive is what u had ordered from me last week. You did leave comment on one of my dress and I consider that as confirmed order as u asking for measurement details. So, please bank in the payment of RM50 to my account, xxx xxx xxx within 3 days. Do inform me when you already make the payment. Tq

Me : But I never confirmed with you to buy that dress. Of course Im interested with dat dress at first place, but after knowing the measurement details, Im perfectly sure the size wont fit my body. and I clearly state dat in my last comment on the picture.

Her : Dont you read the T&C? Only for serious buyer. and I consider you as serious buyer the moment you ask for measurement details. so dear, just bank in the payment okay? as the dress is already with you. and mind you, item sold are not returnable or refundable. tq

And that was her last replied. ever since that, I was unable to contact her phone number. I guess she already change it.

Up until now I dont know whether I should just pay for the dress eventhough I know it wont fit me at all!. But keeping the dress with me at the same time makes me feel guilty towards the blogshop owner. sedangkan I never confirmed to buy that dress. Am I the one who did mistakes here just because im asking for measurement details?? :( SMWDY, plz help me!

Grrr... You stepped on my tail

Over the last few days, heaps of comments came in for the post "It's my Mommy's birthday copycat" and while I usually approve all comments in the past, this was one instance where i rejected heaps too. It's sad to say, a lot of the comments came from people who barely understood the meaning of plagiarism and some were even supporting the acts of plagiarism.

I do not condone such acts.

For those who wrote in not knowing what plagiarism means, please read here : DEFINITIONS OF PLAGIARISM

I am in no means trying to insult anyone's vocabulary here but unfortunately, I was insulted by all the comments I received. Nevermind the ones who lost the plot entirely but there were readers who thinks plagiarism is right, some said it was cool and smart to steal some one else's work. One even said, to steal other people's work is not lazy, it is the key to success. And more of such immature comments are still piling in!

I am beyond appalled. For once in these 7 months of running SMWDY, I screamed "WHAT THE *bleep* ARE THESE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT?!" My blood boiled.

To those out there who has yet to see your comments being approved and published, it is highly likely I am talking about you. Yes, those comments have been rejected. I will not allow your comments promoting plagiarism to be immortalized in my website.

But with that said, some earlier comments were approved unfortunately. I wont take those down though. Those will serve as the reason for this post I am writing.

While this blog was started to poke fun at oddities of the online shopping community, it has evolved to helping and hopefully educating this community to grow.  Hence the banner changed from "the place to bitch slap without them knowing it" to "weeding out the bad as gently as we can". Your not so witty comments about plagiarism are "a 2 steps back to caveman land".

Yes, I strongly believe in anonymity but I do make exceptions. Look top right corner. It has not been an 'unethical' thing for me to reveal the culprit's name in the past and it is still not now.

Dear Anis,
I know you have been leaving comments anonymously. If you want to defend yourself in this matter or feel you have been wrongly accused, it is strongly advisable that you write to me directly.

I do not take this as a monetary fraud incident. I do not care who is making what sort of profit. It is how the context of the author's website being copied word for word by the buyer and used without consent that frustrates. I take this as an intellectual robbery. Plagiarism. How many times do I have to repeat that word? In my books, plagiarism is a punishable crime.

And the author was fooled into believing her act of goodwill was all for a filial daughter wanting to buy a present for her mom. An abusive act of manipulation. What is wrong with being transparent of your true intentions?

I sincerely hope everyone can now understand the situation... at least from my point of view. BUT dear Author, do correct me if I'm wrong!


Is this post offensive to you? Have I gone overly stiffy? I just thought if everyone could have a say in the last 7 months, this is where my 2 cents shall be deposited. To that person who commented "Plagiarism is the key to success", congratulations!!! You have successfully won SMWDY's most coveted title "THE SCUM THEY SCRAPE OFF SCUM"

Rawk on!

I am not immortal and neither do I want to be treated like one so you may slap me if you like but spare me all the "criminals are my heroes" comments please. okthxbai!

Free is chargable?

There was this blogshop out there that I ordered something from.
I asked her how much should I be paying.
And she told me the total amount (item + postal fees)

I showed my friend what I was going to buy and she told me there was a free postage promotion going on.

I went and checked out the blogshop again.
and yup I found it.
there is this quite-hard-to-find post clearly stating free postage. (for any items)

Nice way of trying to take advantage of an "ignorant" buyer.

(trust me, it wasn't a mistake, she knew what she was doing)

"Its My Mommy's Birthday" Copycat

Editor's note : Here's one case where the cover must be blown over. I have no problems with buyers becoming resellers but when lies and deceits are involved, I just give them what they deserve. Be honest with your intentions and as my daddy would always say "DONT INVOLVE YOUR MOTHER!"

So here goes... *the story has checked out*


Dear Slap Me Why Don't You,

I need a real BIG favour to expose the deceit of this particular blogger whom I believe has be conning her clients and other online blogshop owners for that matter. I am confident that I am not the only victim. Hold on to your seat and here goes. is an EPIC!

I was first contacted by this lady on 5th July 2010 as shown in the following email,

wana ask bout the items listed below

i wana know the bestest price u can offer for these items

1) AUTHENTIC GUCCI all the way brought to you directly from MILAN
2) AUTHENTIC BALLY all the way brought to you directly from SWITZERLAND


As always, I responded to the inquiries as I normally do and gave her my quotation. Here was answer,

"Here are the bestest price that I could offer you.
1. Gucci Tote is at RM1580 inclusive of Poslaju / COD

2. Bally Bucket is at RM800 inclusive of Poslaju / COD"

She replied by asking for BOTH bags to be released to her at RM2k. I should have suspected something amiss here but then, I am after all born and taught by a lovely mother to being respectful of others, hence, I politely told her that I could not meet her price and even apologise for it.

Then she inquired GUCCI tote and BURBERRY Heart Tote and without reservation I quoted her the price and as expected she haggled for a lower price because her excuse was,

"sorry for asking u alot.
as i am not working, still studying...
only hubby working =)
i have really tite budget.
so, purchasing 1k handbag requires time for me

thnx again"

Then she at last settled for TOD's, which I successfully delivered it. Least to say, it was a difficult process too. She said she was studying at IIUM Gombak and commute only on Mondays and Wednesdays from her house in Sepang to Gombak for classes and insisted me for a COD at the Curve during her lunch break. It is made clear in my website that COD is only done on weekends at the Curve or 1Utama, so I has no choice but to use Poslaju instead. Again, she was very persistent asking me to dispatch the time during a scheduled time so that she would receive the item on time. I complied because rule #1 in business, customers are always right.

She was happy with my service and immediately made another purchase, in this case it was a BALLY Bucket and repeatedly she was in a hurry to get the bag, which was dispatched yesterday 30th August 2010, in order for it to arrive on tomorrow, Wednesday 1st September 2010 after the Merdeka Day holiday, as the BALLY according to her was a  birthday gift to her mother.

This is where and when the plot thickens.  When I got back home yesterday, 30th August 2010 after posting the BALLY Bucket via Poslaju, I went back to checking my emails and started my daily ritual Google activities. Call it destiny, sixth sense, or what ever it was, I bumped into some images of products which uncannily looked like mine. These images brought me to a Malaysian online blogshop by the name of shoPPe LISTa.

I am almost always a calm and collected person who always rationalise with things positively but what I have stumbled with my discovery unleashed my anger. I approached this owner of shoPPe LISTa with a stern warning to delete all postings which was plagiarised from my website. I did not even care for credits. They were:

1. GUCCI Hobo 
2. BURBERRY Heart Tote 

I reckon because I told her that I would report her blog to the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (Companies Commission of Malaysia) for doing illegal online trading and also to other blog Reviewers of her actions, she immediately took the two postings out and answered my email,

oh, sorry..
will surely change"

Don't take me wrong, I am not at all a revengeful person but the manner of her reply was such a mockery to my intelligence that I am obligated to do something.  With the influence of CSI, NCIS, BONES, WHITE COLLAR and alike, I began with my investigation. I immediately wrote to them pretending that  I was interested on something and this was the reply,
"hi dear,
one last piece left (in black)
two already been reserved

nik anis bt nik mohd zainuddin

kindly inform me once u've made ur payment.
if payment made today,
i'll send ur package tmrrow


GUESS what!? It is none other that the TOD's and BALLY Bucket buyer! 

No wonder she insisted on me taking out the postings of items she has bought, to eliminate competition. Customarily, all postings of sold out items will be taken out from my website but pending to this case, I have decided to activate them all back again but this time at the discounted prices, which I offered to Nik Anis bt Nik Mohd Zainuddin. Original posted prices of the purchased items by Anis are as follows:

1. TOD's - RM1750 reduced to RM1550 for her
2. BALLY Bucket - RM900 reduced to RM800 for her

I only managed to get a glimpse of BALLY Bucket being sold to some Kakak but it was taken out at the same time of the GUCCI Hobo and BURBERRY Heart Tote, even without me instructing so. I wish I know the BALLY Bucket buyer, so I could tell her that she has been conned. I bet you the price would be an increase by RM300 or even more because the retail price of BALLY Bucket is about RM2.8k. The insane amount of profit she would be making and the audacity of her to say it was for her mom's birthday to get the bargain price from me. How low can a person be to use MOM as a business strategy shamelessly?No wonder she insisted on the urgency of getting this particular because she has secured her deal with this Kakak on the other end. I have no idea what fate belies the TOD's because I don't seem to see it under the list of bags on shoPPe LISTa.

ALL the following postings that she has currently on shoPPe LISTa marked as Sold Out/Sold were once asked by her but because I have sold these items myself, she indicated them as Sold Out/Sold too. I didn't highlight to her that these images were mine too, thus, they still exist as part of her old postings.


Should we recall the crime that she has committed by far since 5th July 2010:
1. Haggled for ridiculous prices with a pre-meditated intentions.
2. Using that sympathy vote, i.e. "it's my mom's birthday" to get that cheaper price.
3. Plagiarised photos and descriptions from my website and using shoPPe LISTa as a bait, not to mention offering marked up prices.
4. She still made a profit of between RM100 - RM350 or more, even after buying from me because we are an honest online business based on trust and offers reasonable prices below current Malaysian RRP. One would still make profit buying from me and then selling them off again. I know it is the prerogative of my buyers to do whatever they want with their purchased items but it is also my right to highlight to customers of such dishonesty.
6. The manner of Anis' apology. Non sincere, non committal and nonchalant.
7. If you could think of more, please add...pleasseeee.

Name of blogshop : shoPPe LISTa
Url :
Owner name: Nik Anis bt Nik Mohd Zainuddin

So you see SMWDY, you have got to warn people about this blogger. It is the most ethical thing to do, don't you think so?

Is that you?

Editor's note: .... I'm assuming you're the seller from Unnecessary punishment!


I came across a buyer a few days ago.
She mailed me saying she needed to collect the bag asap as it's a present for someone.
I replied her 1 day later saying she can collect it by Monday as soon as she pays me.
She didn't reply until next week(1-2 days before the collection date) saying it's too late, she'll cancel it.
My t&c stated "No last minute back outs or else blacklisted".
So is it unfair for me to b/s her?
I don't think so.

Post 372 - Sold!

I get so frustrated on lowyat forum when you're browsing for something that you like and when you finally do find a good one, the seller only mentions that it is sold in the last, last, last, lastest post of the thread!

Couldn't they bother to change the title of the thread to SOLD?!

Argh. It's driving me nuts :o

Madame Blahzey

Quite long ago I ordered a whole set of storybooks from this blogshop in Singapore. I live in Singapore too, by the way. Since she was offering a discount with more books purchased, I decided to get the whole set in the series. Problem was, she only offered meetup for both payment and collection. No postage, no internet banking. AND she insisted on a location to her convenience!

Since I was really obsessed with that writer then, I decided "Why not? Singapore isn't THAT big". Turns out, her meetup location was on the other end of the island!! On that day itself, I spent 2hours on the public transport going to a place of her convenience.

I did contact her to let her know I was on my way when I left my home and when I was on the way and when I was reaching and she did reply. However, when I finally reached the destination and tried contacting her - thru SMS and phone calls - she did not respond! Waited for her for about an hour and decided to leave after that, since she was totally uncontactable. Worse was, the place we were supposed to meet at was boring and unfamiliar to me!

When I got home, I talked to her on MSN and asked why didn't she turn up and she actually told me "my phone spoil, so i didnt turn up".


I traveled 2 hours to HER convenience and she just decided not turn up because of a spoilt phone when the place was probably only 5 minutes from her home?

Oh, there wasn't a sorry or an offer to meet again at a location convenient to mine or anything. She actually told me we can meet again on another day to HER convenience. Totally ignored her after that. The same thing might happen again.

Also, I told my friends about her blogshop - since it was quite famous - cause we all lived near each other. By the way, the entire set of books I intended to buy from her costs about SGD$150 if I didn't remember wrongly. Lucky payment was not required beforehand! Too bad she lost me as a customer! And also maybe a few of my friends....

Unnecessary punishment!

As you can see, I'm a buyer. Not a very happy one too -.-
I'm a first time blogshopper and I found interest in this bag from

I find the blog-owner, rather rude. When I first emailed her, she replied me quite rudely. After talking for awhile, I said I might buy the bag from her. Then only she started having a better attitude.
I decided to buy those bags for my sister. So, I asked my aunty to help me.

When, my aunty called her, she was told that she does not take orders through telephone. Being told so, my aunty emailed her the order form. My aunty also told her that she needed it by Thursday so that she could post it to me.

She told my aunty she could only get the bags on Saturday, so my aunty told her to call it off. She then blacklisted my aunty just for that! She even put my aunty's number on her blog!! Aren't phone numbers P&C?!

We should all BOY-COTT this blog. Thank you.
Fxck her. Bye :D

Confession of a Blogshop Addict

Heeeee! As you can see, I iz teh buyerrrrr. :)

Anybody getting TOO addicted to blogshopping? );


Now the question is, HOW DO I STOP? ):<

I have tried thinking of ways to stop such as;
a) Throwing away measuring tape
Comeback: I need the measuring tape to measure stuff.

b) Throwing away my modem
Comeback: Need to check mail and facebook! X:<

c) Don't open blogspot!

Besides, I only buy preloved stuff (student buyer. ;P). ): But I buy a whole lot at one go!

And just before writing this, I saw cheap RM20 ballet flats worn a few times, RM5 clothes, cute accessories!


Please help me cure my addiction. );

So brand conscious!

This is my second time COD with this blogshop. Yesterday, I suppose to meet the seller at OU. When I was there, i texted the seller to ler her know that I already arrived.

She replied me and told me that her bf will pass the stuff for her. And her bf will reach there in another 10 mins.

Then I said okay. I told her that I'm wearing blue dress with black handbag. So it is easier for her bf to find me.

She replied me back, ' My bf is wearing TOPMAN Tshirt in black'.

Ouh ok, should i tell my dress' brand as well? LOL!

Backouts of the XY Chromosomes

Am wondering if am i the only one who encounters this weird guy.

He places orders quite frequently everytime i have new arrivals, claiming that he wanna buy it for his girlfriend, and will ask questions regarding color / material of the items he ordered.

But he'll disappear after i provide him all the info to his questions and payment details. then he'll be back again placing orders and asking questions when i have new updates.

And his starting line is always ... "hi there, i am interested in buying this, this and this for my girlfriend ^_^"

I googled his email, and he's actually a real guy. (not some made up email or watsoever) cus i found his pages and blogs and stuff.

Have any of you sellers encountered him? Is he like some serial back-out "boyfriend" that just likes to browse around girly blogshops and place orders and disappears?


Creepy Blogshop Connoisseur?

If anyone has ever COD-ed with the seller of this certain blogshop, you'd agree with me that she's quite a nutty person. I wouldnt call her a psycho, she's a nice and friendly girl, but quirky and somewhat weird.

I happen to buy a lot from her and hence we had a lot of dealings via COD. To top it off, she stays just 5 minutes away from me.

One day, she asked if I could meet at her place for COD instead of the Shell station we usually meet at because her car was not around. So I thought, why not, it's just 5 minutes away.

When I got to her place, she told me to 'come in'. It was a nice gesture, but unnecessary, really. But I complied anyways because she seems nice despite her quirky ways.

I went in and she showed me around (ive no idea why) and showed me all her new clothing stocks which were not posted onto her blog yet. She asked if I would like to purchase some on the spot, I am even allowed to try on. Obviously I was glad, like wow, I have the privileges of trying and buying firsthand. I picked out a few additional pieces which I liked, and paid her. (I even got super discounts)

Then she showed me a scrapbook of hers.
A burn book to be exact (remember Mean Girls, the movie?) Except that its not pink and have photos of people in it.
It's a whole collection of blogshops' printed logos and some of their photos in it.
At first I thought it was some sort of fashion lookbook but then, I saw some nasty things scribbled below some of them. For example:

Blogshop X
[photos] [photos]
- lousy photos with bad lighting
- ugly shoe collection
- quite a few hot sellers
- shouldn't show face, not pretty at all

Those were some of the things I happened to read, but they were all about different blogshops. That book was like over 200 pages thick, more or less about Twilight's Eclipse thickness.
If you're a seller, you're definitely in there, I promise you. It was like a whole blogshop directory, printed and pasted in one book.

She just flipped through the book as she showed me, telling me that this blogshop needs to improve her services and this needs that and so on. I just made an excuse saying I was late for something and dashed.

That was weird. I mean it's okay to keep tabs on your competitors, but not like a whole burn book about each and every one of them! That's crazy!

Although I'll still shop with her, Im never ever doing COD with her at her house again, no matter what privileges I get. :s

Bicycle Belts

For the last time, it is CINCHER! CINCHER CINCHER CINCHER! I get so sick and tired of blog shops labeling their cinchers as clinchers!

A simple search on google would tell you that a clincher is:

clinch·er Noun /ˈklinCHər/
1. A fact, argument, or event that settles a matter conclusively

2. A bicycle or automobile tire that has flange beads that fit into the wheel rim

Not only do you not know what you're selling, you're misleading the rest of the online community with your so-called clincher. The last time I checked, people don't wear bicycle tires around their waists.

Sometimes I really wonder who on earth started the whole clincher madness and why no one bothered to google before they post.

Oh the DRAMA!

I don't know if I should post this story up but I think I should because I will not be revealing anyone and any assumptions can be made but I will not verify anything just to allow the people involved to stay anonymous here. This story was told to me by one of the blogshop owners mentioned below.

So, as some of you may know, Blogshop A and Blogshop B have quite recently (this year) joint forces to run Blogshop C. They weren't friends to begin with, but they made friends when their stall happens to be next to one another in a bazaar. They met again at a 2nd bazaar and later on decided to join forces to create Blogshop C. Mostly I think because they could benefit from one another as A had good connections with suppliers with hot-selling, hard to find items and B has popularity. Which would make Blogshop C a definite success when you have everything combined into one.

Sounds like a business-dream-come-true right?

Seeing as A has the connections, she will handle the money and shipping. As for B, she will handle the emails and CODs.
Little did B know that A's family had financial issues and have been leaning slightly on her blogshop's profits previously. And with Blogshop C now, they begin to lean more on A for financial support. A, obviously did not tell B. She would take a little from Blogshop C without B knowing and would replace it when she has the cash. Sometimes she would even 'swallow' some of the extra cash from shipping.

On B's side, she had been going out with a guy (we'll call him Z) who, coincidentally is someone whom A really likes, and goes to the same classes as her. B is from a different college and so she does not know how much A likes Z, because at the end of the day, Z likes B more than A.

Everything has been going on for about 3 months without either party knowing cos like I said, they were not exactly friends, just business friends. So it's not like they have a same group of friends whatsoever.

Until one day at Blogshop C's first ever bazaar, A & B decided to open 3 booths. One for Blogshops A, B, and C. So that's two people running three blogshop booths. Talk about madness.

So, B decided to get Z to come help them. I was also there to help out. When Z arrived, A got a shock. Even more shocked to find B going out with him. A misunderstanding followed which led to A thinking that B started Blogshop C just to get to Z through A, when in fact, B knew Z way before meeting A. Complicated stuff. I didnt know much about B cos I am A's friend, and I knew how much she liked Z. So I talked to B about it and B got mad and started accusing me for trying to help A steal Z from her. (she apparently has some issues when it comes to boyfriend stealing, cos she totally overreacted)

B started screaming at A, and they started accusing one another of this and that, some things that were not even related to blogshops. Seemed like a business deal gone sour. Thank goodness the stall was somewhere at the side of the building, away from public attention and other blogshop booths, that would've been embarassing.

During their screaming matches, A started going like in-your-face, I stole about 50% of our profits and you didnt even notice. And B got mad and started asking for her money back and giving low blows that she has done this and that with Z.

It was all very highschool. I had to drag A away and Z had to drag B away. We closed up the bazaar booths and thet was the very sad and abrupt end of Blogshop C. The closing down post on the blogshop made it sound like they were busy on hiatus when in actual fact, they have split everything and are never talking again.

I don't know whether to laugh or to cry at their situation.
Eventhough you may not know which blogshop A B or C is, at least you know that shit like that, it happens. :s



Am I the only one sick of blogshops stealing pictures from Lookbook ?

Dragging in the world

I'm a buyer but you know what i find MOST UNETHICAL?

If the seller is a shitty seller who cheats you sends out your parcels late and also is unfriendly.

Complain about her! its totally fine.
Spam her cbox complaim about her to reviewers, heck write it on their cboxs and let ppl know about how much she sucks.

But cmon, cut her some slack and leave out the part about her relationships,her parents,her work?!

I mean business is business.bad service is bad service but personal lifes should be kept personal.

She may be horrible but digging out personal details about her is equally as bad or worse even.

Calling Sharp Eyes

Hey girls out there , need your help, is this a neat cut purposely cut by the buyer ? or do you think this one was damaged during pos laju delivery?

Check the photo here.. Thanks lots!!!

Shit Stirrer

It's so annoying when people complain about prices, but even more so when they complain just for the sake of complaining.

There was one time this facebook shop was selling original crocs accesories (jibbitz i think they're called ?) for RM3.50, got free 1 some more if buy quite cheap right ? Then this one girl commented, complained that it was expensive and that she can buy at the roadside for RM1, so the buyer said that those are fake, the ones she's selling is original.

The girl then said that it's all the same, so this other person commented and said that the original lasted longer and had better quality.

The complainer said, no, all the same. So this other girl said "Then buy la the RM1 one and you know what the complainer says ? "Takpelah". She doesn't even want that thing and yet she's complaining about it! Like what the!!

I speak Engrish

Just for laughs. Seen in an online site selling designer bags in Singapore –

“Chanel lambskin vintage correction in medium(10")WGH-price reduced S$1990 firmed! “

Hmmm, 'correction'? Blur, what does she mean by 'correction'? read on, copied exact word for word -

“Hi I am selling my 100% Authentic Chanel flap lambskin vintage correction medium size with gold hardware, only comes with dust bag. Sorry i misplaced all the card and i really do not know where i keep it since i sifted to new place and due to i have too many bags that is y a bit messy but i guarantee 100% authentic. This is 1 of my own correction and…..”

Ok I get it now….Seller actually meant ‘Collection’

Rusty Junk

I recently purchased a AX bracelet from a preloved blog..
Too good to be true,it costs only RM35..
The seller claimed that it is brand new..
I trusted her and bought the bracelet..
Gosh..upon receiving.there are obvious scratches all over and the bracelet kinda rust and oxidised.
How can the seller claimed that is brand new?!
I msg her explaining the prob and requested for a full refund yet she was being very rude replying me that the colour is actually like that etc...And its brand new..
Come' u think I'm blind/a kid to see that the bracelet is used?
The seller was also being very rude in her msg..saying that she will not refund and its up to me to fail a complain to all reviewers..
I will definitely blacklist this blogshop for the rest of my life..
This is a rotten seller..dishonesty in selling her items.
Those who wants her blogshop name..kindly email me:

My top 5 peeve

5 things that make me sigh in frustration.(aaaaghhhh)

1. When the cod spots are right at the top of my page and i get emsails saying "cod where?"
(right in the middle and the first thing you see on my site.i thought that it might be because they couldnt see it on the sidebar so i moved it right below the header, guess that isnt the case)

2. when they say i wanna COD in ************ when i've stated on the site ( the one below my header) that i do not do cods there.

3. when the items that are sold out are marked SOLD OUT(bold and capitalized) and they order it and even say "discount can?"

4. when i get an sms about a cod and i tell them that i am not free on that day and they ask me what my entire days schedule is like.calling and emailing me throughout the day.

b: hi girl can we make the cod today instead of tomorrow?
s : sorry dear, im busy today. :( so i'll just meet you tomorow wil you still be free?
b : what time you free today?
s: sorry, but im not in kl at the moment wil be leaving later tonight so will still be able to see you tomorrow :)
b: ok what time you come back tonight?
s: sorry but im in seremban now and will only be back pretty late
b: ok what time?
s: maybe 1am?
b: cannot earlier?
s : no sorry but im here for a function. *exhales
b : ok see you tomorrow

- so redundant when she could meet me the next day -

5. sometimes people have different names on their emails than their real names.and they send in an 2 emails (maybe theyre too excited) ordering something with their email ad.and another order form with a different name??this one is rather confusing esp when a few people order the same items.

Oh wise ones needed #9

This is more of a question really, because I can't seem to find the answers by Googling it. Heheh.

If a seller says that the items are not of pre-order nature, does it automatically mean that the items are ready stock? I thought it does, so please correct me if I am wrong because I'd really like to know so I can avoid the items which are "not pre-order but not ready stock either" in the future.

My case is that I don't usually buy the items if I know they have to be pre-ordered. So I have asked the seller first and she said "No, it is not a pre-order". So then I continued to purchase the items which was on Thursday last week. Since I thought they were ready stock, I estimated I should be receiving the items within this week. But then again, that was under the impression that the stocks were on hand.

So I did give her a message on Monday, asking whether she has posted out my items. She replied that I should be receiving them within NEXT week. When I mentioned that I thought it was quite longer than I expected, she replied that it was because the items are not ready stock. Hence my question earlier.

Can anyone help me? :D

More Woofs

So if there's one thing I really can't stand, is INSENSITIVITY. I'm sorry, but I do not appreciate seeing your dogs pictured amongst your stock. I really don't. And I'm pretty sure this is not the first time, the infamous seller has done it again..

There's also a famous shop in Bangsar that lets her dog run amok in her shop going through all the maxi dresses that happens to be touching the grounds. Umm, hello? It's not nice okay sellers. Even if it were a cat, I still would not appreciate it, let alone bigger animals like dogs.

Updates #9 ~ Who are you to tell me a bout effiency? - AUTHOR

I'm not going to explain any further as this is just blown way out of proportion, and honestly, is a waste of time.
The reason why i posted the story, was cos of ranting.
I wanted to share the story to others who were interested in knowing the seller and this is what happens.

Girls, some times, when it's got nothing to do with you, please stay out of it la.
It was a rant, and now see what happened.
So, whatever it is, im going to reply know.
This is the last mail im sending in response to this.

I'll let the pics do the talking.
I'm done explaining/clarifying/arguing.
And the ebay one.
I mailed her and waited for a long long time.
It took her a few days, and i researched and found better sources.
What would you do?
If she replied me earlier, whether or not, it went to spam mail or wtv, i wouldn't even consider buying from other ppl.
When you found somewhere cheaper, what would YOU do?
Answer that question honestly.

Also, seller wrote this.
Buyer thinks that I want to save on the FOC Registered Post which was offered to her for Nail Polish + ‘Blush’. Both items arrive on the same day and to be shipped to the same address hence to be sent out in 1 package. If that is not called efficient, then what is?

Firstly, it was suppose to reach due with my lipsticks which arrived a long time ago.
Your supplier messed up, i thought of giving you a chance.
I waited patiently and i even said i dont need a tracking number cos i trusted her enough.
Then, okay cool. waiting, waiting.
Another mail shows up, telling me that it might not have been in the latest package.
How do you expect me to feel?
The next mail, suddenly saying, it's going to arrive with the nail polish, which i ordered much later.
I've no complains bout the nail polish's delivery time, that is fine.
I'm having a problem with the blusher.
Seller, please ask yourself, when did you promise the blusher for me.
And how long have you delayed.
The reason why i ordered was cos i wanted it really badly, cos i loved it.
When you said it didn arrive the first time, and offered free registered post, i accepted cos i really loved The blush, and would wait.
Then, you tell me that it might not be in the next package again.
How do you think i would feel?
I dont feel cheated by you, dont worry.
I just felt, irritated waiting for so long.
I know you offered me refunds and stuff.
But, as i said, i wanted the blush more than the refund.
And the long and much awaited blush just kept being delayed over and over again, and it irritated me to post this here.

I'm done with this.

Updates #8 ~ Who are you to tell me a bout effiency?

Editor's note : The following is all the email correspondence between the author of "Who are you to tell me about efficiency?" and the seller. These are sent in by the SELLER who stands her ground that she is being defamed by the author. It is one helluva long post. Reader : you be the judge in this ok?

Picture 1
17 June 2010
Buyer emailed me to order a few items. Refer below. My reply was sent to Buyer in less than an hour.

Picture 2
I then explain to Buyer about the ‘Spree Procedures’.
Part 1 – Spree Procedures.
Part 2 – Buyer agreeing to the procedures. Buyer requests for ‘Discounts’.

Picture 3
This clearly states that I did inform buyer on the arrival of her order.

Picture 4
Referring to the picture inserted at the following page, Buyer has yet requested for ‘discount’ whereby I gave her FOC Registered Post. Buyer agreed.

Picture 5
Buyer mentions she won’t back out. I’ve already explained to her on when it’s arriving.

Picture 6
Note the time: I emailed Buyer on the arrival of her order but 1 of the item ‘Blush’ is not in the package. I waited for her reply until about 8pm that night & she still did not reply. I sms her instead ( I do not have pictures of the sms because I will clean my sms inbox/outbox every week to avoid from inbox/outbox being full, hence not receiving more recent sms). Buyer agrees only I send this out via Pos Ekspress. Otherwise I wouldn’t have sent it out. This charges of Pos Ekspress is given FOC to the Buyer.
As you can see after my last email – there wasn’t any reply from the Buyer.

In the sms, I did mention to her that I will get my seller to send the ‘Blush’ during my next shipment and asked if Buyer was ok with it. She said OK. I order from my seller weekly/bi-weekly as mentioned earlier. Buyer expects the ‘Blush’ to arrive the following Monday (Jul 12th) from the US which is not possible. Even courier companies like DHL will take at least 5 days to arrive, what more USPS First Class Mail. I am lucky my seller lives in California and mails/packages from California is one of the main hubs in the US (the other being Florida). Hence, don’t need to stop by any other states in the US for transits, hence it takes about at least 1.5 weeks to Malaysia. If I’m lucky enough, package will arrive in 8 days time.

Picture 7
Obviously, it’s myself that has offered to refund her. She claims in the post that she ASKED for a refund.

Picture 8
Buyer then purchase nail polish from me. As per below, she did not provide a new address and did not mention that she wanted it to be sent to a different address (to her friend as she claimed in her post). I sent her an invoice & she paid for it. There is a billing address + shipping address in the invoice, hence agreeing to it since she has paid for it.
She also mention that she received the nail polish from me and did not include the makeups which she purchased – as per notes above. She has only purchased under Spree15 for nail polish, how can my nail polish arrive before the closing date?
Looking at the last reply to her on if she really did receive the nail polish from me, she didn’t even reply to say that if it was from me or another seller. I checked my past list and didn’t even find her invoices, hence obviously she didn’t purchase from me.

Picture 9
Buyer thinks that I want to save on the FOC Registered Post which was offered to her for Nail Polish + ‘Blush’. Both items arrive on the same day and to be shipped to the same address hence to be sent out in 1 package. If that is not called efficient, then what is?

Picture 10
Buyer still accused me of saving on FOC registered post saying that my supplier is inefficient. She still does not understand why I suggested to send both items together (when it’s arriving from the US at the same time and then be sent to her with the same address).

Conclusion: All has been explained and you have seen the difference of her testimonial and mine but mine comes with proof.

This is another proof of what she did in Ebay.
Buyer pressed BUY IT NOW and then in the end cancelled the transaction because I did not reply her but if you refer to the pictures below, all replies are recorded here.

I replied her – look at the date & the reply.

Ebay 3
Buyer accused me of not replying but referring to the picture above – I did reply. Most probably she did not receive or see the message.

England gone wrong


Don't u find this word funny?

"I'm selling SHORT MAXI DRESS"

A blog uses this phrase. U better change it girl!

It all leads me back to you

I have a blogshop doing pre-orders for shoes, and the way it works is that we require a RM100 deposit PER pair of shoes ordered..

Sometimes when customers order in large quantities, but only pay up the deposit for 1-2 pairs instead of for all, I allow it.
I know this is bad judgement and I should be more strict about this rule, but I understand that sometimes the timing of my batch is in the middle of the month where people haven't received their pay yet and so on..

but then i ended up with these 2 customers:

Customer A : 2nd time customer, ordered 5 pairs, paid RM60 deposit (instead of RM500 required), gone MIA and still owed me RM733.

Customer B : New customer, ordered 11 pairs, paid RM200 deposit (instead of RM1100), gone MIA and still owed me RM1651.

I emailed and texted them both, giving them 1 week to reply before I forfeit their deposit and sell off their shoes. I did say that we can work out an installment plan, or if they have any other ideas, to feel free to suggest them to me and maybe we can work something out.

And then I got a reply from Customer B who said "i'm no longer related to this. please contact anything to this new number 017-xxxxxxx.tq"

So I did, and forwarded the earlier text to the new number provided, and got no reply. surprise surprise.

Then i decided to do a search of Customer A on Google. And it turns out, she owns a shoe blogshop too! And she has been active on her site and her personal blog recently, which goes to show she's still around and very much capable of replying me.

So following advice from SMWDY, I emailed Customer A's blogshop's email address and acted blur saying
"hey babe, just wondering if youre the same XXX that ordered from my blog?
Cos i'm looking for a buyer of mine called XXX but I havent been able to locate her.."

And just like that, within an hour, I received a reply to my much earlier text saying
"hey there. XXX here. Sorry for the late reply. I've bank in the money RM733 just now. 5 pairs right? thank you."


So since Google has been awesome to me the first time around, I thought what the heck, lets give Google a go with Customer B too..

So I Googled the “new number” as provided by customer B.
And voila! I found an advert on with the “new number” and an email address attached!
I facebook searched the email address and found only 1 listing for a girl’s FB profile. When I clicked on the profile, guess what I found?
She is also the owner of the exact same blogshop as Customer A!

So following more advice from SMWDY, I screen-shot every single step I took to find out all this and sent it all to Customer A, explaining what I had found and the proof I had and that I absolutely didn’t believe this was a coincidence.

And the second miracle of the day happened! Within half and hour the “new number” replied me to say she’ll bank in the money tomorrow.

That was yesterday and true enough, without any reminders/pushing on my side, she banked in the money early today. All RM1650 of it!
And she told me to send all 16 pairs to Customer A.

Just thought I’d share this so no other seller would fall for these tricks out of sympathy, and get burned like I did.

Editor's note : This post was done after much consideration from both author and myself. And thanks to Xash for her very level headed advise, I have decided the identity of the buyer will not be revealed to everyone. Here's the thing, she still runs a legitimate business and her only wrong doing here is as a BUYER and not a seller so I will not be revealing blog name.

The objective of this post is to reach out to those who may have experienced the same predicament as the author here. For those who feel that they may have been through the same experience esp involving very large amount of money and shoes, please write to me. Tell me the name of the buyer who placed the order, the email address, phone numbers and blog name. If any of the info matches then I will reveal my info to you. 

I think this is fair to all parties. ~ ~

Who are you to tell me about efficiency?

I'm a seller myself.
I previously bought some cosmetics from this site on lowyat, and she has another shop on blogger.
She seems like a nice girl, replying mails all politely and all.
But, being polite, doesn't mean you can delay delivery and give all sorts of excuses right?
It doesn't make a difference delaying delivery, or delaying delivery with a smile.
The thing about this seller is, i ordered a bunch of stuff from her, more than a month ago.
Okay i get it, pre-orders blah blah needs time to arrive.
Okay, im cool with that.
She sent out the items to me, and i counted them.
I mailed her about it, and she said,

"Oh. Sorry. My supplier did not send it out to me. I will send it out on monday, free registered post."

Sounds sweet of her right? Okay cool.
I'll take it, and give her a break.

Today (one week later from the monday she promised, it's tuesday actually), i mailed her with annoyance in my tone.

"I thought you said it was going to arrive on monday LAST WEEK? it's tuesday THIS WEEK. you didn't even bother to mail me about the delay as well."

Hey, no matter how polite she replies, this is a lil too much. i waited for almost 2 months for my item??

She replied, "Oh. I have too many mails to reply. I'm sorry."

I was like, ???? WTF. Can't handle it, don't sell.
The fact that you have so many buyers, GOOD FOR YOU but make sure you can handle all of them and not just the ones that are paying you.

She then said, she will post that blusher which i was suppose to receive a long long time ago, with a nail polish my friend asked me to buy from her as well 2-3 weeks back.

That was going too much.

I requested for a refund and she dare tell me, "I'm just being efiicient to send two things out together."

Hey babe, of all people, you want to tell me about efficiency?
If you were that efficient, you wouldn't have delayed the postage of my item for 2 months and not even informing me and the best part, telling me you're efficient.

P/S i even wanted to be a reseller of her items.
i will slap myself for that.
Not that her stuff are THAT cheap neither. Just thought she was friendly.
That's friendly with a motive right there.

Nice trap!

I was chilling out at starbux, and being at the right place at the right time, i had a damn hell entertaining free show.

I saw a seller who own quite a popular blog (and quite popular of having a bad reputation too). I know her 'cus have met her several times in bazaar as im a seller myself.

We just exchanged smiles and a wave of "hi". She was obviously doing a COD cos she had a big bag of clothes on her hand and was apparently waiting, and anxiously sms-ing and calling. Looks like as if her buyer was late. (and i was guessing that it must be a big client cos of the big bag of clothes)

After 30 mins, she finally decided to leave.

But just as she was turning away, a few girls came up.

She was just bout 6 feet away from the table i was sitting, so i could hear their conversation loud and clear.

Seller: Hey hey, i tried calling you but couldnt reach you.
Buyer: Oh yea sure i know. I was already here an hour ago. I purposely did not pick up.
Seller: *shock* What? You purposely make me wait here?
Buyer: Yea i did just that.
Seller: *still in state of shock* I dont understand.... ?
Buyer: So do you know now how it feels to be purposely ignored and stood up for COD? it's been 3 f*king weeks since I paid for my clothes and u f*king ignore me for my tracking no and my requests for a refund! I'm (Girl's name) you b*tch! Now give me back my 135bux!

That cornered expression of the seller was priceless lol!!! She angrily took out RM135 for the buyer, and stormed off.

But seriously, sometimes i cannot understand how sellers can run a blogshop with such bad repo going around, and they still dare to show face during CODs, and even bazaars.

Arent they afraid buyers will just come and throw banana skin at them?

Auto Deduct is not cool

Sometimes it gets sooooooooooo annoying when buyers auto deduct their banking fees from the amount you charge them.


Buyer A bought item B from my blog. Total inclusive of postage is RM48. Since i only used maybank and she uses public bank, there is a bank fee of RM2 right? So she replied she paid with transaction number XXXXXXXXX.

Few days later upon receiving payment, i check and it was RM2 short. I asked her whether its from her or not coz i have another customer, Buyer B who's total is RM46 and uses CIMB online banking instead. And Buyer A said 'yes'

Then i told Buyer A that her total was RM48 and not RM46. And there she goes telling me, 'Oh, i am going to be charged RM2 for interbank transfer, so i do not want to pay RM50 for a dress. Give me RM2 discount la can?'

Pfft... i did give her the discount coz it is too troublesome to ask her to pay another RM2. But i never bothered dealing with her anymore after that. Slap her!

The first of its kind...


Ferocious me! I've scribbled your blog link & also yr name on Louis Vuitton store in singapore. I didn't scribble it on starbucks' toilet seats, cos I thought people might pee on it. Haha! xo

Robotic argument

I was away on vacation for about 2 weeks and since the destination I was headed had no Internet at all, I set my email to autoreply to let my customers know I couldn't return their messages;

When I just got back an hour ago, I was greeted with a wonderful surprise by a customer who took the liberty to argue with my auto-reply with 8 new emails!

In each mail she seemed more pissed off than ever since each of my auto-replies remain the exact same, word for word
I still haven't figured out what to say to her now...

It's auto-reply la dear, i'm not hiding from you under a rock!

Unique price list

I found an online wholesale provider. The clothes are nice and cheap, so i decided to bring some in for my shop. I mailed her to inquire stuffs and so on, because everything in her site is in chinese and i can't understand. It wasn't quite a friendly reply though but i don't expect much since we're dealing for business.

I asked her about the bulk price, quantity and stuffs but in her reply all she said was minimum purchase is 50 items. I asked her about the wholesale price and she replied me with an order form. Which also have some codes for the items but beside the codes are some chinese words which i can't understand. I keep staring at the screen, hoping it will automatically translate itself in english or something.

But it didn't happen.

Politely, i asked again for the wholesale price. Maybe she don't understand what i'm trying to say because i was communicating with her in english and her replies was short. Like, she don't really know how to speak english but its okay for me, i don't mind. As long as i get what she's trying to say.

Then in the next reply, she replied me with a list of "WHORE SALE PRICE"..


It came with a song

CODS are really awesome. Why? Lemme tell you why. It's because you can see the seller's face, which you can't really see in most blogshops and besides that, you can see their TRUE COLORS.

Here's my story,

I was at ******** to pick up my high waist skirt from this one particular blogshop, waited in front of **** shop. She told me she was wearing a floral dress with lace pantyhose, and oxford heels. Didnt see anyone with that kind of outfit except for this super duper-hyperactive-girl-jumping around-and swinging her handbag and - a plastic bag.

She saw me, jumped right in front of me and started to sing a song that im not really sure of. She gave me the plastic bag, which contains my items, and bowed and left. She didnt say thank you, but i dont really care cause i burst out laughing.

I guess she was drunk or something but who the hell gets drunk at 4 pm? in a shopping mall? LOL.

Well maybe she's the hyperactive type, who knows. She's kind anyway and her stuff are awesome. hehe. That's why CODS are waaaaaaaayyyyyy coolerrrrrrrrrrr .

Lens lens oh where for art thou LENS

Bought contact lens from this blogshop a few times, and every time it goes on well till the last time.

The last time I ordered 4 pairs of lens but when I received the parcel, it only contains 3 pairs of lens. So I asked her why, she said one of them is out of stock and she will send to me in another batch. So it is okay to me even though I feel that she should have inform me in advance.

Later when I try on the lens, one pair is defected and so I tell her. She said she will replaced it. Again I am okay to hear that.

So after 2 months of waiting, no news from her. I tried to email her a few times, no reply. Then I try to leave a message in her chat box, immediately I received a reply of her asking me why am I haven't receive her lens yet. How I know? Because she didn't send or update me with tracking code?

She told me she will check on this and revert to me. 4 days passed. Still no news on her. Sent her another email, still no reply. Then try to leave message on her chat box again, and now she banned me! FML

I see that her blogshop is still operating. I mean it is not a big amount but I expect to see my lens here ASAP. Can someone help one this??

When I REALLY want something - Updates from the AUTHOR

I am regretting sending this post at first. I never thought it would lead to other stuff like trash talking others on religious/state view.

I genuinely feel this post should be deleted. I have never felt this guilty before.

I mean seriously, I thought it supposed to be funny or a black humour and a guideline, instead people are like throwing brick at each other.. I do not want to carry all this sins here all by myself..

I beg to you all please stop hating, if you wanna slap buyer or seller I wouldn't mind. But seriously? Taking other issues together here, that's just absolutely not wise :(

I will never ever post anything here anymore. Learned my lessons.

*I guess my sarcasm in this post is somehow only bringing sins*

Editor's Note : While I have tried to talk the author out of deleting the post, it seems to have caused her much grief and thus, I have removed the post. I will however leave the comments. 

I cant do 'NOW'

I'd like to know what some buyers are thinking when they demand that we post their items out immediately upon receipt of payment, just because "they can't wait to receive it!"

It gets very, very frustrating, because as a seller, my life does not revolve around getting ready to post your item when you want me to (and believe me, A LOT of buyers demand this) especially when I have work to do, and yet still find the time to go to the post office every single day to post out the day's orders. So I can only post it after I finish work, but at least I do it within the same day of receipt of payment.

Please, to the buyers out there, have a little consideration for your sellers, we're doing the best we can, but due to our every day lives, find it difficult to adhere to all your wants and demands.

5¢ boo boo

I was just closed a deal with a nice buyer. However, after I received money from her I only realized that I have did a very stupid mistake! >"< 

The order amount is RM163.05 and I was planned to offer her RM160 in total...but I had accidentally written this in my quotation to her " (RM163 - further discount for first time buyer) " The buyer didn't say anything and still pay me promptly with nice reply to my email....

Gosh!!! I feel so "paiseh" now cause I only give 5 cent discount!!!! T___T

Imported Material

It does not make it sound more impressive when you say imported yada yada.

There's this store that sells her items and in the descriptions whether viscous, lycra, thick cotton, thin cotton, jersey cotton, in the descriptions it says "imported cotton"

I had previously made an order from her. It was just thin cotton.

And where is this cotton from? Imported from China?

I find it some what misleading especially since some of the pieces are in FACT lycra.


I got an enquiry from a customer. the email goes:

Buyer: Abc Top cheapest how much?
Me: RM1
Buyer: Serious?
Me: No.
*never heard from her since*

I wanted to laugh my ass off HAAHAHAHA!!!!!

But ofcors, i googled her email before i replied the "RM1". (i'm not a rude seller).

I found her as a blacklisted buyer in the other blog (if you which blog dishes out blacklisted buyers). And what made me google her first before replying, because it's just really rude. No "Hello", no "please", no "Thank you".

If she structured her sentence with some manners, ie - "Hello, i really like Abc top, can i ask if you're able to give me a better price? Thank you very much!"

I would have really considered in giving her a discount.

That mere spare change


Sometimes i do not get it.

Usually when there is a sale, people will rush to grab items at a bargained price.

But what is the use of having sales when items are only discounted RM1-RM3? =.=

Religious Querie

** Post has been deleted for the time being but I will leave the comments visible to all. For the ones who want my opinion on this matter, I do have a lot to say but time is not actually on my side sadly. It is the sale month on my end and work load has been swamped. Will voice out in 2 days. **

Penny for your thoughts... anyone?

Not a rant, but would like to get people's opinion on what to do.

I run sprees and take partial payments as deposit. There's 1 customer who ordered about RM1k worth of stuff, and paid the deposit of RM800 quite quickly (before it was due).

She was a great customer. Didn't rush us, didn't harass us for updates (though we do send updates to her quite frequently) and totally understood when her stuff got delayed (some stuff got damaged and we had to get replacements reshipped).

Finally her items arrived to our hands (a couple of days before the due date we set) and we emailed her about it to get the final payment before we sent her stuff out.

There's where the headaches started.

We emailed her multiple times (she used to reply within 3 days) but no reply. Then we SMSed and emailed, no reply. We got impatient by the third week and emailed and SMSed her saying that we need to know when she can pay us, or we'll forfeit her deposit.

A few days later she replied via SMS saying that she forgot about it (RM800 paid can forget ah?) and would pay us by the end of the week.

Nothing for the next two weeks.

We sent another email and SMS which were basically repeats of the previous one, but with a due date set. We also put in a note that if she can't pay us by then, she should get back to us on when she can and we'll hold her items for her until then.

Again, she replied only a few days later saying she will pay us within the following week.

So, we agreed and even gave her a few more days to pay up.

That day was today, but no sign of the money.

Now her stuff has been sitting in my room all nicely packed up for the past 1.5 months.

Should I give her another chance? Frankly I'm fed up already since I've given her >5 chances, but then again it's a lot of money to forfeit.


I was helping my sister to buy an iPhone cover on eBay cause i told her its cheap but good and i got my phone covers 2 weeks after i paid so i trusted eBay.

HOWEVER! this particular seller actually got me annoyed at the very beginning already. he replied my emails so late and i was very anxious to pay and get it fast. but it was a nice cover so i proceeded with paying thru Pay Pal anyways.

Paid, waited 3 weeks. Haven't gotten it. Emailed the seller and he said sometimes parcel gets delayed. Okay fine wait somemore. 2 weeks later, still haven't gotten it (thats 1 month and 1 week), he said he'll check on it and at the mean time, let him know if i received it. UH NO. What happened to checking on it? He didn't come back to me on that!

Just last week I emailed him again, and that was already more than 2 months, saying that I got my items coming all the way from HK thru NORMAL air mail which is free postage only 2 weeks after i paid. And I said i wanted a refund (i knew i wasn't gonna get a refund).

Until today he did not reply, and i decided to go to his page on eBay to give him his feedback he wanted a month ago. AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW! he's no longer a member on eBay. GREAAAAAAAAT! >:(

before buying, i saw "Item Location : KL"

SO YEAY i thought, i told him i wanted pos laju since i'm also from KL. he said "oh sorry the item from HK."

uh, why the false info? (clearly a con there already)

okay fine i proceeded anyways. another thing i read on the information part, "Tracking code will be provided only if customer pay".

Uh why is that? don't you get your tracking code once you send out items? Why must I pay you for it? -.-

SO NOW IT MAKES SENSE. He's from KL. The item is IN KL. If he gives out the tracking codes, people would know that he's posting out from MALAYSIA. Cause you know you can tell from tracking codes, i send out stuff so i'd know how postages tracking codes are like.

So yes. I got conned and i dont want any of you to get conned the way i did. Be smart! Don't believe the buyer if he says the item is actually not where it is stated to be. If he replies really slow, don't bother! The other eBay buyers i bought from replies fast. SERIOUSLY!

RM22 iPhone casing btw. so much for a cheaper casing.

Update :  Seller is indeed AWOLed
Ebay ID : sos77
Email :

Having the LAST say

We sell bras in big quantity to international ebay sellers, who will in return sell them in their local market.

I recently had a buyer from Australia who turn out to be quite silly actually.

She was interested in a few models which we are offering and ask me to send her more photos of their labels and described in detailed how the brand names were cut/removed.(we sell off season branded bras so we have to cut the labels away).

I took all the photos and did what she requested and in return, she asked me if I could show her more models since she wanted to buy more.

Happily I obliged because I tot I could make a bigger sale, so I referred her directly to our website.

Then a few days later, she emailed me to ask for samples, saying that she will pay for sample fee but will not pay for postage.

I was already thinking in my head, you want 2 samples and it's only USD 4.00 but I have to pay for postage to send to Australia. So immediately I told her we don't give free samples nor we fork out the postage from our own pocket. But to be nice and professional, I added, "why don't you pay for the postage as well, and when you place an order with us, I will deduct this amount from your total invoice?"

Fair right?

She then replied and say that she only wants to buy 12 pieces out of each model. Meaning 2 x 12 = 24 pieces of bras!!!

What a joke!!!!

With this small quantity, I wonder why she is expecting such a high level of service? Furthermore, this is her first purchase, she doesn't have a rapport with us like a regular buyer yet.

I told her that our last buyer from Australia bought USD 600 and asked politely if she could keep her demands to reasonable level since she is a first time buyer and her quantity was small.

She took offends and said that she was a power seller and that I should specify that I don't do small sales. She said she was not going to buy from us anymore.

Ok, I lost a sale. So I ignore the email and move on with my life. Since she was no longer a potential buyer, I shouldn't waste time on her anymore. Her ego is not mine to stroke since she was not buying from me.

I think she must have felt insulted that I didn't give her face or didn't email to save the situation. As if she still deserve my attention, she emailed me 1 day later to tell me to NOT TO EMAIL HER ANYMORE.

Some ppl are just sour grapes.

Uber motivated

I'm currently selling a chiffon dress that size at uk8-10. There is one buyer said she very like the dress and request to confirm the size from me again and she said she is looking for UK12 but this dress is only 1 size eh.

So i replied her that the only size for sale with the measurement in detail.

Few days later, this buyer said confirm to purchase the dress but i am a bit doubt, because she said she is UK12... So today i emailed her again make sure she want to purchase this dress as it is size UK8-10 only.

And i got her reply: "Yes, i am UK12, and your dress is UK8-10 only, now I am losing weight to get myself fit in this dress, so it should be FINE for me"....

Sorry not to offend as i really hope that she can fit this dress too but UK12 to UK8/10 is so big different...I dont want she complaint at me later she cant lose her weight to fit in this dress...

Obnoxious Nilai-an

So yesterday, was Urbanscapes.

There was this customer who walked into my booth, and started to pick off clothes from the rack. I was so happy cos she chose bout 8 pcs.

The total amount was RM340.

Buyer: Ok i pay you half. The other half i pay you when you deliver it to my house.
Me: May i know where exactly is your house?
Buyer: Nilai
Me: Er... i'm so sorry but that's too far. Im afraid i cant deliver it to you. Why don't you bank in the remaining and i will mail the items to you (assuming that maybe she don't have enuf cash right now)
Buyer: Ok i pay u full now, you come and deliver it to my house on Wednesday, 3pm.
Me: I'm so sorry but Nilai is really too far and i dont know my way there. And plus, I've got work on weekdays. Can i mail it to you via pos laju? I'll give you a free postage. *smiles*
Buyer: Don't know the way then find your way la! i will give you address what! What work on weekdays? Isn't this shop your work and your responsibility as well?
Me: (and then i suddenly realised) -  If you can pay full for the clothes, you can bring back the clothes now.
Buyer: No. I don't wanna bring it home right now. i want it to be delivered to me. on wednesday, 3pm. Gimme pen n paper i give u address now.
Me: Really sorry but i'm really not going to deliver it to your house.
Buyer: Eh! I'm paying for these clothes ok and i have the right to request for a home delivery.
Me: *Grabs all the clothes back from her hand and put back into rack*

That crazy biatch was shocked with me grabbing back the clothes, she just stood there staring at me hanging back the clothes. My neighbour vendor witnessed this, and she came over and said to the buyer:

"Eh excuse me, you are blocking the way of our potential customers la. Can please go go go!??"

Weird ppl.

Should I Should't I?

Someone commented on one of my sold out item: "This is nice, you should restock this!"

Why should I? You want to buy meh? If you are interested, send an email to me to request for restock. If you are not, then why should I restock and keep stock?

Do you buyers know that we seller's money are stuck on the stock we have?

Well I sayyyyy...

I was at a bazaar recently and I was nice enough to allow customers to try on the clothing before purchasing.

But I BELIEVE that I have my right to refuse anyone from trying on my clothes, even if they're a prospective customer. Based on reasons within reason of course. Don't you think so too?

There was a girl, really overweight, and who believes that she's the hottest thing on the planet.
Why do I say so?
Cos she walks like she's a model, talks in a very fake Brit-American accent and swings her fake LV bag around. (hello, it's not that hard to tell between a real LV to a fake one). Her tattooed shoulders (yes omg she was wearing a halter top with her fats bursting out everywhere) even reads 'hot stuff'. WTF, how tacky.
That was my impression of her, but I was nice and all smiles when she and her mousey friend stopped by my stall.

She picked a particular dress, which was 3 times smaller than her.
The material was stretchy but I doubt it was stretchy enough to fit her, seriously. And she held it, looked at it like it was love at first sight and asked me, "ini boleh try ke?" [Can this be tried on?]

I was like, "Boleh try, tapi.. err.. No offense la but I think this dress can accomodate sizes S-M only. The material is not that stretchy."

She spoke with her fake brit-american accent,"Oh, nonsense. I think it can fit me perfectly fine. After all, a size L is only slightly larger than an M size. I want to try."

If anyone had seen her, she's definitely a size XXL.

Me: Umm, sorry miss but I don't want to risk my dress being damaged. I really don't think it can accomodate you as it has a small cutting.

Her: Hey, how you know? I never try it on yet, how can you tell?

Me: So if by any chance IF the dress gets damaged like ripped or torn, then how?

Her: Hello, you're in the fashion business, don't you have a sort of back-up plan to cover damage costs?

Me: No, I don't. I buy and I sell, that's about it.

Her: That's wrong. Let me tell you, as a business major from the UK,  you cannot start a business without any back-up. Like what if your shop burned down or something and destroys your clothes? You need the insurance to cover that.

Me: [WTF] My shop's online by the way. And if my clothes got destroyed in a fire, I'll bear the cost myself. And right now, as my own way of ensuring I don't need to make any losses, I'm not allowing you to try this dress on.

She then went on a bout how unprofessional I am and yadayada, then left with her mousey friend. How rude!
I'm no business major and I don't have much knowledge on that, but I don't think I even need that sort of insurance as a part time blogshop-owner. Am I right?

Can someone clarify this with me please? Thanks.

You dont care?

I'm kind of frustrated now because there's this seller is super ridiculous. Here's the story:

I'm interested in one of her dress which is branded and brand new. She bought it in hong kong and guarantee every item in her blog is authentic.

Her price is really attractive, yes. I planned to buy 3 dresses from her and guess how much of postage fee she charge me? RM18. All 3 dresses don't add up to more than 500g also and she's sending through pos laju, why charge so expensive?? Maths seriously fail.

A rude one too. I texted her today saying i'm interested to add on orders, she replied me rudely!

me: but your blog didn't say anything about charging RM6 per item (including pins/hairbands etc) :/
her: I don't care whether you can find it or not, my policy is like that.

Such a great turn off. Slap me if you want but the charges for postage is preposterous.

Lost in Electronic Transition

I'm a buyer and have been purchasing stuff online for i dont remember how long. This time i've met the worse seller i've ever dealt with.

Its a pre-order site on facebook and mostly are men stuff. Before i ordered i made sure that the date it reaches me would be before my whole family leave KL back to my hometown.

Placed my order and confirmed purchase in mid-may and seller told me that it takes at least 25 days to reach. fine, done the math, i would able to receive it before i go back. Texted her last week and seller said that item will reach on the 20th of June and items will be sent out this week. Texted seller again just now, and guess what? Apparently an SMS was sent out to all buyers from this batch of items informing that the suppliers left out all our items and had to re-post it. now item will only reach us on the 5th of July, that's if the supplier is not smart enough to miss out the items AGAIN!!

So i replied the seller's sms nicely telling that i didnt receive the SMS. To my surprise, the replies i got were ubberly rude!! "but i sent out the SMS to all my buyers on the 19th, no point lying right? thx"..."so do you want me to screenshot the page to prove to you that i have sent out the SMS"...

Excuse me, if i got that msg and received it that day, wont i reply you on that instance if i cant receive it on the 5th of july? Why would i wait until today to find out this good news that the items werent sent!!

Seriously, SMS is not a perfect tool even thought it is convenient.

So what now. Do i at least deserve a sorry for the delay and the rude replies or a compensation on the postage?

There are such people around...

There's this buyer who kept asking me on sold out items. After the 7th email (all asking for different item) i ignored her.

After about a month, she strikes back. But not wanting to offend or ignore any potential customer, i politely replied her enquiries and request. And finally, she bought a dress (and i was like FINALLLYYY!!!).

and then for some unfortunate reason, after 4 days, she emailed me asking me why i had not send out the parcel.

I replied her that i already sent it the very next working day after her payment, and even emailed her to the delivery tracking number on that day! So i tracked her parcel online, and cut and paste the status of the parcel to show her. It's stated "Item arrived at processing center", and advised her to call the hotline and find out the reason of delay (as im from KL, and the parcel is already in Sarawak)

After 2 days, she mailed me again telling me that she still haven't receive the parcel.

I really wanna provide my customers good service, so i called Poslaju for her. Filed a report, and updated her. I gave her the complain repoert numbr (so that if she wants to call and know the status of the parcel, she'll just have to give them the report number), and told her and Poslaju will take 3 days to rectify the problem.

And plus, since the parcel is already in Sarawak, it would be easier that Poslaju contact the recipient straight in any case. So i provided her number and person in charged and everything.

1 day later after that, she email me again she havent got the parcel. i asked her whether did she receive my mail earlier on the update, she just reply "Oh yea... im just waiting..."

2 days later after that, she continue to bug me. i don't know what's so hard to read  "POS LAJU WILL TAKE 3 WORKING DAYS TO RECTIFY PROBLEM". My dad don't own Pos Laju helllooo!!! and if she's so concern why can't she just CALL herself la!

Thank God that she received the parcel after 3 days.

And this is her mail to me:

"Hey i received the parcel! Just it's the WRONG dress! This is not what i wanted! i ordered the wrong dress! Can i send it back to you and change it please please please! I really want to change it! Oh please!"

Do you all think i should let her exchange?

Over Accommodated

I run an online blogshop and I think the pricing of the clothes I sell are very reasonable.

I had this customer who was very interested in a dress I was selling. She said she was away for the week and begged me to reserve it for her till she gets back to COD. I thought whattheheck, it's just 1 week so I reserved it for her.

Texted her the next week and we agreed to COD at place A on Friday during her lunch break. I informed her that I was on my way 10 minutes before I arrived and she said 'Okay'. Called her when I got there, and she said she's having lunch at place B. It was 10minutes away, so I thought okay nevermind, I'll go meet her there as I didn't want to really make her stop eating her food and drive up to place A just to meet me.

When I reached place B, I called her up, and she said she and her colleagues changed their minds and they're all now having lunch at place C! It's someplace I wasn't very familiar with, but she insisted to give directions and that I meet her there. Fed up, I just agreed. It was at least another 10minutes before I got there.

She checked the dress, said it was really pretty BUT, she didn't have enough cash on her atm!! She suggested that I give her the dress, she'll give me a RM20 deposit there and then, and cash deposit the balance when she gets a chance to. She begged and begged because she needed to use the dress the next day(Saturday) for a themed party she was attending. She seemed nice and innocent and since she didn't ask rudely, I agreed.

Gave her the dress and my bank details. She said she'll make payment on Sunday. Waited for payment, nothing. Contacted her on Sunday night. She told me that she spilled juice on the dress(even gave me a photo to prove it) and that the dress was stained(it was) and can no longer be worn so she'll not pay the balance.

I was bloody furious, but told her politely that it wasn't my problem that SHE ruined the dress and not me. Then she started telling me the quality of the dress was bad and it was only worth the amount she already paid, RM20. HELLO?!

She AGREED to buy it earlier at it's original price, she has touched and held it before making the deposit, she has worn it, and now she's telling me it's made of bad quality when SHE was the one who ruined it? And yet she thinks I'm dumb enough to not know that she's just giving me excuses not to pay up the balance that she owes?

I was being nice agreeing to drive around because she changed COD location THREE times, I let her deposit RM20 because she REALLY needed the dress, and she's blaming me for HER mistakes? What does bad quality have anything to do with how SHE stained it anyway? PFFT.

And yes, obviously she's gone MIA and is now completely uncontactable.

So bling?


I see a lot of japan/taiwan pre order/ready stock items with the description:-

Material: crystal ma

What type of fabric is crystal ma? Anyone care to enlighten me?

Like my props?


So, what's the point of posing with your LV, Gucci, Dior, Burberry bags when really, they are actually not for sales?

What are you trying to proof?

Peace Call

To all Sellers,
Let's all say NO to price war okay?

I'm a seller and there are some recent hot pieces which one blogshop brought them in first selling at RM45, then another one updated and selling them at RM40, then another one selling them at RM35.

Please, if you only want to earn RM5 for a piece, then might as well ask your customers to buy in bulk from your suppliers.

Price war is not good for anyone of us, because if you sell at this cheap, your customer expects you to sell at this price range even when some pieces you bring in are in margin price range of RM30-RM35. Then what are you gonna do? Sell them at margin price?

No slapping required. Just a friendly advice to sellers out there (who are doing this).

Thank you.

You hurt my eyes

I'm all for good web designing and great looking sites but please la sellers, don't put the background of your blogshops a bright green colour and the font in stunning red.

No matter how pretty your clothes are, I'll still close the window to protect my eyes.

Do us all a favour and change the template, pretty please?

Little princess got angry

I sell contact lenses , so last week , I had a customer. She ordered three pairs .

Then we met at Curve, she brought her 10 year old daughter (around that age lah , not sure) along . I was complimenting her daughter, saying how beautiful she would look when she grows up and wears my contacts ( i was being cheesy , cos i am always that way ;) ) and then , her daughter said , OH YEAH? WELL , WHY DONT I TRY THE CONTACTS NOW ? "

Then the mother, which is my customer said "oh darl no you're just too young. The daughter went mad and broke my contacts into two. The mother said to me, this is all your fault! If you hadn't compliment her she wouldn't try the contacts and break it! I want my refund! Now!"

I said no, you cant do that, then she started complaining so I just gave her the refund and told her that the other two pairs are still okay, so i should just pay 35.


Sorry for being so rude to a such gorgeous lady, but being unfair is not my thang .

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