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Robotic argument

I was away on vacation for about 2 weeks and since the destination I was headed had no Internet at all, I set my email to autoreply to let my customers know I couldn't return their messages;

When I just got back an hour ago, I was greeted with a wonderful surprise by a customer who took the liberty to argue with my auto-reply with 8 new emails!

In each mail she seemed more pissed off than ever since each of my auto-replies remain the exact same, word for word
I still haven't figured out what to say to her now...

It's auto-reply la dear, i'm not hiding from you under a rock!


  1. Haha. Next time you go away, you could post on your blogshop a note saying "I'll be away from blabla until blabla. All emails will be replied after I get back" :).

  2. OMG anon above : What the hell do you think she was talking about???

  3. this is super epic ahaha! it's like arguing with a robot. very very interested in knowing what she said in all those emails!

  4. Anon 2, she was talking about auto reply. Anon 1 was talking about a note on her blog. 2 totally different things. But i'm guessing that she probably did both anyway.

  5. To the second anon, Anon 1 said to leave a message on her BLOGSHOP. Don't know how to read ah? Some people don't understand that when you get an auto-reply email it means that the person is not there so it's better to just leave a message on the blogshop where everyone can see. So before you "what the hell" other people, learn to read carefully. You look stupid.

  6. LOL at anon 2.. Epic fail

  7. ya la...y so flustered up, anon 2...relax suda~

  8. LOL I did put a note on my blogshop too complete with paradise pictures but I guess she didn't check there nor understand my autoreply... What to do la..

  9. Anon 1 here. I'm glad MOST *cough* people here know how to read properly :).

    Author, how about just telling her that you were away and the emails she got were just auto replies and that you weren't ignoring her. If she's still angry then I too don't know la...