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Stating the wrong size

I bought this stripey dress from an unknown blogshop. She told me the size was L.

I am fat, so yeah i said okay well thats good.  Then when she sent me the dress at starbucks, she just took my money, said thanks and walked away. So i went home tried on the dress and it was TOOOO SMALLLL. 

It couldnt even pass thru my leg. Texted her, she said oh didnt you read the policies? I said no refunds. and you should've known i said S. (WTF YOU SAID L!!)

So i said that she said L, then she didnt reply and now i cant find her blogshop cos she changed the name. ugh, FML. I spent 95 for it.


  1. lol "i am fat so yeah". anyways don't say that about yourself :(
    and yeah that seller is one nasty bitch. kesian la you. haih sellers these days.

  2. Slapped buyer.

    Next time if you're planning to buy something expensive, make sure you check it thoroughly. You could have stopped her and said you wanted to see the dress first before giving your $$.

  3. haha. :( kesian buyer :(
    anyway, this reminds me of that previous story where the "fat-gal" insist she's medium, and insist buying the M size clothing, which had been highlighted by the seller that she cannot fit in! <--- this is where the buyer is wrong then.

    but in this case! the seller is bad!! :(

  4. To Anon June 18 9:21am

    Sellers and buyers take certain amount of risks when they buy online, it's fair game.

    Assuming buyer is being truthful here: then the main point is Seller was not honest during pre- and post-sales.

  5. yikes, you should have checked the dress before paying.
    unrelated note: i LOL-ed when you said FML. i love that place, haha.