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Religious Querie

** Post has been deleted for the time being but I will leave the comments visible to all. For the ones who want my opinion on this matter, I do have a lot to say but time is not actually on my side sadly. It is the sale month on my end and work load has been swamped. Will voice out in 2 days. **


  1. may i know why are you asking that question? are you suggesting that other religion allow their followers to get drunk and wear bikini to flaunt their bodies?

    p/s: i'm not "Islamic people" or aka Muslim, but my bestest friend is.

  2. sensitive issue..

  3. LOL
    girls these days are not what they used to be;
    in every single religion, there are girls who wear revealing clothes and go clubbing,
    it's becoming a norm in malaysia,
    it's against everything we studied in moral in school but
    apa nak buat?

  4. To author : Where have you been for the past 50 years?

  5. lol. I wonder in what environment you live in.

  6. SMWDY- Sensitive issue,shouldn't post this as it will just be making things worst..

  7. its reality, we all know that. its offensive to some muslims. since not everyone is like that. so yeah.

  8. And may I know why only Islamic people is highlighted? :P

  9. why must the author play dumb? what's your point?

  10. I'm A MuslimJuly 1, 2010 at 11:54 PM

    Hello i'm a muslim. yeah it is a sin for us to drink alcohol,eat pork, revealing our body,hair which is our aurat. but let me tell u one thing. this is not about you're Muslim or non Muslim. Even if u are Christian or Buddhist or etc, there will be good followers and bad followers. and i have to admit myself, i'm a Muslim but i may not a good one. after all, it is all between me and my Creator. We might never know if one day the sinned person repent, and the Almighty will never disgrace anyone. So who are we to judge?

  11. I guess the author meant that because we have all learnt that Muslims are forbidden from drinking alcohol and they have to cover every part of their body besides their palms, feet and face (thus baju kurungs & tudungs). Though I do know a lot of Muslims no longer practice such acts.
    Just trying to point out what the author might be trying to say.

  12. Just like what honey said, why such cases only pointed out to Muslim people? Christian, Buddha, Hindu, etc, are you allowed to do all that actually?

  13. Is normal already la..i saw malay girl wearing tudung & baju kurung on the stair lif hung the guy and the guy cubit the girl bum also like this even the shopping is so many people...

  14. this is racist post!

    take it out before ppl start to get mad lah!

    cos i m starting to hate you SMWDY!

    why are you posting this and highlighted the Islamic???

    even if it s reality, dont go for the racist or religious!!

    u are bringing the muslim readers to hate you more with this post, remove this post or this to be circulated among the muslim communities!

    dont tell we dont warn you..

    im serious.

  15. i think there is a misconception as to the definition of a muslim...a Muslim or an Islamic person is a person who practices his beliefs faithfully....assuming that this "Islamic" person you're talking about would be a Malay (since the general conception of a Malay in Malaysia is a Muslim)...let me just tell you that a Malay does not equate to being a please do not say things like " a lot of Muslims no longer practice such acts" reference would be more appropriate if it is directed to the race...

    There are Muslims from other races as well...may it be Indians, Chinese or Malay..but the race itself does not define a person's religion..

    The person you saw selling clothes/clubbing may be a Malay but she is not a Muslim by definition...

    Im not trying to preach...believe a liberal person myself...but just feel like clarifying things so that those who are non Muslim would get a clearer view :)

    Btw its all the same with other religions friend who's a buddhist basically agrees that such situation can also occur between the chinese (just saying since majority are buddhist in msia)

    just my two cents :)

  16. anon 12:45am,

    did you do that to the columnists who wrote in the newspapers?

    u're one of those troublemakers who magnify a simple nothing to public issue like racism, terrorism and etc.

    stop harassing this site. we have the freedom of speech.

  17. hello :) I've been a loyal reader since SMWDY was created. the posts here are interesting to be read. well this one caught my attention. i've seen indian(hindus,christians,etc.) girls wear bikini, drink alcohol and go clubbing. i've seen chinese(buddhist,christian,etc.) girls doing the same thing too. and i've also seen malay girls(muslim/islam)doing exactly the same thing too. but I must say that NOT all of them are like that. and in my opinion, girls who wear bikini, drink alcohol and go clubbing, not all of them are bad. well they might be bad followers for their religion, but they're not bad people, bad as in bad lah :P but when I come to think about it all over again, who am I to say that they're bad followers right? I myself am not perfect so who am I to judge them? so just let them be. whatever they wear, what they do, what they drink or whatever, that's between them and the Creator. that's not between us and them. right, dear author & SMWDY? :) i know, we all know that it's reality, but then, why are we here at first place? are we here to talk about religions or we're here to talk about blogshops,buyers and sellers? :) dear author, i understand why you said that, Islamic girls get drunk and wear bikini to flaunt their bodies sounds so wrong. sounds sinful to me too, but what does it have to do with us right? :) let them be. sensitive issues are very debatable. try to keep our personal views towards the others to ourselves. try not to post them on blogs to be exact, because you might not know what happens next, right dear author, readers and SMWDY? :) peace (^_^)Y

  18. how does this got to do with the terrors of online shopping =.=

    meh BORING!! not to mention totally redundant.

    SMWDY is not the place to raise issues about race/religion, why don't we just stick to bad shopping experience for now.

  19. this post has nothing to do with the online shopping and

    SMWDY is just posting this up to get extra attention since this blog is getting boring these days.

  20. yawns. we need stories! n not all these "inquiries"? :\
    where's the button to click to slap author? maybe SMWDY should provide this button instead.

    every religion has their own beliefs, so lets not talk about this sensitive issue, kay? not all people who club are bad, just as not all people who prays are good. so lets not generalize, kay?

    peace...~~~ (^.^)V

  21. I would prefer to slap SMWDY for raising sensitive issues.

  22. Yalah, what has this issue had to do with online shopping? It's up to anyone from any religious/race to sell anything they want to sell.

    SMWDY, unless you want to open up a new forum on current issue to debate about, let's just stick to the real deal of this website- to vent about "puke blood" situation (quoting your own words).



  24. i know who the author referring to. there's a blog selling sexy mexy clothes n she link her personal blog in her blogshop.

    its only fair for u to see n judge yourself. once a while, i stalk her personal blog and i admit i do feel disgusting sometimes, but maybe that's her way, so i don't go criticize much.

    the clue: her blogshop just been featured in S.R yesterday :P.

  25. awww come on! seriously you're being shallow here. as many have mentioned before me, this is not about one's religion, its about her personal choices. Doesn't all other religion forbids its follower to do all those thing that u've mentioned in the post because it only brings us harm but why in the world do you have to highlight the fact that she's a muslim girl?

    "The Bible says alcoholic drink is evil. It is not just the amount one drinks that makes drinking a sin. God condemns the drink itself. (Prov 20:1 KJV) Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise"

    Christianity forbids its follower to drink alcoholic beverage too,so what difference does it make between that muslim girl and the other christian girl who goes out clubbing and passes out drunk? both are sinners aite? the most obvious reason would be both of them aren't religious, thats all!

    my point is, you do not have point fingers by saying she's muslim/malay and she's behaving badly. it could just be said as she's a girl who doesn't behave. then people won't get worked up.


  26. this post mmg got nothing to do with smwdy. but somehow this can be seen from on9 blogshops as well. some muslim will even show half balls while photographing (no generalising as according to the post). even the others besides muslim are doing it. it's not healthy and yada yada. but that sells. as long as one is not doing anything beyond the law (but i think under syariah drinking/pakaian menjolok mata against the law?) then it's ok la. chill la ppl. don't get all worked up and start to threaten ppl around. this shows we never maju at all. still wanna stick to those childish racist sentiments for what? already 1malaysia. bukan 1opinion only.

  27. this blog is getting bored....shall move to NOS which is a blog where really talk about online shopping experience. SMWDY please try to recall the initial intention you set up this blog. :)

  28. Come one, spare SMWDY some flak. The author, though, should not have gone spying/prying into a personal blog and commenting publicly using words that can easily be taken at face value as religiously sensitive.

    However, if taken on the context that the seller's choice of clothes to sell contravenes the norms of her religion, and this offends the held norms and beliefs of society and online shopping community, then it is an online shopping issue.

    We have seen complains in the past by buyers and sellers that they feel offended at how certain sellers choose to use sexy poses to sell clothes. We can say that it's none of their business, but that doesn't mean it's not an issue of online shopping.

    I guess what the author is trying to say is that we've been brought up to respect that Muslims are forbidden from drinking alcohol and flaunting their bodies.

    In fact, when we visit our Muslim friends and neighbours, we are sure to avoid gifting anything that is alcohol related, and we make sure to wear more modest attire. When ladies visit goverment departments, we may even choose to wear baju kurung. These are signs of respect on our part, whether we are Muslim or non Muslim.

    It's not that other religions allow their followers to indulge in such hedonistic acts. It's just that in Malaysia, we were brought up observing that there are religious laws which forbid Muslims from partaking in certain acts. Such laws do not apply to other religions, as long as there is no unruly conduct or indecent exposure.

    Thus, it is not really racist or not racist, as Muslims can be held legally responsible by Syariah law, while Syariah law does not apply to other religions. So in that sense, yes, non Muslims are allowed within boundaries to get drunk and wear bikinis. It's not morally or religiously acceptable, but it is not unlawful.

  29. I think you guys are getting the author's point completely wrong. I agree with Anon @ July 2, 3.45AM.

    Yes it's true that people of all religions do it, yada yada yada. But the thing now is in our country, if a Muslim does something against the religious teachings, he/she will be punished by law. So basically, it's a common assumption that Muslim girls are all well-covered up, don't eat pork, don't drink, don't club because these actions are not allowed in the religion.

    Yes there are loads of them who do it, and it turns out to be illegal. Some just stay out of the way of enforcement officers, some just don't give a damn. It's like a stereotype when you think about it, you see a Muslim girl doing something you think Muslims don't do, and you'll go like "Hey I thought they're not allowed to.. etc."

    To those bashing SMWDY up, seriously people. What has this gotta do with her? This may be a place you go to for juicy stories, but at the same time this also acts as a place for people to voice out their opinions. SMWDY is just a medium for us to do so.

    No eyes see.

  30. agree with panda. no all nonreligious people are bad. alahh, author tu mcm baik sangat pulak. dapat free ticket masuk syurga ke?? goshh!

    man, this place is boring!

    btw,this post has nothing to do with the online shopping! it just about orang kampung who just got hit by a reality slap.

  31. Author is sucks!July 2, 2010 at 2:36 PM

    if youre talking about the girl who owns the M boutique which the site has been reviewed at SR like what Lazy Shoppers(July 2, 2010 2:31 AM) said,please get ur fucken facts right!
    are u sure that she's a Muslim?
    just because she's celebrated Hari Raya?
    don';t you read it carefully, that was her 1st time experienced it! 1st time wearing baju kurung and etc. I think she's just following some of her Muslim friends to experience the Hari Raya.
    cos she is onbviously said she's from Philipines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's maybe just migrate here or what,like who cares.
    So Author don simply write and post your story here and accusing people. Tell me what is your hidden agenda of pointing MUSLIM doing these and those? Now tell me what religion are you and ARE YOU A GOOD FOLLOWER AS WELL?
    btw, get your fucken fact right before u start judging others!
    I'm so pissed off with the Author.

  32. Ah god. The more i read the more i feel boring la.

  33. those ppl tat dun like this site, then dun come n read la, if u read, means u r interested, some more u commented, means u really really love this site.
    from other way of point of view, as if ppl here or smwdy likes u..

  34. I still don't get why SMWDY published this. It's not juicy, it has nothing to do with the author's "shopping experience" and she's not even venting! She's only 'wondering'!

    I am kinda offended because I think author is purposely trying to ignite anger - most likely from the Muslim readers. It's nothing new and yeah, it's the reality but WHY do you want to point out the obvious?


    "I was so weird when i read her blog, she love to clubbing with her friends but i was wondering if Islamic people are allowed to get drunk and wear bikini to flaunt their bodies?"

    First, what's so weird? You've never been to clubs? Under which tempurung did you come from? I've never been to clubs but I sure as hell know people of all races and religions go clubbing. Second, you must not be 'wondering' since you KNOW that Muslim are not allowed to get drunk and flaunt their bodies because you already pointed that out.

    So what is the author's point in writing this here?

    Does SMWDY look like some kind of religious site where we shopaholics can answer your query?

    Slap author x100


    boooo SMWDY! For backing up the author by saying it's the reality and for publishing this. Seriously, does it need to be pointed out? I'm sure anyone who knows how to work a computer knows this. Unless, you come from the same tempurung as the author.

  35. To anon 1:07pm

    Quote: This may be a place you go to for juicy stories, but at the same time this also acts as a place for people to voice out their opinions. SMWDY is just a medium for us to do so.

    Since when SMWDY a place to voice out your opinion on a person's religion? I thought it's a place to share your shopping experience and vent.

  36. Gile malu lah this author. Did you just go through this person's pictures in the blog or you actually read it? The best part is, she's not even Malay looking! Pfft

  37. I agree with anon at 2:39
    what's the big deal la people,
    you're accusing the author and smwdy of being racist and all that but they aren't at all....
    arent you being a bit too sensitive about it yourself?

  38. AGREE WITH JULY 2, 2.39PM.


  39. this author is so the very busybody punya people! u got nothing to do ka?? jaga tepi kain orang saja pandai.. eeeuwwww~~

  40. i wonder which blog, i'm so curious now, any hint??

  41. i believe every person has their own beliefs and rights to do anything they want. but, it is for us to decide whether to change for good or the other way round. It doesnt matter if u're a muslim , christian, buddha or any other religion. Every religion teaches for the better of ourselves.

    The author shouldnt emphasize on muslims only because other religions pun mengharamkan alcoholic drinks etc.

    i'm sorry SMWDY, i am a big fan of this website but u shouldnt post this up. reality or not, it is a sensitive issue. you should delete this asap.


  42. author you really need to shut the hell up and mind your own beeswax.

  43. comeon it's the internet, u can't control what people say, plus, yes, it happens all around us, it's not something false right?
    and yes, people of other religions do that too, but then, what she say isn't all wrong.
    Don't have to be so sensitive and angry and bringing up racist thing. it isn't really, unless u're not open enough to accept the fact, or just plain ignorant. really.

  44. why is it so hard for us to talk about sensitive issues these days? I mean, we living in multi-races country, and we know fashion plays an important roles for us today. If we can be very VERY open minded about fashion, why can't we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of it?

    and the author never accused anyone but simply asking, you mind ASKING whether they can wear it or not. I don't think this is racist, SMWDY is right when she said this is reality. Not only that, it applied to all Malaysian since out teenagers nowadays is becoming more violent than before.

    And please la people, why is it so big issue even she talk about a certain religion only? it's her experience for shopping online, and it's her right to say something about it.

    It's such a childish and ridiculous say for those who can't accept it.

    Sedangkan kaum majoriti berasa terancam dengan soalan kecil seperti ini, inikan pula kaum minoriti??

  45. wa all this hate, i don't get it wei. i actually think it's a legit question *don't kill me!* not as a matter of racism or...religionism :S but more as a matter of principle. muslim, buddhist, christian, hindu; nobody's perfect right? and that's the reality of it.

    i think author may have brought it up cos it's a very black and white issue with Islam, as opposed to other religions? as in, in other religions it's usually the overindulgence of alcohol that is prohibited (Jesus turned water into wine!) but in Islam it's a clear DO NOT DRINK thing :) my point of view!

    and for all you who are saying that SMWDY should delete this because it's a "sensitive issue" : i think you are cowards. HELLO? we live in the 21st century! age of information! sensitive issues abound on the internet, and covering them up or hush hushing isn't going to solve anything at all. that's just backward and typically malaysian thinking and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    i actually think this is one of the more interesting (interesting being controversial) topics brought up in SMWDY. even if author didn't present her case very well.

    oh, and to anon #15...according to the Federal Constitution, Article 160, a Malay is "someone who habitually speaks the Malay language, practises Malay culture, and embraces Islam." so yes, by definition of CONSTITUTION, all malays are muslim.

    no offense intended to anyone with my last comment. but you should really get the facts right before making an argument la yeah ^_^

    peace! (Y)

  46. Anon July 3, 2010 1:03 AM

    she's not asking. there's a different between asking and being sarcastic.
    another thing, what is she trying to tell? her shopping experience? yes i know this is a reality,but she simply said that owner is a Muslim when she's a Filipino. she said the owner is Muslim because she celebrated Hari Raya?
    we are not get offended with the Muslim-go-clubbing and such issue, yes i admit it is reality. but author should get her facts right in the 1st place.
    this is a place where we share about shopping experience right?
    may i know how does buying clothes from a Muslim owner wearing bikini and drinking liquor affects Author's online shopping experience? (if its true that the owner religion is Islam).
    Nuff said.

  47. what has this got to do with SMWDY?

    wonder who to slap here?
    wonder wonder wonder.....

  48. I want to hear SMWDY's opinion on this issue, and everyone saying that this has nothing to do with online shopping, and everyone saying Nightowl>SMWDY. Curious.

  49. i think everyone here is overreacting to the author's post.

    For one, i think she pointed out the fact that the seller was a muslim because we all know that according to their religion they have very RIGID rules. That is the fact. So is it wrong for the author to point out that Muslims can't drink and flaunt their body? Isn't that the truth?

    And anyway, i think she is referring to the general population and not just muslims in particular. because following that sentence she wrote "what's happening to GIRLS nowadays?" so it's GIRLS and not MUSLIMS.

    i'm guessing most of you here are overreacting because either
    a. you are attempting to prove that you are very liberal and open minded
    b. you are guilty of the said thing mentioned by the author and are merely trying to vindicate your own actions.

  50. i demand that this post to be deleted.this got nothing watsoever got to do with online shopping. its her life whether u like it or not, i used to be like her but now im a happily married woman with a cute adorable son.

  51. sumpah jen ni memang bodoh. pandai pandai.

    it is a sensitive issue people. have some bloody respect.

    reality or not, it shouldnt be discussed here. author should mind her own bloody business. sibuk jaga tepi kain orang.

  52. if its about the M shop, i don't think she's a malay. and i don't think she's a girl either. sorry.

  53. i'm trying not to be a pessimist here and take things negatively but sorry SMWDY i just think its waaaay out of your main intention of setting this blog up. i know this post may seem a little bit (yes, just a little bit) related to blogshops, which is the owner links her personal blog at her shop. i don't even think that's a problem. everyone can do whatever they want to. they wanna murder people, up to them. they know the consequences they can get by doing so. its either they could get caught, or they can just run away from it.

    SMWDY. by saying, ITS REALITY. you think that helps? no bitch, sorry. author, you're not pointing out on ALL religions here in the world, this post is mainly dedicated to only ONE. which is Islam. its a bit offensive for Muslim readers don't you think? how bout you cover up by saying, "chill, there are also buddhist, christians, hindus etc. and all who drink, wear bikinis, go clubbing, all and all". but still, no, it doesn't help that way. again, because it has nothing to do with blogshops and all.

    different religions, different ways, different opinions. lets just keep it personal. and don't have to it point out if you yourself is not good enough. fyi, you're at a place to bitch around about sellers / buyers / the whole thing about online shopping! does this sounds good to you?

    and if i were to say, "it really is 1Malaysia but its an Islam country you're living in. hate it? then leave." does that hurt? does this sounds racist to you?

    oh yeah author, please tell me you're an angel.

    again i'm sorry if i was harsh but i've lost my respect for you brainless people. its really none of your business. and i think i know what shop are you talking about. featured in SR that day. first of all, i don't think she's a Muslim. she doesn't even look like one. she doesn't even have a Muslim name! (CLEARLY STATED) heh.

    READ AND OBSERVE PROPERLY! don't be a blind mice.

  54. i think the whole point of this post is to shows how limited the author perception to the world. sangat kesian dekat dia.

    booo SMWDY for cheap publicity!

  55. to author - r u a chinese? or indian?

  56. To SMWDY, we certainly don't need anymore tensions on race issues.
    Seriously, politicians are already making a hoo-haa trying to cause more chaos plus I really don't know why you posted up this story anyway. Isit really because you're desperate or you just love causing troubles.
    Look what this site have done Shopping Gazebo!

    SMWDY, you should really say something about this since I know you've been commenting on stories here & there so why don't you voice out now ?

    p/s : Wonder if you would really post this up.


  57. excuse me Jen..i would have to disagree with you...the constitution MAY be a reference to some things..but believe is also wrong in sooooooo MANY ways as well! just because the term "Malay" has been defined to include "a person who practices the religion of islam" does not mean THAT it is the correct version to be adopted....they are just laws and laws can be interpreted and amended....or else why do you see soooo many cases such as Lina Joy, Meor Atiqurrahman and etc questioning the Federal Constitution?

    btw....what ever your religion don't go around telling people from other religion on how to lead their life and what are the CORRECT term of their religion/race? that is just soooooooo wrong on so many levels!!

    it's like a jew telling a Muslim how to lead their life!

    ;s besides, I have a friend who is a CHINESE, habitually speaks Malay, practices the Malay culture and a convert to Islam...soo what? are you saying that she is a MALAY by definition of the constitution?? because she certainly DOES sounds life she belongs to that category!

    fyi....please dont lecture on something law related if you are only going to quote the FC based on face value!

    peace right back to you!!

  58. A Muslim is not necessarily a Malay by definition, but a Malay is definitely a Muslim. (what Jen said was right.)

  59. To me..this is a sensitive issue.And to author and those people who said the author is asking/wondering..Let me ask you all now..You all don't know meh Islamic people are allowed to get drunk and wear bikini to flaunt their bodies or not??
    what I know..having sex before married is not allowed in all religion (please correct me if I'm wrong)..Beside ..parents won't allowed their kids to have sex before married too!!


    What you all gonna say??
    Miss Chubby..I'm sorry..I don't agree with you this time.

  60. Any thoughts, Ferocious Me?

  61. why in the world are most of you blowing the whole thing out of proportion?
    the author is just asking about and raising public awareness of the acts of girls nowadays.
    and is it not true that it is HARAM for islamic ladies to drink alcohol and wear skimpy clothing?
    for those who keep on pushing SMWDY to delete this story are you just trying to hide the truth out there and REFUSE to admit what is really happening?
    please la, no one's an angel; stop being in denial.

  62. We are not trying to hide the truth or refuse to happy, nor do we live in denial. The issue now is NONE of you have the LOCUS STANDI to pretend to be dumb by posting such question in a blog that was set up to vent about your shopping experience. Why must the author did that in the first place? The author knows very well the fact that Muslims are not allowed to drink and flaunt their bodies with sexy clothes. But author still pointed out that question.. so what is the purpose? What is the author trying to say? The author purposely did that to humiliate the Muslims rite? Please, cukup-cukuplah menghina orang. Yang menghina tu pun bukanlah bagus sangat.

  63. That's why I'm an AtheistJuly 4, 2010 at 1:15 AM

    I wonder why we cannot just sit down, chill, discuss the whole religion issue like a rational citizen, so everybody can benefit from understanding yours and ours religion better.

    Why is it when somebody questions a religion thingy, it has to be automatically deemed as "sensitive" issue? Is this the result of too much brainwashing from politicians? Am I wrong to think that all religions aimed at promoting peace and wellbeing for all mankind?

    So chill peeps, we are all adults, we can tackle grown-up issues like a grown-up, no?

  64. The author started it.
    And someone should ending it.

    who will it be??
    b.Ferocious Me

  65. wtf you people are seriously over-reacting!
    you're taking this issue seriously too close to your heart!

    perhaps the author herself is muslim? maybe she wants to point it out and bring light up upon the matter?

    who knows?

    so chill la. just appreciate that this blog isn't as censored as everything there is out there and face reality.

  66. watever it is...i agree wit anon july 3 2010,3:14pm...
    i don think d shes a malay or a muslim..
    n i doubt if she a real woman or not..
    she look transvestite to me...LOL..

  67. i've been a loyal reader to SMYDY.

    I still can take it when u post still publish this post, but its disturbing when u say, 'Its reality..."

    Real or not, Muslim, Christian or Buddhist, its not a relevant topic in SMYDY.

    "** Please note that not all stories will be published. If they are deemed irrelevant, unsuitable or maybe there has been one too many of the similar story, they will remain unseen. Cool? "

    Ferocious You should stop this. Delete, perhaps?

  68. admin, why did you delete it?
    you just gave in to all those obnoxious freakshows who can't admit what's going on in the real world :(

  69. reality ke denial ke, this is NOT a religious forumn!whats next SMWDY? isu pembuangan anak?

  70. SMYDY, i m at yr side. You should not just delete this post, and yes what the author saying is 'question in her mind' only, so what's wrong with that. And we all know this is reality too??Don't we?? For those who cannot face/accept it, just tepi sikit lar.. dont so over re-acting macam ppl from stone age.. Pls la.. Get yr ass off here and move on. You guys just too harsh to SMYDY.

  71. this is why we can never get freedom of speech in malaysia. everyone just assumes the worse and think of EVERYTHING as an attack towards them. i don't think the author is trying to be sarcastic at all, when we were raised to believe in one thing and then something else happens, do we just shut up or question the truth?

    SMYDY's website is a free public domain, who are you to say what she can post or cannot, if don't like don't readlah close the window. the weirdest part is most of the comments are more racist than the post itself! malu to read all this...


  73. i dont mind this topic, as everyone says its normal. but i do mind that its published HERE. as in, in a shopping blog. maybe its related a tiny bit to shopping because its a seller's blog.
    but seriously if author is bothered/wants to know the truth/really wanna question this matter why not firstly ask her friends? then maybe publish it to an appropriate blog like the blog publishing juicy stories (leave email if u wanna know) as opposed to a place for confessions of 'puke blood' situations of online shopping.

  74. agree with anon 8:07pm. SMWDY had totally lost it. recall back why you set this site up in the first place. this is just nothing close to bad / happy online shopping experience! author should voice this somewhere appropriate, so she could get all her answers. not here. there's nothing wrong about this post, just that its published HERE, at the wrong place. and SMWDY kept quiet about this. i wonder why..

  75. I dont know if anyone read today's The Star newspaper with headline:

    10 couples caught naked daily on Terengganu beaches

    “For non-Muslim couples, we could only advise them on the sensitivity of their action to the locals but Muslims caught will be produced before the Syariah Court,” he said

    U see the difference between non-muslim and muslim?

    So what if non muslim go to club, drink alcohol and wear skimpy outfits? We do not break the law but Muslims do. Muslim get canes for consuming alcohol and that is the fact.

    So the answer would be YES if u ask, "dont the non-muslim do that as well?" but No,non muslims do not get convicted in Syariah Court or cane for drinking.

    Muslims aren't suppose to do any of that, and they should cover themself and wear tudung. Go live a month in Terengganu and u know what a real muslim is like.

    No entertainment, no alcohol, different check out counter for male and female, no tight fitting clothings, skirt must be over your knee and etc.

  76. real muslim only in terengganu? hmm, u're shallow.


  78. Anon 11:10am

    I'm confused. You mentioned there'd be 10 couples (Muslims and non-Muslims) caught naked daily on Terengganu beaches, but then you're telling us to live in Terengganu to know what a real Muslim is like.

    What are you trying to imply here?

  79. Real muslim in terengganu get caught for everything, that's why they have to hide and muslim in the city gets to do most of the haram things openly! haha

    I got friends who work as waiter in clubs and they told me that there are more and more modern malays nowadays, smoking & drinking alcoholic beverages are just so normal. They are even VIP members what? I myself seen so many too. Go to clubs and check it out if u dont believe, especially KL city area clubs.

    The author is shallow... not anon 11.09pm! HAHA

  80. Good thing Muslims have much stricter laws and punishments when they drink.

    Apparently, *some* non-Muslims get soooo drunk after a night of clubbing and stupidly enough drive while intoxicated. There's tonnes and tonnes of cases where drunk drivers get into deadly accidents and other innocent people are oftentimes involved too.

    So what is happening to people nowadays?

    Hey, I know this is off-topic and doesn't have anything to do with shopping BUT AS SOME OF YOU HAVE MENTIONED, we're free to voice out our opinions. So don't get sensitive or over-react, as what some of you said. :)

    But if you want me to relate this with "shopping experience", maybe I could add something like "I found this kind of news from a blogshop who had a link to a news site".

    I think that might do it, since it seems to be SMWDY's definition of "shopping experience".

    Oh, and SMWDY, this is reality as well, so why don't you publish this kay, hun? ;)

  81. just like many misbehaves done by the malays and muslims, there are also so many sickening things and conduct that the non-malays and non-muslims have done but we muslims and malays do not voice it out HERE especially, in the name of respect. so why must you INITIATE this? i admit some of the malays, the liberal one especially, do drink and do flaunt their body by wearing sexy outfit.. even if it has become common, or pretty common, why must you point it out to us? there are still malays and muslims out there who could be offended by this post and sinister remark. kita tak kacau awak, awak jangan lah kacau kita semua pulak. susah sangat ke nak jaga hati orang lain? why must you do that?

    by the way, with regards to the person who recommended the people to stay in Terengganu for a month TO KNOW WHAT A REAL MUSLIM IS LIKE, with due respect, that person has no locus standi to talk about how to know what a real muslim is like, when you have very minimal knowledge of islam. it is very premature of you to say or suggest as such.

  82. I think....

    girls who wear sexy clothes, wear bikini to flaunt their body, (which I can see her boobs, the shape of her ass)

    girls who drink alcohol

    girls who go clubbing

    girls who practice one night stand

    It happens in every single religion.Not need to put blame on Muslims. We're now closed to Judgment Day ,that's why there are many problems regarding social issues.

    To SMWDY, its time for you to speak out.

  83. i have no idea what do you guys want SMYDY to speak out about, do you guys want her to make a conclusion statement about this matter? or apologies on her comment, come one, grow up a bit plureeeeez......
    Just like what That's why I'm an Atheist comments said, why cant we just chills about religion issue...

  84. I am a fan of SMWDY too.

    I respect SMWDY's decision to post this entry and to delete it. Afterall, we don't own this blog.. why are we demanding so much from her? It's entirely up to her discretion. We can assume, accuse and what not, but I think it's not nice to question her on the decision made.

    As for this hot topic, or rather, sensitive to some, males or females, of cos by right should not indulge in EXCESSIVE addictions - gambling, drinking alcohol, sex and etc. This is in general - not about religion.

    As for tagging religion to modern people's behavior, don't you agree it's quite a grey area now? What the "books" say can be interpreted in many ways. Perception is the key. If you feel clean, clear and guiltless despite hinging on the indulgences, then go ahead. Your God will give you the answers, human beings can't.

    I don't blame the author for posing the question here. What began as an innocent question expanded into mega forum-kind discussions.

    Relevant to SMWDY or not, I guess we all still read this post despite the relevancy, yea? I don't think it's for publicity but I see there's a value for discussion.

    I am a free thinker (yea i will go to hell, some believe) but neither I can say, "hey you, stop the smoking, drinking, having sex before marriage and blahblahs." I will just tell you, "have morale, integrity and dignity whatever you do."

  85. This is tooooooooooootally getting out of control ><

  86. so much for "will voice out in 2 days"...

  87. Hmm. Interesting. Personally am with SMYDY on this (not deleting the post). Yes, it's true that it is a sensitive topic and all that and that it's non-related to shopping. But,

    No. 1: It's the 21st century and we ARE/SHOULD be moving forward. Instead of sweeping everything under the carpet and saying 'it's a sensitive issue, delete it", we should be saying, 'it's a sensitive issue. But it can always be debated politely." Ignoring the issue and refusing to even LISTEN to other people's point of view--how will Malaysia progress in terms of real unity. We're encouraging our younger generation/OUR generation to stick to their own culture/religion/race at whatever the cost. How then can there be unity when we can't even be civil and voice out our opinions on various issues? There's a difference between being stubborn, being defensive, being civil and being attacking. We just have to find the balance. And if we all constantly stick to saying, "it's a sensitive issue. cannot bring up." then we're never gonna find that balance. (PS. on this note, my multi-racial friends and I are more than fine talking about these issues occasionally. It's good knowledge).

    No. 2: About this being non-related to shopping--very valid point. But as also recently pointed out, it's a value for discussion. But then again, if majority of us are the 'sensitive-issue-don't-talk-about-it' kind of person, then the value of discussion in here is lost anyway. However, is it not a good thing that SMYDY is turning out to be something MORE than just a place of online shopping experience? These kind of topics are stimulating and actually do make a difference in changing your perception on very real issues in the world or even enlightening you on them. SMYDY already has a forum-platform thing going on, why limit it to only online shopping experiences? I'm sure we're more than that. :) We're part of an online shopping community--true. But we're also real people, with real lives, dealing with real situations in OUR very real country. And will not stimulating/mature discussions like these (if we can handle it), benefit us in the end by giving us the opportunity to broaden our view?


    PS. On the original post itself, I think you guys have already made all the relevant points. :)

  88. :( i feel sorry for SMWDY. hang in der dear..

    and as for the blog, M - i am a fren of hers and she is from filipinie.. an interior designer with an established company too.. hmm.. who are we to judge her.. regardles of the religion. she earns her money, lives her life. we should too. stop obsesing so muc abt others..

    :( i feel sad tho abt some ppl's mindset.