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Where's your manners? #2

i hate it when sellers dont say THANKS when we purchase something from them. its like, common courtesy for gods sake. i bet the buyers say thanks more than the sellers themselves. whats so hard abt typing up the 6-letter-word when replying your customers? JEEEEZ!

exhibit A, i bought an item from this blogshop, known for its PRICEY goods, always a notch higher than the rest and lately it keeps updating PRE ORDER designer inspired heels. i managed to say thank you at the end of every email but the seller, even after i paid promptly for my top simply said OK GOT IT and thats that. no 'THANKS' at all, NOT EVEN ONCE in our back-and-forth emails. i know it aint a big deal for some of you, but it just bugs me so much! cos saying please and thanks are supposed to come naturally. ya know?



  1. ahahahaaha.. not six la.. four only TQVM.. malas? two only..TQ

  2. Author, it's a big deal for me, too. I've been taught to say "please" and "thank you" since I was little, so it irks me when people don't do that.

    We ARE doing the sellers a favor by buying from them. They should say thanks, too.

    Another thing I hate is when sellers don't tell you when they've received our payments. They always want us to inform them when we've banked in/transferred money, but they don't even bother to reply that they got it. And then I always have to sms/email them to ask if they got the money.

  3. to anon at JUNE 13, 2010 10:16 AM

    YES! I completely agree! when they never let you know you've received the payment it leaves you wondering and hanging and worried about the parcel! it's so annoying, have some social ethics
    and let us know whether you've received it or not la...

  4. i'm guessing that she's the one who reply your e-mails via 'Blackberry from Maxis' right? if yes, i'm facing the same thing too.....

  5. o.O
    Dont la... I reply most of my emails via my Blackberry. I say thanks. with smiley face some more.

  6. i dislike when they rush you for payments but they will never bother to inform you they have sent out the items until you ask for it. this happened to me twice with a so called 'popular and good service' blogshop. so omg. don't understand how come ppl will think that it's good service to not bother to inform customers on the status of parcel.

    the only thank you i received from them was 'thank you for your payment'. the only plus point was that they were quick in replying mails.

  7. hey mayz, which blogshop?

  8. to June 13, 2010 10:16 AM Anonymous

    if buyer didn inform seller they made payment or send transaction receipt to inform the seller tat they made payment, seller wont know the payment is from who cuz the bank transaction history is only show u the in and out of money, it wont tell u from wat machine by who, u shld know tat. so pls inform and show ur transaction receipt to buyer
    unless buyer keyed in seller's email, most probably bank will sms and email seller, to inform them who transferred the money.

  9. Anon JUNE 13, 2010 10:07 PM - yeah everyone knows that. Duh. The problem is that sellers don't reply when you tell them you have made the payment. How fucking hard is it to reply "I got the payment. Thanks"?

    Does it even take 5 minutes to type that? Common courtesy, sellers.

  10. okay no swearing necessary but yeah its one of my pet peeve. sellers should really be grateful that they they have buyers at all! even so much as an inquiry deserves a thanks! jeez louise. stuck up much? :/

  11. I bet Anon June 13, 2010 10.07 pm is one of the sellers who doesn't say THANKS. LOL!

  12. guess waht ive just bought an item from a .com website. use cart and all. but from submiting my order to confirming my payment she too 3 working days! WTF?!??! And now im wondering wether she send my parcel already or not. DAmn. If u website at least provide a service which is up to .com standard la. ish.

  13. many blog sellers are very much inexperienced when it comes to doing business and common courtesy. i have experiences where they don't bother to even start of with "dear xxx" or sign off - what more thank you?

    worse is when the seller doesn't bother to have good after-sales service. gives me the impression that they 're cocky and don't want returning customers! - check out the Snug Disaster post. The poor buyer is being slammed so badly (i'm pretty much guessing by sellers) just because her zipper broke after using it the second time.

    Just giving my 2 cents and wanting the thank the author for voicing out her thoughts. :)

  14. to JUNE 13, 2010 11:29 PM Anonymous

    u r rite, i'm seller, but sorry, u r wrong cuz i always say thank u to my buyer n even reviewer, n even would say "enjoy ur weekend" if the business was deal toward weekend. =)

    to JUNE 13, 2010 11:11 PM Anonymous

    wat i meant was IF the customer didn inform seller that she/he made payment AT ALL, then the seller wont know who made it, u got me? if the customer did told ofcuz the seller HAVE TO inform buyer they received it, n me as a seller, i always inform my customer for any necessary info.. =)

  15. yezzer i totally agree that some sellers are so ignorant , they breathe down your neck to get the payment out of you asap, but once they got it, its like poof! they go silent. i had to email this one seller and SMS her at the same time asking whether she got my payment , and the reply 'shockingly' wasn't as HYPER as her previous replies, it was simply just ' yes got it.will ship it out tmrw. '
    and yet, SURPRISINGLY, these short texts usually come from those who replies VIA MAXIS BLACKBERRY and what not. im just saying, if you have your BB with you and you reply on the go, typing out THANKS or TQ won't hurt your finger baby.

  16. I agree, it's really important to me that these sellers have some common courtesy - otherwise I won't bother to buy from them anymore.

    By the way, the same rule applies to offline retailers as well. I wouldn't bother to buy anything if the salespeople don't even bother to smile at your customer or at least acknowledge them.

  17. i agree with the author..

    most of the seller are nice only when they want you to make the payment asap.. reply emails promptly, with smileys, thx etc..

    i'm quite new to online shopping actually but after facing incidents like these i was rather put off.. one of the seller didn't even bother to tell me that she already shipped the item.. after that i didn't bother to say that i received it & thanked them..

    now i rather shopped offline.. at least i can try the stuffs & reduced my anxiety bout being cheated, bad service etc..

  18. Anon JUNE 15, 2010 7:34 PM
    LOL. I'm like you, if the sellers are rude or not courteous, I don't bother informing them when I get my parcel. I try to be polite most of the time, but if they're not polite to me, I don't thank them when my things arrive. You don't say thank you to me, then I'm not saying thank you to you!

  19. even some sellers bother to put a TQ, it still irritates me like if you ask a question with all those smileys e.g.: does this fit an XS? hehe, im really skinny and i dont want it looks loose on me yada yadya yada... please advise ya thanks! :D

    and she goes:
    yes. tq

    i feel so stupid -_-!!!

  20. OMG these are all so true!!!
    i totally hate this kind of sellers!
    i had once experienced the same thing and never go back to that blogshop again. Seriously. Never mind the popularity and whatnot. I don't care.

    to Anon June 16, 2010 1:44 PM,
    yes yes yess!! arrogant, right?? grr.

  21. agree with Anon June 16 , 1:44pm. we tend to ask girly questions, or maybe suggestions from them sellers, like, would it look nice on skinny girls.. which colour is nicer..and whatnot . but when their replies are simply short and boring, it always turns me off! makes me loose my mood from wanting to buy their tops. COME ON SELLERS, LAYAN US BUYERS NICER PLEASE? -.-