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So bling?

I see a lot of japan/taiwan pre order/ready stock items with the description:-

Material: crystal ma

What type of fabric is crystal ma? Anyone care to enlighten me?


  1. lol it's a direct translation from mandarin XD funny la these ppl

  2. author here,

    anon 2, direct translation from mandarin? what does it mean?

  3. 水晶麻成分涤纶92%、氨纶8% 特性纹路细密平滑、手感极佳、悬垂性强、麻感强、防皱。因为它的纹路细腻、垂感好,带微麻感,不易起皱,适合做时装、女装、晚装等春秋季高档女装面料

  4. Translation from Google:
    Crystal Ma composition of 92% Polyester, 8% spandex smooth fine lines features, feel good, drape a strong sense of strong linen, wrinkle-free. Because of its fine texture, good sense of hanging with micro numbness, wrinkle easily, suitable for fashion, women's, evening wear haute couture fabrics such as spring and autumn

  5. It's 水晶麻 in mandarin. In English it's Crystal Linen. Some people say Crystal Cotton though.

    There are a few types of Crystal Linen nowadays. In the recent years, Thailand had pasted Crystal Linen. So be careful if you buy clothes with this material. You can differentiate it by looking at the thickness or touching the material.