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Lens lens oh where for art thou LENS

Bought contact lens from this blogshop a few times, and every time it goes on well till the last time.

The last time I ordered 4 pairs of lens but when I received the parcel, it only contains 3 pairs of lens. So I asked her why, she said one of them is out of stock and she will send to me in another batch. So it is okay to me even though I feel that she should have inform me in advance.

Later when I try on the lens, one pair is defected and so I tell her. She said she will replaced it. Again I am okay to hear that.

So after 2 months of waiting, no news from her. I tried to email her a few times, no reply. Then I try to leave a message in her chat box, immediately I received a reply of her asking me why am I haven't receive her lens yet. How I know? Because she didn't send or update me with tracking code?

She told me she will check on this and revert to me. 4 days passed. Still no news on her. Sent her another email, still no reply. Then try to leave message on her chat box again, and now she banned me! FML

I see that her blogshop is still operating. I mean it is not a big amount but I expect to see my lens here ASAP. Can someone help one this??


  1. What if u try contact her with different email account or phone number?
    Or try to set a meet up using other account,so u can trap her and talk face to face with her.
    Keep track with her blogshop, see her customers' feedback. Did they received their lens and satisfied with the blogshop service.

    Hope u can settle this and get your lens :)

  2. sob... So sad about that. Try lorrr

  3. sellers now a days ruining online shopping!

  4. Hi author, I'm planning to buy some lenses online too and would like to know which sellers to be more careful of. Any hints on which blogshop this is? Thanks in advance~!

  5. please please i don't know when will you ladies ever learn. NEVER EVER BUY LENSES ONLINE. :(
    *optician wannabe*

  6. Don't know is because of this rant or what, but I received my lens today (3 days after I posted this)

    But no reply or any email from her though...
    Guess I better not to tell which blogshop is that. But to those who wanna know, all I can say is this blogshop is quite famous in selling Geo Lens

  7. I guess every blogshop is scared of SMWDY ;)

  8. "please please i don't know when will you ladies ever learn. NEVER EVER BUY LENSES ONLINE. :("

    it's on the news today too. better buy from registered optician. because this is in regards of your health.

    please ok. clothes, bags, etc can, but contact lens...try not to.