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Rusty Junk

I recently purchased a AX bracelet from a preloved blog..
Too good to be true,it costs only RM35..
The seller claimed that it is brand new..
I trusted her and bought the bracelet..
Gosh..upon receiving.there are obvious scratches all over and the bracelet kinda rust and oxidised.
How can the seller claimed that is brand new?!
I msg her explaining the prob and requested for a full refund yet she was being very rude replying me that the colour is actually like that etc...And its brand new..
Come' u think I'm blind/a kid to see that the bracelet is used?
The seller was also being very rude in her msg..saying that she will not refund and its up to me to fail a complain to all reviewers..
I will definitely blacklist this blogshop for the rest of my life..
This is a rotten seller..dishonesty in selling her items.
Those who wants her blogshop name..kindly email me:


  1. Seller had refunded RM30 to me..
    I bought at RM40
    Case closed.

  2. serves u right though. sounds exactly like u.

  3. ROFLMAO! weren't you the one blacklisted by some of the buyers here? BACK AT 'CHA! :P


  5. LMAO! You're one to talk! You sell shitty defected items and claimed them as brand new also. SERVE YOU RIGHT BITCH! Haha!

  6. you people really take an advantage of being anonymous.. you dont have the rude.

  7. haha no wonder her name/email is so famailiar! lol.

    ive google her name and so many complaints bout her came out, they even have one specific thread dedicated to this girl in lowyatnet. ada hati nak complain org lain. and even this came out in google,g/awek-melayu-sex-pramugari-terlampau-hari2mau.html+babezane&cd=8&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=my&client=firefox-a!

    gila la this girl

  8. this girl, is actually a reviewer for preloved stuff. Hint: the one that keep promoting her blog after SG closed down. At first I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her personal email used for this reviewer blog, but now she changed it to be same as the blogname.

    so convenient for her no? can sell her own preloved stuff in her own review blog. DUH.

  9. mail me her email/blogshop please. i would love to avoid her at all cost



  11. Lol..why u all wana stalk ppl?
    Nothing to do at home?

  12. I believe the price is rm35..with postage rm40.

  13. But the photo clearly can see is rusty d, and the buyer still want to purchase....weird...

  14. She's sold off the bracelet d? o.0

  15. yea agree people! serve you right! This person is a really horrible buyer. if she drop by at your blogshop just delete her email right away. seriously! worse nightmare for a seller.

  16. Anon July 29, 2010 11:12 PM <--author?

  17. i dont tink its rusty lah.
    sumting like bronze.
    its how it looks like.
    poor seller. hv to deal with this person

  18. haha its just sooo funny to see how author was pretending as different anonymous and say all of you have nothing better to do la, try backing herself up. OMG GET A LIFE YOU BITCHH! haha :P

    btw the link posted up there, is she reselling her 'rusty AX bracelet' which she bought earlier?


  19. i dont call one google click is stalking

  20. Anonymous July 30 1:49 PM: LOL! I saw the Lowyat listing too and thought "Whut? If she's reselling the bracelet, that's just really lame".

    She gets a refund, then she sells it and pockets the extra cash? o.0

  21. if the bracelet is really so "rusty" and "oxidised" and in bad condition then why the hell is author reselling it again on lowyat??

    seller should have refunded her money fully and take back the bracelet from her! who knows if this is her tactic of earning a quick buck

  22. anon 1.49 pm :
    Pls say that to urself:)
    Btw,i'm the author ere..Its my life and wat does it gotta do with u if i manage to sell?
    And 1more thing,pls stop stalking me..
    I know who u are..simply post up my email in websites..U noe wat u do..
    As a reminder, Am gonna make a police report towards u since i have all ur mailing details and hp details.
    Do it again and u'll be question by cops for internet stalking and hogging.
    So,go get a life.


  24. eh author don't perasan la. noone's stalking you. you're too famous for everyone to miss already :)

  25. July 30, 2010 5:17 PM HAHAH OKAY THAT'S EPIC!

    The seller really shouldve taken the bracelet back.

  26. So wat if i'm famous/infamous?
    At least i have my own life,better than u..being so pathetic hogging on to someone's life.
    Its jus such a disgrace for me to keep on typing these words to u...
    Wonder if u ever und that?Lol..
    Whether i've sold off my stuffs/left my stuffs unsold its none of ur business...It doesn't belong to u..And if u deny on hogging/stalking me..why do u keep on checking my stuffs?Haha..
    So,go get a life:)
    P/S : I'm not trying to be rude,but I feel that this lil biatch ere jus needs a lesson from the cops.

  27. Hey author, do u even realize that ur contradicting yourself? You complained about how that seller can sell you a rusty and oxidized bracelet, and then u go on to sell the same bracelet to others. That makes you worse than the original seller. You're such a joke.

  28. Agree with July 30, 2010 10:18 PM

    Author complaining about seller selling oxidized bracelet yet she has the gut to say 'Btw,i'm the author ere..Its my life and wat does it gotta do with u if i manage to sell?'

    The author is just sick! And she's a jerk too!
    Thanks anon 9.17pm for the link. You love watching porn ha author?,g/awek-melayu-sex-pramugari-terlampau-hari2mau.html+babezane&cd=8&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=my&client=firefox-a!

    Booooo!!!!! She's a psycho!

  29. whole thing can be summarized in one sentence: POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK.

    whoever stalking Ms Pot here is doing us a favor from buying those so-called new stuff of hers. THANK YOU I LOVE YA!

    PPS. no life better than some people with no ethics ;-)

  30. Wait, like whaaaa? Buyer = Seller?

    From the Post it seems that the Buyer =, so that means the victim should be her right? But why is everyone targeting her?

    If it all started after the comment on the Buyer reselling the bracelet then I guess I understand, but it started before that comment wor :/

    Someone mind explaining?

  31. Apparently the buyer is also a preloved seller, and she has gained somewhat of a reputation in the online shopping community.

  32. I love watching porn?Thx to u biatch..for putting up my email there and using my email to order stuffs from online blogs..
    As I said..I will 100% make a police report based on ur address and tel no which I already have..
    So, pls mind ur language..go get a life before trouble starts coming to u.
    Oh ya..forgetting to name u a sick psycho..
    Do this again..and i will reveal ur name and add as well as tel no to all reviewers and blogs:)

  33. And whether I've sell my stuffs,its clearly none of ur business =)
    thx for the free publicity..
    And wat I've explained to my buyer regarding the bracelet and the price I've u even noe the head and tail before jumping onto ur own psycho conclusions?
    So,go get a life=)
    Mention bout ethics..are u ethical enough to use my email to order stuffs online and put my email in porn sites?
    Call urself a Muslim..Karma will strike u back..
    Ethical..Gosh,are u one?Lol..
    Jus wait for the cops to question you =)

  34. And oh yea..ur jus a coward hiding ur true self..using anon to comment =)
    Why dun u have the guts to reveal ur real name since ur psycho mind thinks that everything u wrote is true based on ur own assumptions?
    Afraid that u will be reported?
    Well,I already have all of ur details and as I said..I will 100% report u to the COPS.
    Whether they will take action on u,thats outta my control..( I hope they do )
    Go live in ur own fantasy!

  35. urm author, u think u got the wrong person. i found that url n put it here but im not that person. i just simple google ur email add and that came out. on the FIRST page.

    funny la you threatening to reveal that person's name n email address to others. havent u notice how bad ur reputation is?

  36. Dear anon:
    Thx:)whether u are or not..It's none of my business..and whether my reputation is bad or good,it's clearly none of ur business too..
    What am sure is I'm gonna make a report the 1st thing I do when I'm awake tmr..
    Ip address will reveal the truth:)

  37. to all, case is closed. it's time to move on already.

  38. why does the author keep repeating about making a police report? omg, annoying much? guess thats all she can say to defend herself. they dont have time to entertain this tiny little itsy bitsy issue of yours -__-'

  39. Police report made..
    Issue is settled.
    Those who request for the blog's name :
    Unfortunately, the blog is closed down dy/name changed..
    So,no email's will be replied from now on.

  40. oh my...this whole post is damn funny, suddenly blog closed down dy.

  41. HAHA, since you lodge a police report about someone , u better register yourself to JAIS cause they might caught you having sex with someone that mails you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  42. My Name is Kanna KariAugust 1, 2010 at 1:20 PM

    wow, author u have so many sites under your portfolio.. i wonder how u juggle.. are u also by any chance the one behind Night Owl Says?

  43. Hey, just saying tht my dad is one of the top polices in MY. He have checked the lodge files from all over MY, and none of them were made by you. My dad said please stop faking, the police department might take action to you. My dad also mentioned tht the police department won't layan yr 'google' stalking nonsense, as Google is registered and it's open for public. Even my name is on google, you see? So please, for prithee, before the police takes action to you, stop faking this, Thank you.

    'Babezane', I will mail you for further details, and my dad would like to have a lil talk with you about this. He wants you to make it clear. Thanks and will mail you soon.

  44. good one ANON AUGUST 1, 2010 10:22 AM.
    i laughed like maniac when i read it.

  45. haha serve u right bitch ! police report konon, g mampos la pelacor.haha. shame on u ask guys to mail you for if they want to have sex. crazy bitch.

    AUGUST 1, 2010 2:03 PM i love you
    wei babe zane, since i talked to u like this why dont cha lodge a police report about me, see if they care.hahaha


  46. anon AUGUST 1, 2010 2:03 PM

    cool-yo! can we know what happen after your dad talked to her? i'm curious!

  47. Not trying to be a party pooper here, but I think some of the comments are getting out of hand. Let's not sink to babezane's level and be outrageously rude k? Don't give her an excuse to file a real police report this time for cyber-bullying ;)

  48. wah.. can do gossip girl season 4 or 5?? which season now??? i dun watch btw. =p

  49. Agree with Anonymous August 1, 2010 11:16 PM.

    I'm on nobody's side. I just think that it's not fair to talk about babe zane's "personal life" in public. everybody has their own fantasy, needs, feelings. after all, we're human. and shit happens.

    and, no need lah lodge police report. when people bad mouth about us, just let it be. it shows that we have something they don't have. :)

  50. OH my BABE ZANE!!!! there were police in front my house now!!!! and im going to jail!!!
    this must be because your police report!!!
    help help me pls pull back your report!!

    WTF? Do u think police will layan u ah? With all the rompak,bunuh n more serious cases in our country, what on earth makes u think police want to entertain ur google-stalking report? btw,googling email address is not stalking!

  51. This whole entry is so hilarious.. HAHAHA. Reading the comments are funnier. OMG most IPs are dynamic IPs and it changes all the time la sayang unless you use a static IP which I doubt ppl would use when making anon comments.

    Then again the police report stories are even funnier; I think you u shud stop replying coz you're making yourself a laughing stock here.

  52. Hahaha..I'll be waiting for ur mail den:)cops will mail?ur a joke of the
    Ur dad is a bogus cop den since he can't find the
    I think ur jus a coward kid seeing u writing this way.up to u wat u wanna write,it's jus demoralizing myself writing to a person of a grade like u:)
    Oh ya..remember to ask ur dad to bring cuffs and lawyer along

  53. Don't fall into her trap, commenter with a top police dad. See, she wants your dad to bring cuffs (kinky!) and lawyer (menage a trois?) It's just part of Babezane's dastardly plan to launch her new video, Aksi Blogger Terlampau...

  54. LOLed so hard @Lurex Avenger