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My top 5 peeve

5 things that make me sigh in frustration.(aaaaghhhh)

1. When the cod spots are right at the top of my page and i get emsails saying "cod where?"
(right in the middle and the first thing you see on my site.i thought that it might be because they couldnt see it on the sidebar so i moved it right below the header, guess that isnt the case)

2. when they say i wanna COD in ************ when i've stated on the site ( the one below my header) that i do not do cods there.

3. when the items that are sold out are marked SOLD OUT(bold and capitalized) and they order it and even say "discount can?"

4. when i get an sms about a cod and i tell them that i am not free on that day and they ask me what my entire days schedule is like.calling and emailing me throughout the day.

b: hi girl can we make the cod today instead of tomorrow?
s : sorry dear, im busy today. :( so i'll just meet you tomorow wil you still be free?
b : what time you free today?
s: sorry, but im not in kl at the moment wil be leaving later tonight so will still be able to see you tomorrow :)
b: ok what time you come back tonight?
s: sorry but im in seremban now and will only be back pretty late
b: ok what time?
s: maybe 1am?
b: cannot earlier?
s : no sorry but im here for a function. *exhales
b : ok see you tomorrow

- so redundant when she could meet me the next day -

5. sometimes people have different names on their emails than their real names.and they send in an 2 emails (maybe theyre too excited) ordering something with their email ad.and another order form with a different name??this one is rather confusing esp when a few people order the same items.


  1. Some even already gave discount still want to complaint about item material/color this n that too...isk...

  2. Some customers are even worse. They claimed to have read the terms and conditions and agreed to it when submitting the order form.
    I have one customer who ordered preorder items. I clearly let all my customers know in the website that all preorder items have a waiting time of 1 month. But this customer bombarded and is bombarding me with emails asking me when they will arrive =.= I stopped replying her after a while and she threatened to tell ppl that my website is fake. But what can I do when her items havent even reach me yet? I really dislike this type of customers. But so far, only met this one customer who's like this. I dunno if I'm lucky or unlucky.