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Imported Material

It does not make it sound more impressive when you say imported yada yada.

There's this store that sells her items and in the descriptions whether viscous, lycra, thick cotton, thin cotton, jersey cotton, in the descriptions it says "imported cotton"

I had previously made an order from her. It was just thin cotton.

And where is this cotton from? Imported from China?

I find it some what misleading especially since some of the pieces are in FACT lycra.


  1. Thank your lucky stars you didn't get the viscous one. I imagine that it would be pretty hard to remove, you'd end up looking like one of the oil soaked birds in the Gulf of Mexico

  2. yes, agreed! hate it when they label it "IMPORTED" and think it sounds so damn yeng -_-

  3. you sound as if you discriminate 'made in china' items. so what if they are imported from china?
    nowadays made in china goods are equally good, in case you don't realise.

  4. I think i know which blog you mean.. and no it's not lycra, lycra is different, it's cotton with elastane mix

  5. LOL to the viscousy birds :D
    It's VISCOSE!