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When I REALLY want something - Updates from the AUTHOR

I am regretting sending this post at first. I never thought it would lead to other stuff like trash talking others on religious/state view.

I genuinely feel this post should be deleted. I have never felt this guilty before.

I mean seriously, I thought it supposed to be funny or a black humour and a guideline, instead people are like throwing brick at each other.. I do not want to carry all this sins here all by myself..

I beg to you all please stop hating, if you wanna slap buyer or seller I wouldn't mind. But seriously? Taking other issues together here, that's just absolutely not wise :(

I will never ever post anything here anymore. Learned my lessons.

*I guess my sarcasm in this post is somehow only bringing sins*

Editor's Note : While I have tried to talk the author out of deleting the post, it seems to have caused her much grief and thus, I have removed the post. I will however leave the comments. 


  1. well, whoever pays 1st gets the item.

  2. Oh my. You are one scary buyer.

  3. You are one psychotic buyer!!! Pandai la go haggle when ppl say no negotiation. Who's fault is that? Look at the mirror and slap yourself la crazy person.
    I dont think seller did any wrong whatsoever. Why layan a psycho when you already have other willing buyers who are hassle free? Think la stupid...

  4. Ermm.. But I think we should think both side here la..

    Seller should be considerate, one by one deal la.. I pun slalu kena mcm ni.. Especially if it's the item we really want, memang geram rasa nyer..

    Buyer, have to be patient too if you don't get your item, maybe something better is waiting for you? Right?

    So sama-sama salah la sini.. I LOL jer...

  5. Alahah ni kes frust la nie..
    Sabar la buyer, kitaorg faham..

    Memang kadang tu, Seller nak untong lebeh kan.. macam kitaorg ni tak mampu kan??

  6. Eh, read properly la. She said she was just trying to negotiate. And is that how a seller should behave? Tell properly la, don't just go MIA. Later she keeps on doing that tak lakuu. The shop bankrput. BAHAHA.

  7. If u really want that item, just order and pay lah. why must nego when u know that all prices are fixed. Furthermore u said ' i don't care how much she would actually charged me coz I really want that piece.' What is that?

    So did u think you're the only customer that the seller needs to entertain? Of course the one who can pay first will gets the priority. If i'm the seller, i wouldn't layan u also. Psycho freak! Hahahahahahaa. Padan muka lor u lose the item.

  8. agree with seller 100%! that seller is a rude greedy bitch!

  9. Lol! Ni confirm seller ni.. Come on la beb, if u buyer pun u faham rase ktaorg kan..

  10. Bankruptcy will only happen if seller continue to waste time handling buyers like you.

  11. I think its normal for her to do so. Come on la to sell to a person who haggle non stop and someone who pays straight away. To be fair who would u choose? Obviously fast transaction.

    What if u nego nego d u dun wan to buy? Please be reasonable la. U think u r first buyer who email very big isit? Most shops have this " first payment gets the item policy" U din even place any deposits, why are you shouting like a crazy woman here?

    Afterall negotiationg price does not constitute to reservation. The utmost citeria also havent fulfil how to reserve for u?

    PS: Credtits to you for being so entertaining.

  12. now I think "Anonymous JULY 7, 2010 12:51 AM" is the seller mentioned in this post :O

  13. consider a bit la kan, people just try to nego only. kalau cannot, say la. don't la ignore terus like that. it's not like u've never try to nego a price before just to see if u can get it cheaper? but kalau tak dapat pun it's fine, u'll still take it. SERIOUSLY, u never tried that? Ahh. Too much money to just buy anything maybe. Not everybody is as bloody rich as you laa. It was just a try. apa punya seller lah.

  14. Lol! Banyak nyer Seller yg terase ni..
    I suka betol baca benda kat sini...
    Kudos on buyer tu pulak pandai berkata-kata...

  15. "She didn't reply me for about 1 hour."

    oh my gosh!! 1 hour late u also wanna complain n gila gila here, if 1 day, then u burn the internet??? who say u r the first one who sent?? may b there are few buyers emailing her at the same time, meanwhile, other buyer wants it and straight away pay already..

    author is crazy people weh..

  16. I'm a SELLER TOO and I don't get offended.


  17. You know if I really liked something I wouldnt even bother haggling the price... your trying resulted in you losing the item you so desperately wanted. Cant blame anyone but yourself really. Cest la vie dear. Dont think you should curse her shop to burn down. Its not her fault. Plus they have stated no discounts on new arrivals you say.
    Self reflection la abit. You screwed up but wont take the blame. tsk...

  18. i hate this kind of buyer. suck!
    want to nego2 go to pasar mlm la.. haha

  19. I must say its both's fault here.
    Lol all around

  20. I wonder why only this post is approved by the owner of this blog.. wheres my post? /: LOL

  21. Hey come on, its okay la for her to try negotiate.. Is it so wrong for her to negotiate, your stuff ain't CHANEL! Face it!

    We buyer have the right to negotiate stuff!
    I hate seller who talk as if their stuff is so GREATT that we buyer shouldn't negotiate at all!



    I'm with you on THAT!!

  24. Buyers do have the right to negotiate.

    On that note : SELLERS also have the right to decline the buyer and sell it to the anyone they want. Business is business la.

  25. SellerBerbudiBahasaJuly 7, 2010 at 1:33 AM

    eh ape ni, smua nak sebelah seller ni..
    buyer ni tak salah la... dia cuma nak nego jer, cuba nasib je ni.. lepas tu nak tinggal gitu jer.. ada ka patut?

    Tak berhati perut betol la.. Sekurang-kurang nye, you reply la baik-baik kan..

    I punya kedai masih lagi I kena kes macam ni, I layan baik baik je.. mana la nak tau buyer tu kawan sendiri nak syok kacau u ke..

    Bottom line is, tak salah nego, seller pun baik-baik la sikit...


    Ni nampak sangat buyer ni interested betol dgn barang you, jangan la nak pilih bulu sangat..

  26. now wheres the seller "Anonymous JULY 7, 2010 12:51 AM"...?? disappear....????

  27. This is FUN!
    But then again, I can actually relate to this Buyer's feeling..

    How bout being treated like this when you really wanna get that thing you want? Of coz I'll be so mad at first... Maybe this buyer is just letting go of her anger.. Chill to all the seller who was offended..

  28. Damn right, I once got treated like this for this shoes I want (I'm a size 9 and its so hardddd to get shoes online with my size), the seller just simply send me "ohh sold to others already" when at first it was reserved for me!

    I hate it when Seller treated me like this!
    SLAP SELLER of the same type!!!!!

    \ O |
    \ |
    / |
    / O |

  29. I bet the seller mentioned in this post is in need of cash, IMMEDIATELY!
    Then it's acceptable, if not, I think it's just plain RUDE.

  30. ok seller let mark up our price bit higher.. haha then buyer can nego la..
    no big deal right..hahah

    anyway author how did u know that u're her first customer?? mybe someone else faster than u..
    Seller have the right to reject/choose they csmter as they want.. In this case, u author did not have the luck..
    find another blogshop.. ^_-V

  31. Orang tamak selalu rugi..
    Karma people karma. I'm gonna have to lol around here. Coz I bet a heck lot of Seller is sooo offended here.

    Congrats to Author who have real guts to post it up here coz I bet a lot of this case had happen. A good place to release anger on online shopping, I guess ;)

    Paloi nar jwak seller tok! Ngasak ati jak aihh! Orang minat mena barang ba mok coba nasib tekk..

  33. i dun see what the buyer does as something wrong. we all like to bargain don't we? and what's so wrong wit that. if the seller dislikes it, should have just said instead of doing such things to the buyers.

  34. Ohoho chill chill author, you could get something better.. Just wait and see.. It's not the end of the world k?

    We buyers got your back!

  35. yahh ada juak miak sama palak sitok lok! ahahah!

  36. Oh my goodness, I really hate this kind of buyer!
    Come on, admit it, not everyone reads that thingy on your terms & conditions thing. Plus its just negotiating. Be a little nice and just reply it than just leaving people hanging.

    What do you expect us to react? Think again. I agree with the buyer here, if it was me I would be really angry already.

  37. Hate the seller! Agree with the buyer!

  38. F***ing hate this kind of seller. Negotiate also straight away jump to conclusion and don't want to reply. So rude!

  39. To anon July 7, 2010 1:00 AM and July 7, 2010 1:41 AM,

    I'm not the seller mentioned in the story. No way Jose and FYI i'm also a buyer. But what is author did is waayyy too much so is it wrong for me to voice out my opinion? Because i'm more to the seller's side doesnt mean i'm the seller. Why you simply accuse ppl like that? Whoa..maybe you're the author rite? Hahahaha. (Now i accuse you back.LOL).

    No hard feeling. Just wanna entertain myself before watching Netherland vs Uruguay. Night Shoppers!!!!!!!!!!

  40. anon JULY 7, 2010 2:21 AM, u hate this kind of buyer but u also agree? @_@ hahaha

    .no offense but i feel like there's somebody comments a lot of times as different people................. lol

  41. to Anon 12.51 AM! GO NETHERLANDS! which team are u supporting? (:

  42. guys..!! whos watching Netherland vs Uruguay tnite?! (:

  43. I'm soo agree with anon July 7, 2010 2:32 AM

    There's a person who comments a lot of time especially the comments in Malay. Usually there are not many comments in Malay especially within 1 hour of the post been posted. Plus this story isn't that interesting but there are sooo many comments.
    Obviously it is the Author and her friends (or imaginary friends)!!! Hahahahaha

  44. Anon 2:40 and 2:41

    I'm Spain but for this match i'm on the Oranje side. Sorry SMWDY, this is really off topic. Sorry to Author too! Hehe

  45. to Anon 12.51 AM yeah,,go ORANJE! well,,im o ORANJE side too...*high5* lol yeah...offtopic...!haha!well,slapmewhydontyou,whutdo u think of this post...? uhmmmm...

  46. izzit tamak? not tamak la stupid..
    just a trick.. just mark up the price then give some discount.. haha business.. if u dont like then dont buy la.

    * another trick..
    just ignore those cstmer like this author.. (so much complaining)
    sell to someone else then, or just reply her email n say " sorry item Sold/reserved " or " already mention clearly in t&c, non negotiable for new arrival item, if u still interested please send ur order detail "

    btw im so annoyed with sarawak language, erm izzit sarawak? haha wtf , feel like im in Philippine site.. bahaha

    poor author

    peace -_-V

  47. sana'y wala nang wakas(I Wish It Would Never End/Timeless) .. haha
    i try to speak like anon July 7, 2010 2:17 AM

  48. How the buyer knows she is the first who email the seller? =_=

  49. of course sellers will sell it to whoever who can pay first unless you are a regular, do note that there are plenty of MIA buyers out there afterall! Ask tonnes of questions (not that is wrong) and reserve for days, nvm, but after that hilang diri! and how to go case by case? sometimes sellers have more than 10-15 emails in an hour, in order to wait for you to reply and done with haggling means have to keep others waiting as well.

  50. Dearest anon JULY 7, 2010 3:46 AM
    Please think thoroughly before you put sumting into ur writing.

    "btw im so annoyed with sarawak language, erm izzit sarawak? haha wtf , feel like im in Philippine site.. bahaha "

    If u learnt BM during ur school days u'll know what this means "Kerana mulut badan binasa".
    Either way darling, Sarawakian is every bit Malaysian as we are in Semenanjung. so there's no need to offend them.

    Seriously, please mind ur words.Dun be too ignorant, be different from others and take time to put urself in someone else's shoes, ok?

    If i am to speak harshly to u, i would say, bila bercakap jangan jadi macam orang tak ada otak.

    peace -_-V

  51. Wow, the buyer mentioned here is psycho enough to leave several different comments pretending to be different people each time.

  52. every buyer has the right to get the best bargain,no harm just trying to ask right.just some few question and the seller thinks she's creating such hassle.if she couldn't handle such few question then she better don't be a seller least don't be leave the girl hanging like that..that is just so RUDE!!learn some manners for god sake

  53. what binasa? haha i think im just fine here.not binasa at all.haha r u sarawakian? haha why so mad? relax la.

    i know sarawak is part of malaysia. but i didnt learn Sarawak Language in school? did u?? my teacher didnt teach me la.

    Just use BM or BI then. cuz Google Translator dun have 'otak' la to translate that language. haha
    u anon July 7, 2010 7:21 AM so annoying =)

  54. JULY 7, 2010 1:09 AM anon here,

    is not wrong to nego, let's imagine, buying vege in pasar, there's a stall selling good vege, few customer saw it n like it, n the author of this post REALLY REALLY VERY interested in the item that she was just trying her luck on negotiating the price, she doesn care how much actually charged her coz she really wants that vege (anon: "then wat for nego?"). but the stall boss said no nego, then another interested customer straight away pays it. so now, who rugi n need complain?

    shld the boss nicely tell the author, no nego pls, nego pls, no nego pls~ while the other customer begging at the side saying, " i'm paying u full payment, faster give me, take the money pls~~ is tat the way shld be??

    entertain the author until she shut up n ignore other customer? no one know who is the first email sender anyway. ofcuz the seller has to explain nicely la, but how to define "nice explain"?? while u r so into negotiating..

  55. Otak is BM isn't it......because i went to google translator oredy lorr can convert to brain waht???
    aiyo why insult other ppl language now la? I'm partially chinese & sarawakian, i can feel also maa.. haiyaaaa..waht kind of citizen la u!

  56. Wow that's a hot topic right there! Ok let's be clear before more accusation is made yeah. First of all, this is supposed to be fun, that's why I keep it as sarcastic as I could. That's the whole point of this blog anyway :)

    Secondly, it's supposed to be a guideline to all. What I strictly mean here is the seller could have just reply me by saying
    "Do you still want this item? Coz I really can't reduce the price and there are other customers waiting"

    That's all actually. Don't be harassing other people's language here. That's just too much.

    I sincerely apologize to anyone who got really offended by this post, as far as I see, its everyone. lol!

    No hard feelings people. It's supposed to be fun. GO HOLLAND!!!

  57. to anon July 7, 2010 12:20 PM
    did u read the whole comment?
    please read b4 u kepohci k..

    i know la otak is brain. haha im not that stupid. hahaha
    im mean "that" language ok!! mybe only 7% or less (malaysian people) can understood. but not me.

    adios amigos ^_^V

  58. to Anon July 7, 2010 12:52 PM
    aiyaa....stupiak ha u....come here ppl cmment abt this pos u stupiak go say abt ppl language...stupiak!!

  59. Aduh ada pulak mengata i.. i nak comment in BM ni suke hati i la.. asal? tak boleh ke? selalu nye i comment here tau tak, cuma i nak try use bm this time...salah ke nak bertutur kata dlm bahasa sendiri..

    pastu nak panggil i imaginary friends konon...hey i tak kenal pun author ni, mengada nak cari pasal pulak..
    salah ke i nak back up buyer? everyone is a buyer themselves, negotiating is the main key...
    kalau jadi seller tu, baik baik la ntah ape ler cara treat customer..baik tak payah buka kedai tuh...

    and frm now on, i will use english back since someone have a problem with me speaking in BM. maybe they're just too dumb to understand the language that have been taught to them for 12 years in school! Such a loser!

  60. JULY 7, 2010 1:29 PM u r the loser. u think every of the readers here study BM for 12 years? noob. diam diam lah....

  61. Haha i always see you specific Anonymous commenting here, same style same word u use on this blog. Why? No life izit just commenting on this blog? Plus u oweyz the one make ppl fight here, u oweyz start. I notice u! Everyone do but too scared izzit to even use 1 same nickname??

  62. "what binasa? haha i think im just fine here.not binasa at all.haha r u sarawakian? haha why so mad? relax la."

    "btw im so annoyed with sarawak language, erm izzit sarawak? haha wtf , feel like im in Philippine site.

    If I were a Sarawakian, i also get offended. There's not need to harass other state's language. What anon JULY 7,2010 7:21 AM means that you have to think carefully before you speak. How do you feel if people harassing your mother tongue? Are you going to be happy? Yes? No? No offence okay? just my two cent

    To SMWDY, i think you need to filter all the comments. Those sensitive comments should not be published.Please don't do the same thing again like Religious Querie. Racial issue is very very sensitive. Please take note :)

  63. I publish all comments provided there aren't any names involved. General bashing is a human thing, I just dont condone INDIVIDUAL attacks.

    If I censor everything, would I be guilty of having to duped you into believing we live in a fairy tale world? We dont you know...

    These are the people around you. Who am I protecting if I start censoring general comments?

  64. to the anonymous that is so annoyed with the sarawak language, who are u to look down on the sarawakian??

    we are all equal but u acted like u're some 'high class, civilized' ppl and the sarawakian are immature to just condemn ppl language as if u speak a better 1 but ur action prove the other way round,loser!!

  65. Kudos to SMWDY. No point censoring all the comments. If so might as well disable to comment function. People need to learn to accept what other people say. If one chooses to drag themselves lowly by posting idiotic comments then let them be.

    Please, we've been independent for 50 years+ and yet we're still living in stone age where we can't bring up certain issues like religion. How do you call yourself a Malaysian if one can't even accept discussion of religion? We live in a multiracial country and this is inevitable.

    So everyone is going to live their lives by sweeping everything under the rug? You can't stop what other people will be saying. The one thing to do is to improve yourself. No wonder Malaysia never maju after so many years.

    Be the bigger person and get over it. Everyone has got better thing to do than to dwell in idiotic remarks by those low balls people.

  66. ahahahaha! omg! chill larh! tsk tsk.. btw language trashing is a serious offence. what happened to 1 malaysia??? huh huh?!

    owh, and p.s. I LOVE GERMANY and SPAIN and i dunno how i'm going to pick one for tonight's match!!!!

  67. dear buyer,

    have u shop online before?
    i wonder which blogshop (selling new item) can nego? now u tell me.. i want to nego too :P

    the thing is, blogshop is pretty much like all those boutique you saw at the mall. if there are no SALE sign, would you still be like, negotiating? unless you are in Ben Than market, or pasar malam, or pasar siti khadijah, or pekan rabu, THEN you are entitled to bargain/nego. heck it's a must! or else u rugi!

    as for me, im an avid online shopper. i shop more online than i shop at the mall. why? simply because there are cheaper! waayyyy cheaper! when i saw something i really2 like, just pay for it. i dont nego anymore because i know, negotiating means you are wasting both of sellers & buyers time. esp if that item is HOT!!

    *phew. thats the longest comment ever from me :P

  68. -buyer; nothing wrong to try nego from seller-
    -seller;nothing wrong to reply nicely to buyer if you dont intend to do buss. with her.-
    -to that sucker anon;something wrong with your hating towards srwk language. if u dont understand, dont bother to comment. nobody says you pekak o bisu pun, ok? -
    -and i pick german for tonight!-

  69. I don't think the seller was rude? But then how do you define manners where words can be used in various meanings and occasions?

    It depends on how you perceive it. We, as outsiders from the "ordeal", don't need to judge unless we "kena" from the same seller before.

    Anyway.. I support Brazil.. but they're out (sob!) so I rather have Spain taking the cup than the rest!


  70. I am regretting sending this post at first. I never thought it would lead to other stuff like trash talking others on religious/state view.

    I genuinely feel this post should be deleted. I have never felt this guilty before.

    I mean seriously, I thought it supposed to be funny or a black humour and a guideline, instead people are like throwing brick at each other.. I do not want to carry all this sins here all by myself..

    I beg to you all please stop hating, if you wanna slap buyer or seller I wouldn't mind. But seriously? Taking other issues together here, that's just absolutely not wise :(

    I will never ever post anything here anymore. Learned my lessons.

    *I guess my sarcasm in this post is somehow only bringing sins*

  71. OK readers... your vote here though I think she has done nothing wrong by posting this here.

  72. some hard to please readers are making this site uber boring to read already. driving ppl away from posting. those stir shit stick should just live in their pathetic world la.

  73. moral of the story:
    place ur order first (so seller will reserve ur item, makesure do not just send inquiry if u really want that item so badly cuz mybe there are some people might interest with same item too)
    First come(order/payment) First serve.

    booking first then try to nego la. if u're lucky then u get some discount.

    for me la kan, i will reserve that item if only my cstmer fill the order form or send order with full detail ( that mean they are serious to buy )

    and for those who just try to nego/inquiring bout the item. they sometimes just interested but not serious to buy.
    Priority given to "First Order" not First Inquiry.

    thats my opinion la..

  74. I'm a bit lost here, I haven't come on the site for the past few days so I didn't read this post before it got deleted, can someone help me shed some light on the situation? Maybe with a summary of the post please?
    Thanks :)