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I speak Engrish

Just for laughs. Seen in an online site selling designer bags in Singapore –

“Chanel lambskin vintage correction in medium(10")WGH-price reduced S$1990 firmed! “

Hmmm, 'correction'? Blur, what does she mean by 'correction'? read on, copied exact word for word -

“Hi I am selling my 100% Authentic Chanel flap lambskin vintage correction medium size with gold hardware, only comes with dust bag. Sorry i misplaced all the card and i really do not know where i keep it since i sifted to new place and due to i have too many bags that is y a bit messy but i guarantee 100% authentic. This is 1 of my own correction and…..”

Ok I get it now….Seller actually meant ‘Collection’


  1. hhehe. i alwiz thot singaporean speak really good english. man, im wrong

  2. She recently "sifted" kah?


    Well, at least she didn't type Channel instead ROFLMAO

  3. this is singlish by kiasu ppl..

  4. sifted house so want to sell correction...

  5. Haha you should listen to Miss Singapore 2009 speaking in English =P

  6. yeah ive heard the joke bout miss singapore.. haha.. didnt think that it is actually portraying them before i read this post

  7. Hahahaha! Singaporeans *shakes head*
    Miss Singapore 2009 was a JOKE. You can YouTube her and see how she likes the color 'red' cos it's like so boom, boom.
    And how she likes to wear a bikini and jeans and 'strut' down Orchard road. LMFAO!