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So if there's one thing I really can't stand, is INSENSITIVITY. I'm sorry, but I do not appreciate seeing your dogs pictured amongst your stock. I really don't. And I'm pretty sure this is not the first time, the infamous seller has done it again..

There's also a famous shop in Bangsar that lets her dog run amok in her shop going through all the maxi dresses that happens to be touching the grounds. Umm, hello? It's not nice okay sellers. Even if it were a cat, I still would not appreciate it, let alone bigger animals like dogs.


  1. please let me know the blogshop's name.

  2. dog running amok in a Bangsar shop, bleargghhhhh... dog drool on new dresses, imagine that.

  3. hmm seller should be more responsible and sensitive on this issue. it is not hygiene and seller should aware that your Muslim buyer might wear that cloth when praying. so it is not 'clean' for Muslim to perform the prayer wearing clothes that has been touched by dog.

  4. pls tell me which blogshop is this. thanks.

  5. please mail me the blogshop name too, thanks :)

  6. blogshop name pls.


  7. Yep. this is not a eligious issue anymore. It's more on HYGIENE.

    have you ever been allergic to dogs and cats?
    I tell you, sneezing 24-hours non stop, liquid running like tap water outta your customers' noses is NOT FUN.

    cat, dog or whatever, if they ain't human, they should not be in a shop.

    except pet shop, of course...

  8. blogshop name pls. since i am allergic. thank

  9. oh my god. i think i noe which bangsar shop is this. she even lets her dog sits on the tiny sofa which in the first place is meant for her customers. Maybe some people are still not aware that muslims cannot touch dogs? i don't know but the poyo me is right, it's no longer a religious issue, it's more on hygiene and clealiness now

  10. that is sooo true! it is SOOOOO not hygienic plus i would be pretty pissed if somehow the dog accidently ran into me or licked me than i have to 'samak' myself. come on people dogs and cats or whatever pets that you have should be at home. they don't have the needs to go shopping on weekends.
    yesterday i almost bumped into this girl who has a dog in her bag, thank goodness i swerved at the right time. fyi, i was at MidValley!

    Peeps, this is Malaysia. We're an asian country. We don't wear shoes in the house and the pretty much the same applies to pets, we don't bring them to shop with us!

  11. Oh god just shut up you whiny idiots. You don't like it? Don't buy! Who's asking you to buy from that blogshop? Who's asking you to go to that boutique?

    Incase you haven't noticed, animals live in this world too. You think the whole world and all of God's creatures should bow to your will and hide in holes just because you're not allowed to touch dogs?

    If you don't like dogs, don't buy clothes from this blog. If you don't like pets in public, stay at home.

  12. Dear Anonymous July 27, 2010 11:26 PM

    I think it's not only about religious sensitivity but also about hygiene. We all know dogs drool and like to lick around and some people may be allergic to animal fur, which in this case, include cats as well. I don't think I would want to buy black pants or dresses with any animal fur on them.

    If the seller keeps turtles or goldfish or even hamsters as pets, I believe this issue wouldn't be raised.

  13. To anon 11.26pm- either ur the blog shop owner or just an idiotic insensitive person who should go back to school n learn about some ethical values :s n fyi, the other anon is correct in expressing herself, dogs shouldnt b in a mall, n since ur an idiot, maybe u don't know how to read the signs to the entrance of the mall that pets are not allowed in! N it's not like she's saying that pets don't hv the right to live or play n b in public, but it should b in the right place, like a park or something, in case u haven't heard, central park in ou is a place for dogs n pets lovers to gather? So take ur pooch on over there, n let it roam about! Besides, u'll b doing a big favour to the poor animal who deserves to b treated like an ANIMAL n not some accessory just because some ppl plan on being Paris! N it's not just about some ppl who couldn't touch the dog because of religious values, but can't u think through ur thick head that if it's fur left as residue on places that the owner hv taken in while browsing through products ie: boutique, clothes can have serious effects on babies, ppl with serious ailments n pregnant ladies? Yeah.. Bet u didn't think through that as ur just plain ignorant n stupid n because u lovvvvvve dogs that ur willing to distress them with such activities!

  14. Anon July 27, 2010 11:26 PM sounds exactly like the seller in question in real life so I'm guessing it is her.

    She & her mom run the blog with their motto "WE ARE RIGHT, YOU ARE WRONG". So incredibly obnoxious.

    Our Malaysian very own Lindsay & Dina Lohan! Anak tak sedar diri with her enabler mother. tsk tsk tsk...

  15. Watch your language,Anon July 27, 2010 11:26 PM.

    I believe the author did not mean to have all the dogs in this world to be be hidden in holes because the muslims arent allowed to touch dogs.

    The author was just pointing on how INSENSITIVE some people can be. We only ask those boutique cum dog owners to be more reasonable thats all. I believe that's not too much to ask for.

    And fret not people like the author would not wanna buy something from boutique with dog in the premise licking all those garments.

  16. I wish there is a "LIKE" button here, anon July 28, 2010 11:06 AM , good points!

  17. It's not a matter of hygiene,FYI..I'm not the seller.
    Animals have their own freedom too.
    If ur my pet,I would lock u everyday at home..can't go to do u feel?
    FYI,pets are allowed in malls provided they ate small and dun poo around ok.else y there are petshop in malls?u guys prob are Muslim..that's why u guys anti dogs..if it was a cat or watever..I dun think it will be a big issue..

  18. If u dun Like from the blogshop don't buy from there ok,stop being a bitch.

  19. please let me know the blogshop's name.

  20. Wow...that's the most idiotic argument I have ever read "pets are allowed in malls...else why there's petshop in malls?" errr...probably it's called PetShop? But even then ppl who purchased pets from petshop can't simply parade their purchased pets...if you've purchased one before in mid (which I had) the animal would come in a BOX or caged...those in petshops are under license of the petshops...n if there's an exhibition in malls for animal show they also need a special license for it... N if u can't argue...please don't use the religious card to "try" n win an argument...because u'll look pathetic... N Muslims do not anti-dogs, Im a Muslim n my aunt has a dog as a pet too, n we r allowed to keep them so long as we "wash" or it's called samak ourselves whenever we want to perform religious duties...n if it's a cat, rabbits birds or whatever animal there is in the animal kingdom, people would still make a big fuss about it because it concerns with hygiene, unless ur the kind of person who doesn't mind wearing or buying clothes with all the furs n smell of the said my guest! But seriuosly?? I doubt it...for all u know ..all u ppl who r the real "bitch" would be the 1st ppl who would complain n ask for new stocks...

  21. To ANON JULY 29, 2010 11:56 PM

    Wow, you are beyond pathetic. "If ur my pet,I would lock u everyday at home..can't go to do u feel? FYI,pets are allowed in malls provided they ate small and dun poo around ok"

    First of all, Pets are NEVER EVER EVER allowed in malls. I suggest you go back and do your research before you say something ridiculously stupid. This is just plain ignorance. Yes, the author never said anything about locking pets in cages and not have them run free. It just has to be at the RIGHT PLACE.

    Pets are are at all times not allowed in Restaurants / Shops/ Malls / Banks / Clinics /wherever you could think of for a reason. There are enforce rules meant to protect public properties against animals thus making these places (INCLUDING MALLS AND BOUTIQUE SHOPS) a legally-enforceable "no pets" rule.

    If pets are allowed in malls (LIKE YOU SAID), soon we'll have goats, cows, and chickens in malls. Just as long, they 'ate' small and don't 'poo' right? right?

    Can't you just imagine the chaos that is bound to happen if there were animals in malls? The barks, and the meows, and the damage it could possibly bring to shop owners and the stock and everything? Just use your brain lah. And how would you be responsible for those who are allergic to animals? Would you be responsible if somebody gets an allergy attack because YOU think YOUR DOG needs to go into shopping malls?

    Also, many of the people who feel the need to disregard the 'no-pets' rules have vile, ill-tempered dogs that they cannot be bothered to TRAIN. Just like yourself :)

    For one thing, I am an animal lover too. But animals do not even know of the existence of shopping malls in the first place. If you'd like to walk them, take them jalan-jalan. Be my guest, take it to the nearest park or something. They don't need to be visiting One Utama, and stuff.

    You are rude, inconsiderate and you think rules don't apply to you. Either that or you don't even know the existence of such rules because you're just too damn ignorant.

    I hope you have a smarter, and intelligent comeback after this.

  22. Honestly, I feel that if you're sensitive regarding pets/allergic, it's best to just not visit such shops and boutiques that are clearly not a pet-free environment.

    Many ppl these days treat pets as their children, or as a member of their family, thus it's actually quite hard to ask them to change their lifestyles.

    The most effective way to get the message across is just to not visit these shops.

    Btw, I'm not speaking about an entire shopping mall but specific shops that keep pets.

  23. Reading July 30, 2010 9:31 PM comment prompts me to ask these people who bring pets everywhere: how can a person allergic to pets avoid non pet-free environment, if there are ignorant people keep bringing them to public places like shopping malls? Don't we know pet fur can be left possibly anywhere and is virtually difficult to detect?

    are we going to say: too bad lor, you pet-allergic people have to stay at home lor, don't go anywhere.

    don't these pet-allergic people also have to right to go anywhere?

    and another thing, shopping malls also have supermarkets, if your pet left fur/whatever over the food, are you going to buy the whole thing?

    and one more, pets are also bacteria/virus carriers and many of these can be passed to human. What if someone with weak immune system catches them? You wana bear the responsibility? I don't think people who are selfish enough to ignore the "NO PETS" sign would be considerate enough to bear responsible.

  24. July 30, 2010 11:44 PM:

    I'm the author of July 30, 2010 9:31 PM. I did state at the bottom of my comment that I do not mean shopping malls. This post was originally about online/offline boutiques and thus, I'm commenting about such boutiques and shops.

    I believe that we as consumers have the choice not to patronize a standalone online/offline business if we do not agree with their policies. Just as it is the seller's choice to include their pets in the business, we can choose not to buy from these shops.

    If you read my comment thoroughly, you'll see that I'm neither extremely pro nor anti pets. I do not even own a pet due to respiratory complications, thus how am I part of 'these people who bring pets everywhere'?

    I'm just stating the fact that sellers who operate from home/shoplots may be too attached to their pets to not "bring them to work". In response, if shoppers are bothered by that and have voiced their concerns to no avail, then the next most effective step to take is to avoid the shop and not give them your business.

    I'm sorry, your comment may have been written in the heat of the moment, but I do not appreciate being included in your attack on inconsiderate pet owners when I think you've missed the point of my comment.

  25. well miss July 30, 2010 9:31 PM , I guess you missed out this at the very beginning:

    Reading July 30, 2010 9:31 PM comment prompts me to ask these people who bring pets everywhere... blah blah blah...

    comment is not directed to you so chill and peace out.

  26. Pets are not allowed in most malls jus because it's a Muslim country.
    I believe that pets are allowed anywhere in other non Muslim countries.
    And if u have a prob with pets at shop,why do u wanna buy there?!jus hop on to another shop.
    I'm sure the seller can afford to lose a customer like

  27. From what I observe though, not many people are in the habit of bringing pets to shopping malls? Because of our Asian culture, I don't really think that bringing pets shopping will become that huge of a trend here.

  28. Why is miss Anonymous July 31, 2010 3:29 AM (who IMO probably the same anon above who said "u guys prob are Muslim..that's why u guys anti dogs.") keeps bringing up the religion point?
    It is clear in this post and comments, the issue is regarding insensitivity in hygiene and not because muslims and dogs!
    Please, you're being insensitive if you keep bringing up the Muslim part since its not the real issue. Everyone else seems fine not bringing that part up.