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Obnoxious Nilai-an

So yesterday, was Urbanscapes.

There was this customer who walked into my booth, and started to pick off clothes from the rack. I was so happy cos she chose bout 8 pcs.

The total amount was RM340.

Buyer: Ok i pay you half. The other half i pay you when you deliver it to my house.
Me: May i know where exactly is your house?
Buyer: Nilai
Me: Er... i'm so sorry but that's too far. Im afraid i cant deliver it to you. Why don't you bank in the remaining and i will mail the items to you (assuming that maybe she don't have enuf cash right now)
Buyer: Ok i pay u full now, you come and deliver it to my house on Wednesday, 3pm.
Me: I'm so sorry but Nilai is really too far and i dont know my way there. And plus, I've got work on weekdays. Can i mail it to you via pos laju? I'll give you a free postage. *smiles*
Buyer: Don't know the way then find your way la! i will give you address what! What work on weekdays? Isn't this shop your work and your responsibility as well?
Me: (and then i suddenly realised) -  If you can pay full for the clothes, you can bring back the clothes now.
Buyer: No. I don't wanna bring it home right now. i want it to be delivered to me. on wednesday, 3pm. Gimme pen n paper i give u address now.
Me: Really sorry but i'm really not going to deliver it to your house.
Buyer: Eh! I'm paying for these clothes ok and i have the right to request for a home delivery.
Me: *Grabs all the clothes back from her hand and put back into rack*

That crazy biatch was shocked with me grabbing back the clothes, she just stood there staring at me hanging back the clothes. My neighbour vendor witnessed this, and she came over and said to the buyer:

"Eh excuse me, you are blocking the way of our potential customers la. Can please go go go!??"

Weird ppl.


  1. whos slapping the seller? i bet you're the crazy biatch. lol!

  2. OMG I got the same buyer!! She picked out only RM130 worth of clothes and requested for the same thing. Deliver to her in Nilai. I happily told her "Sure, delivery charges would be RM70 so total is RM200" She was shocked and went on wailing about the same thing, my shop, my responsibility. I just calmly told her that everyone including IKEA and McDonalds charges for delivery. That responsibility goes both ways, while I will deliver out of my zone to maintain my customer's happiness, i also have the responsibility to upkeep my business at a profitable level.

    She took out RM130, paid for the clothes, TOOK them and left.

    I got lucky I guess... sorry to hear about yours babe.

  3. Erm, what crazy person would pay in full on the spot and not take the clothes along but request for delivery?
    I tried to come up with all sorts of explanations but I just couldn't.
    What was the buyer thinking??!!


  5. dunno what to say..but HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  6. i think she just doesn't want her parents to see her spending so much money on clothes if she brings them all back one go xD

  7. I second anon 4:12 :P

  8. kudos to the seller on "quickly grabbed back all the clothes" and to the neighbour vendor!!! XD

    crap buyer! what was she thinking? ekkeke. author, maybe you should just agree to send it, but via the postman! HAHAHAHA. :D just tell her you got a postman as a friend. ^.^

  9. seriusly right... some buyers really think too highly of themselves on "doing" us a "favor" in helping us with our sale.

    some are just downright rude and ridiculous, but most of the time, we sellers will just have to put up a smile.

    i wanna SUPER CLAP HANDS to author and your neighbor vendor for giving this orang gila a piece of your mind!!!!

    like as if we're so hard up and desperate for business. some buyers' attitude just totally are degrading to sellers.

  10. oh, this is weird to me, i nvr experience wit a buyer requesting me send to her when she is standing infront of me!

    agree wit annon JUNE 27, 2010 6:02 PM, probably she was (over) spending her parent's money..

    to buyer, actually u can accept this sales by sending her cloth to her via postage wat, just charge according to postage charge, i think shld be less than rm20?

  11. Anon JUNE 28, 2010 2:47 PM

    errr... did u not read that the crazy insisted the to be delivered to her home even tho author offered FREE pos laju?

  12. should take the money and never send it all. maybe she's too crazy to notice it. hahahahaha kidding!

  13. Remind me of some old chinese ladies that just 'shoo..shoo...shoo!!!!' you away while gathering her stuff when she doesn't want to deal with you anymore...ahahaha =D (and I'm referring to experiences from HK k?just in case anybody think this is racist or anything)

    but yeah, the buyer is being weird in the head...poor seller! Good that you have such a caring neighbour =P

  14. Is she chinese or what? :p Does she look like anak tan sri or prime minister? Lol

  15. June 28, 2010 2:47 PM anon here,

    ya, may b too crazy reading it, too freak out wit this kinda customer shopping without thinking..