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Updates #8 ~ Who are you to tell me a bout effiency?

Editor's note : The following is all the email correspondence between the author of "Who are you to tell me about efficiency?" and the seller. These are sent in by the SELLER who stands her ground that she is being defamed by the author. It is one helluva long post. Reader : you be the judge in this ok?

Picture 1
17 June 2010
Buyer emailed me to order a few items. Refer below. My reply was sent to Buyer in less than an hour.

Picture 2
I then explain to Buyer about the ‘Spree Procedures’.
Part 1 – Spree Procedures.
Part 2 – Buyer agreeing to the procedures. Buyer requests for ‘Discounts’.

Picture 3
This clearly states that I did inform buyer on the arrival of her order.

Picture 4
Referring to the picture inserted at the following page, Buyer has yet requested for ‘discount’ whereby I gave her FOC Registered Post. Buyer agreed.

Picture 5
Buyer mentions she won’t back out. I’ve already explained to her on when it’s arriving.

Picture 6
Note the time: I emailed Buyer on the arrival of her order but 1 of the item ‘Blush’ is not in the package. I waited for her reply until about 8pm that night & she still did not reply. I sms her instead ( I do not have pictures of the sms because I will clean my sms inbox/outbox every week to avoid from inbox/outbox being full, hence not receiving more recent sms). Buyer agrees only I send this out via Pos Ekspress. Otherwise I wouldn’t have sent it out. This charges of Pos Ekspress is given FOC to the Buyer.
As you can see after my last email – there wasn’t any reply from the Buyer.

In the sms, I did mention to her that I will get my seller to send the ‘Blush’ during my next shipment and asked if Buyer was ok with it. She said OK. I order from my seller weekly/bi-weekly as mentioned earlier. Buyer expects the ‘Blush’ to arrive the following Monday (Jul 12th) from the US which is not possible. Even courier companies like DHL will take at least 5 days to arrive, what more USPS First Class Mail. I am lucky my seller lives in California and mails/packages from California is one of the main hubs in the US (the other being Florida). Hence, don’t need to stop by any other states in the US for transits, hence it takes about at least 1.5 weeks to Malaysia. If I’m lucky enough, package will arrive in 8 days time.

Picture 7
Obviously, it’s myself that has offered to refund her. She claims in the post that she ASKED for a refund.

Picture 8
Buyer then purchase nail polish from me. As per below, she did not provide a new address and did not mention that she wanted it to be sent to a different address (to her friend as she claimed in her post). I sent her an invoice & she paid for it. There is a billing address + shipping address in the invoice, hence agreeing to it since she has paid for it.
She also mention that she received the nail polish from me and did not include the makeups which she purchased – as per notes above. She has only purchased under Spree15 for nail polish, how can my nail polish arrive before the closing date?
Looking at the last reply to her on if she really did receive the nail polish from me, she didn’t even reply to say that if it was from me or another seller. I checked my past list and didn’t even find her invoices, hence obviously she didn’t purchase from me.

Picture 9
Buyer thinks that I want to save on the FOC Registered Post which was offered to her for Nail Polish + ‘Blush’. Both items arrive on the same day and to be shipped to the same address hence to be sent out in 1 package. If that is not called efficient, then what is?

Picture 10
Buyer still accused me of saving on FOC registered post saying that my supplier is inefficient. She still does not understand why I suggested to send both items together (when it’s arriving from the US at the same time and then be sent to her with the same address).

Conclusion: All has been explained and you have seen the difference of her testimonial and mine but mine comes with proof.

This is another proof of what she did in Ebay.
Buyer pressed BUY IT NOW and then in the end cancelled the transaction because I did not reply her but if you refer to the pictures below, all replies are recorded here.

I replied her – look at the date & the reply.

Ebay 3
Buyer accused me of not replying but referring to the picture above – I did reply. Most probably she did not receive or see the message.


  1. Haha kudos to seller!
    Padan muka buyer u sudah kantoi.
    Happy to know that my action to slap the buyer in the 1st post was right!!!!!!!

    Jawab lah buyer. next time dont simply tambah2 asam in your cerita ya.LOL

  2. No wonder the Buyer assumed the Seller told me 'Customer' instead of 'Friend' la.

    Emails cakap customer, post here cakap friend.

    Good thing I informed the Seller about this, or her rep would have gone sour for nothing.

    @Seller: Support! :D

  3. i am the buyer.
    and am now mailing smwdy.
    you readers can read everything at my end.
    i will write wtv i have, and that would be my final mail.
    pointless going back and forth like this.

  4. buyer what is wrong with you! stop beating around the bush! read between the lines la. seller bukan polite to please you. she was just being diplomatic. and that seller (whoever you are) is very classy of you!

  5. hahahaha buyer buyer no one at yr side. kesian!

  6. hahaha im still in doubt and confused as to whom is right about this matter but all i can say is the SELLER IS HANDLING IT REALLY WELL. better than the other party . so hats off to ya seller. Buyer if you have something else to add please make it crystal clear like the seller did. More power to ya ! cos if this was a case in court, the seller would win due to her sufficient evidence and justifications to support her casepoint. M just sayin'. No point rantin' without the truthtellin' ! :D