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Over Accommodated

I run an online blogshop and I think the pricing of the clothes I sell are very reasonable.

I had this customer who was very interested in a dress I was selling. She said she was away for the week and begged me to reserve it for her till she gets back to COD. I thought whattheheck, it's just 1 week so I reserved it for her.

Texted her the next week and we agreed to COD at place A on Friday during her lunch break. I informed her that I was on my way 10 minutes before I arrived and she said 'Okay'. Called her when I got there, and she said she's having lunch at place B. It was 10minutes away, so I thought okay nevermind, I'll go meet her there as I didn't want to really make her stop eating her food and drive up to place A just to meet me.

When I reached place B, I called her up, and she said she and her colleagues changed their minds and they're all now having lunch at place C! It's someplace I wasn't very familiar with, but she insisted to give directions and that I meet her there. Fed up, I just agreed. It was at least another 10minutes before I got there.

She checked the dress, said it was really pretty BUT, she didn't have enough cash on her atm!! She suggested that I give her the dress, she'll give me a RM20 deposit there and then, and cash deposit the balance when she gets a chance to. She begged and begged because she needed to use the dress the next day(Saturday) for a themed party she was attending. She seemed nice and innocent and since she didn't ask rudely, I agreed.

Gave her the dress and my bank details. She said she'll make payment on Sunday. Waited for payment, nothing. Contacted her on Sunday night. She told me that she spilled juice on the dress(even gave me a photo to prove it) and that the dress was stained(it was) and can no longer be worn so she'll not pay the balance.

I was bloody furious, but told her politely that it wasn't my problem that SHE ruined the dress and not me. Then she started telling me the quality of the dress was bad and it was only worth the amount she already paid, RM20. HELLO?!

She AGREED to buy it earlier at it's original price, she has touched and held it before making the deposit, she has worn it, and now she's telling me it's made of bad quality when SHE was the one who ruined it? And yet she thinks I'm dumb enough to not know that she's just giving me excuses not to pay up the balance that she owes?

I was being nice agreeing to drive around because she changed COD location THREE times, I let her deposit RM20 because she REALLY needed the dress, and she's blaming me for HER mistakes? What does bad quality have anything to do with how SHE stained it anyway? PFFT.

And yes, obviously she's gone MIA and is now completely uncontactable.


  1. one slap is definitely not enough for this kind of buyer....

    and seller, I hope you learn your lesson too, dont be too nice sometimes, it doesn't do you much good.

  2. horrible buyer,
    blaming you for her mistakes,
    I suggest you track her down,
    spam her mailbox, her handphone, her facebook and everything,
    we have learned from previous cases that it is possible to do so with the internet,
    good luck and hope she appears soon..

  3. Gosh,she's a horrible person.

  4. Those people..can smell them from miles away. Next time, put on your fishy-customer-radar on. A big big big big lesson to never ever ever ever trust these type of people. Of course it's difficult but to save your business, it's better not to be extra nice to the customers.

    Maybe if you google her email, you'll get some additional information about her so you'll be able to hunt down your full payment!

    Such a despicable character this particular one. No dignity whatsoever. Boo.

  5. can't we just put her in blacklist to warn other sellers too?
    why don't SMWYDY put her contact details at People To Watch Out section?

    anyway, im really sorry to hear this. next time, never give buyer their order unless when they paid in full.

  6. what were you thinkinggg?????

  7. OMG that's just SICK! Grr!
    Shouldn't you get police involved?

    People nowadays.. SIGH....

  8. Must simply get this buyer's email address, please. Cannot afford to have such a buyer.

    Thank you!


  9. Btw, may i know how much that dress actually?

  10. post her email at NOS bad customer list so that other ppl wouldn't be tricked by her

  11. slap the seller oso, y u gave her the dress when the full payment is not received?? this is nature law, pay first..

  12. Slap seller for being TOO KIND & Stupid. I WOULD NEVER give an item to a customer without FULL PAYMENT!

    you think she's your bff ah? LOL

  13. Can SMWDY post the buyer name here? so as seller can avoid dealing with this scary buyer!

  14. Let me snoop around first... Author, can you email me her name & email address please

  15. err chop. i saw people keep on mentioning NOS. what is that? can i have the link?

  16. can you post your story and her details at nightowlsays? this is definitely a buyer to be blacklisted!!!

  17. Rotten!!!! SLAPPPPPPPP her like a Biiiiiiaaaaatttttcccchhhhhhhhh!

  18. Call her up and if she insist not to pay; tell her u will lodge a police report.

    Some people needs to be threatened before their head can think straight. If I see her I would slap her in reality seriously. What a bitch!!!

  19. track her down..don't let this biatch get away like that..

  20. ask Mayz to track her down like the case of iPown HAHAHAH. ehem. no, just google her e-mail and you can get all sorts of info abt her. SMWDY should put up a list of buyers to watch out coz this is a case of scam. Especially when money is involved.

    Btw, how can a working person does have have more than rm20 in the pocket. And also i thought she going out lunch with her colleagues, so why don't she borrow the remainng amount from her friends?

    Making a bad name for buyers, dammit.

  21. Hi dear, i can feel your frustration. I indeed have such a customer, but it didnt went that bad as she agreed to meet at A, and then said she's having dinner at B, so i just refused to drive over as its out of the way. And the clothes she reserved with me was cancelled few days later saying her friend doesn't want it anymore. Well, me and her had several failed transactions. So i roughly know how she's like.

    Another buyer scolded me for not reserving for her when she's just ENQUIRING, so in the end, i had to pull back the top from another customer just to give this buyer, and she never turned up for COD, called her never pick up, then later at night she said her hp rosak, she's so so sad and that her bf will COD with us, well after that MIA. Gosh~~

    I guess there are plenty ppl like that out there.

    Do share the customers email to avoid us sellers wasting time on them. I can be reached at

  22. share with us the buyer's email and name. I'm sure she can kiss online shopping goodbye now.

  23. Hii, yeah such a horrid buyer. This happened a few months back. The cost price of the dress wasn't far from RM20 and although I made a slight loss, I just decided to 'halalkan' the dress for her. I dont see a point holding a grudge against her, and reporting it to the police etc would only cause me more time, money and energy. I forgave and forgot. (Okay, maybe I didn't forget)

    I don't have her email address as she contacted me through SMS only. (I have my phone number on my site) And her number was long deleted from my Contacts. Her name though was Jennipher Lee Swee Ling/Lin something like that.

  24. Thanks, I guess all sellers should beware of this name! She's such a horrible person...

  25. oh god!!!! terrible!!!

    email me at

    really wanna know who this stupid person is.

  26. Glad you learned your lesson..never give in to a BEGGING yet fussy buyer. They are like untamed animals..they would turn around and bite your hands after you feed them!

    Haha that may not be a fairly well metaphor, but I know how you must have felt. I closed my online shop because of such similar case..And mine was near RM1000..glad I didn't lose any money but I sure lost the interest to sell.

    Just remember, when a buyer starts to beg, 'Please', get out of there!