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Penny for your thoughts... anyone?

Not a rant, but would like to get people's opinion on what to do.

I run sprees and take partial payments as deposit. There's 1 customer who ordered about RM1k worth of stuff, and paid the deposit of RM800 quite quickly (before it was due).

She was a great customer. Didn't rush us, didn't harass us for updates (though we do send updates to her quite frequently) and totally understood when her stuff got delayed (some stuff got damaged and we had to get replacements reshipped).

Finally her items arrived to our hands (a couple of days before the due date we set) and we emailed her about it to get the final payment before we sent her stuff out.

There's where the headaches started.

We emailed her multiple times (she used to reply within 3 days) but no reply. Then we SMSed and emailed, no reply. We got impatient by the third week and emailed and SMSed her saying that we need to know when she can pay us, or we'll forfeit her deposit.

A few days later she replied via SMS saying that she forgot about it (RM800 paid can forget ah?) and would pay us by the end of the week.

Nothing for the next two weeks.

We sent another email and SMS which were basically repeats of the previous one, but with a due date set. We also put in a note that if she can't pay us by then, she should get back to us on when she can and we'll hold her items for her until then.

Again, she replied only a few days later saying she will pay us within the following week.

So, we agreed and even gave her a few more days to pay up.

That day was today, but no sign of the money.

Now her stuff has been sitting in my room all nicely packed up for the past 1.5 months.

Should I give her another chance? Frankly I'm fed up already since I've given her >5 chances, but then again it's a lot of money to forfeit.


  1. Sell it on your blog my dear :) Simple!

  2. Maybe you can inform her if she doesn't pay within the next 3 days, you'll send her the RM800 (which she has paid) worth of stocks only.

  3. Give it another 2 weeks and sms her about the deadline.. if she still doesn't make payment then sell it in your blog..

  4. rm800 is a lot of money but she doesnt seem to be the anxious one so why should you worry? ;)

    wait for another week or two to see if she gets back to you, if not the rm800 is yours and sell off the stuff she bought.

  5. I agree with Anon #2. It's more ethical than keeping the money & sell the items. You do have her address, right?

  6. yep, send the the RM800 worth of stocks. i personally dont think you should forfeit her RM800 as like u said she has been nice and paid quickly. RM800 is alot of money. I reckon give her another chance, people might be forgetful at times and who knows she is just that busy. I even got customers not collecting their goods for over a yr but they still come back for it :) If you are not comfortable seeing it, just send her the RM800 worth of products and sell the rest on your blog :)

  7. I'm with anon above. Just send out the RM800 worth and sell off the rest.

    She may either be forgetful or she may have had some financial trouble. You'll never know. She was kind enough to make payment promptly and haven't been much of a hassle. So yeap she deserve another chance at least.

  8. the buyer met accident? the buyer has emergency issue going on? mm.. probably send an email again, give her a deadline (1month from now) like some anons said, if she stil unable to make it nor reply, then u said u will sell her items off but will keep the rm800 until further request by the customer, let's say refund or use it to purchase other stock in ur stall.. no rugi wat, everything shld have it's deadline.

  9. Hi all, I'm the seller in the post. @Bulma: Sadly, I don't have her address, just her email and hp number. I don't even have a proper name, just what I assume is a nickname.

    I have sent her an email + SMSed her telling her I'm giving her one more week, but no replies yet :/

    I can't give her more time, coz I'm actually going to be closing my blogshop by mid july (heading overseas for quite some time) and would need time to sell the stuff if she still doesn't pay.

    Going to email and SMS her now saying that if she knows she can't pay up by then she should get back to me before I start selling her stuff so I can at least send her whichever RM800 items she wants.

    Hopefully I'll be able to sell of the remaining stuff after that though or I'll be loosing like, at least a hundred bucks T.T

    Thanks everyone!

  10. Hi,seller!

    Why don't you call her?Instead of SMSes and emails,you can call and talk to her.
    Keep in mind that she had paid RM 800 before the due date and you can also wait for maybe another one month.

    Maybe she has a huge financial problem or family problem..there's maybe here and there LOL

    Try to talk to her and good luck.

  11. to her and find out wat happened rather than selling the stuffs and keep her 800..