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Who's having the last laugh?

Me and my friend like blogshops. So one day my friend just opened her on blogshop. I was really eager to see what she sells and to be honest, it wasnt what i expected.

She wrote in her description clothes, shoes, and other merchandises are in good condition but it turns out to be really defected. I told her she can't sell those kind of stuff cause it's not right and she was all "oh b**** I know you're jealous of me cause i've opened a blogshop before you did and you wouldnt want me to successful hah?!" and I WAS LIKE WUTT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?

I mean, I'm her bestfriend. She should know that i'm saying is for her own good. She shouldnt be rude. No wonder she hasnt received any orders these days. RUDE MUCH!

Anyways, I opened my OWN blogshop under MY name and my friend, the rude one, said, oh we should really share that blogshop and share the money! Dont you think so? I mean, my blogshop is closing, cause no one purchased anything" and i was like, uhhh you were so mad at me back then and now when your blogshop is going down you want me to help?

Oh c'mon. thats why, think before you act/speak. I said no, because since im so 'jealous' of her i should make her 'jealous' too.


  1. eeeeerrrrrrr....? haha.
    i dunno why but i found this story is funny and made up??

  2. errr the story sound pretty fabricated and L.A.M.E
    sorry sacrastic ppl & author if it upsets you.

  3. and u still call her ur best friend?

  4. i don't really mind if it was a fake story. at least there's something to read.

  5. u and your best friend are acting like a 14 year old school girl! (well, if this story is real)

  6. i 'like' the way the writer wrote =)

  7. Girl, you like seriously need to stop like watching Hannah Montana and like talk like a stupid bimbo like.

    Seriously, did you think it was cute to write like that? Not only does it give people unnecessary gag reflex, it just shows that your intelligence level is not quite up to snuff.

    Oh, btw, your story is juvenile, fake and not even entertaining. It's like a bad episode of a Disney tween series. Get out of your house and get a life, please.

  8. "me and my friend like blogshops."

    LOL. sorry, but i just somehow found this line quite funny. AHAHAHA