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Clinch me!!


I (speaking on behalf of the people who feel the same)
hate it when theres a nice dress, but we cant really see the details because you place big chunky cinchers on it, and in every photo is a pic of you modelling it with the cinchers..which BY THE WAY!!! DONT COME WITH THE DRESS.

Is the dress that fugly that you have to disguise it with cinchers in every of the 5 photos you post up of said dress?


  1. ugh. tell me about it.

    i'm one of the victim. the dress looks really nice on photo, thought the clincher was just an accessory.

    by the time i got my dress, ugh..!!! the waist band was badly sewed, had to get my mom to fix the dress =_=

  2. I am with you, author!

    It's quite difficult to see the details and the sizing when they use clinchers.

    I prefer as-is :)

  3. I rarely buy those dresses with clinchers on them cos I know that the dress will not look as nice if worn without clinchers. And most of the time I have a feeling that the dresses have loose those pregnant type of's why they have to put the clinchers on.

    Oh one more thing I don't like are sellers who tuck in the tops that they are selling. How am I supposed to know the details of the ends of the top or the length if they don't show it as is?