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I was helping my sister to buy an iPhone cover on eBay cause i told her its cheap but good and i got my phone covers 2 weeks after i paid so i trusted eBay.

HOWEVER! this particular seller actually got me annoyed at the very beginning already. he replied my emails so late and i was very anxious to pay and get it fast. but it was a nice cover so i proceeded with paying thru Pay Pal anyways.

Paid, waited 3 weeks. Haven't gotten it. Emailed the seller and he said sometimes parcel gets delayed. Okay fine wait somemore. 2 weeks later, still haven't gotten it (thats 1 month and 1 week), he said he'll check on it and at the mean time, let him know if i received it. UH NO. What happened to checking on it? He didn't come back to me on that!

Just last week I emailed him again, and that was already more than 2 months, saying that I got my items coming all the way from HK thru NORMAL air mail which is free postage only 2 weeks after i paid. And I said i wanted a refund (i knew i wasn't gonna get a refund).

Until today he did not reply, and i decided to go to his page on eBay to give him his feedback he wanted a month ago. AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW! he's no longer a member on eBay. GREAAAAAAAAT! >:(

before buying, i saw "Item Location : KL"

SO YEAY i thought, i told him i wanted pos laju since i'm also from KL. he said "oh sorry the item from HK."

uh, why the false info? (clearly a con there already)

okay fine i proceeded anyways. another thing i read on the information part, "Tracking code will be provided only if customer pay".

Uh why is that? don't you get your tracking code once you send out items? Why must I pay you for it? -.-

SO NOW IT MAKES SENSE. He's from KL. The item is IN KL. If he gives out the tracking codes, people would know that he's posting out from MALAYSIA. Cause you know you can tell from tracking codes, i send out stuff so i'd know how postages tracking codes are like.

So yes. I got conned and i dont want any of you to get conned the way i did. Be smart! Don't believe the buyer if he says the item is actually not where it is stated to be. If he replies really slow, don't bother! The other eBay buyers i bought from replies fast. SERIOUSLY!

RM22 iPhone casing btw. so much for a cheaper casing.

Update :  Seller is indeed AWOLed
Ebay ID : sos77
Email :


  1. Hey author,

    If this is a scam, can you post up the seller ebay ID?

    And, does he have feedbacks from other buyers? How's his rating? Do you remember?

  2. Seller ID is with me. I'll post it up in a bit.

  3. I'm an avid buyer in eBay. Under such circumstances, you can file a non receive goods complaint with ebay and paypal. You can get a refund. I've done it many times.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but if someone's registered on ebay Malaysia, the default item location will be stated as KL/Selangor/whatever depending on seller's address. He probably doesn't even know how to change it to Hong Kong. But if he's really a scammer, that's all irrelevant, the iPhone cover probably only exists in the magical land of Narnia.

    Sorry you got scammed though. Did you check the seller's feedback before you bought the item?

  5. Author, Ebay / paypal has buyer's protection. You can can file a charge back and get back your money. eBay almost always rules in favour of the buyer. Seller will need to provide proof of goods sent including all relevant receipts, tracking number etc for the seller to halt the charge back. Even if he does miraculously provide it, it's almost certain you can get your money back.

  6. Hey, I saw he is still active on Ebay Sg.

  7. Hey, I checked the feedbacks in eBay SG, he has 5 negative, 3 neutral and 7 positive. At a glance, he's not a trustworthy & reliable seller!

  8. whooops. author here! :D

    how do i get back my money? anyone care to teach me please? :D

    and wow, he's active on s'pore's ebay. and i emailed him a couple of times, last one scolding him :P but guess he's not gonna reply!

    and no i did not check his feedback. it didn't come to mind that i should have. learning from experience now! well some said their items reached fast and he had good service. some said they did not receive their items or it took a month. :/

    i wanna leave a feedback so badly! but i can't unless i buy something from him. i want people to stop buying from him! :(