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Peace Call

To all Sellers,
Let's all say NO to price war okay?

I'm a seller and there are some recent hot pieces which one blogshop brought them in first selling at RM45, then another one updated and selling them at RM40, then another one selling them at RM35.

Please, if you only want to earn RM5 for a piece, then might as well ask your customers to buy in bulk from your suppliers.

Price war is not good for anyone of us, because if you sell at this cheap, your customer expects you to sell at this price range even when some pieces you bring in are in margin price range of RM30-RM35. Then what are you gonna do? Sell them at margin price?

No slapping required. Just a friendly advice to sellers out there (who are doing this).

Thank you.


  1. LOL.those who slap seller are buyers for sure.

  2. i disagree about this.
    selling clothes is not the same as selling sugar, flour or etc that we need a price control.
    in fashion business, who offer the best price and service will win.
    sometimes, people didn't mind to buy even if u sell at higher price,only if u provide prompt and GOOD service!

    anyway, whats the fuss with seller get small profit,selling at margin price n etc. the same/most likely top at TOPSHOP has different price at MNG,Miss Selfridge,Cotton On and etc.

    If every blogshop selling clothes at the same price, the online shopping is no more fun. No more price comparison,hunting for the best deal in town and etc. Boring.

    Plus, why don;t u just suggest all blogshops to combine in a website and sell their stuff at one place since the price is all same?

  3. yup, agreed with anon june 21, 2010 1:20am

  4. I feel bored about everyone selling the same things. If you do not want to involve in the price war, why don't you go and get some new suppliers which supply more unique items? Don't always stick with the same supplier!

  5. Eh, come on la, even Cotton On branches have different price range what...the same SGD10 t-shirt in Spore branch, is seling for RM60++ in Msia..even after converting, it should be around, what's the fuss about price war??

  6. Agree with anon no.2 & anon 3.09am
    I'm a seller & buyer.
    If everyone sell same thing and same price, seriously why do we need so many blogshops then?

    Plus do we even need online shopping? Since the shops outside are selling the same things at different price.

    Why cant these people grow up and understand that a business is still a business; be it offline or online?

    Price war does exist and its a FACT. Please learn to accept it.

  7. Another blogshop ownerJune 21, 2010 at 2:56 PM

    To All Sellers,

    Say peace to the price war, shall we stop the price war? Blogshop is not an easy job, i believe all the blogshop owner can understand the what do I mean.

  8. No slapping required? YOU need a slap, seller. wake up and stop thinking that way. anon #2 is right, so what if certain blogshops wanna sell cheaper? not everyone is profit-oriented you know? if they wanna sell cheaper, its good for the customers. at least we know that seller's not CHEATING US in broad daylight, like you :)

  9. Agreed with Anonymous.
    June 21, 2010 1:20 AM.


  10. not everyone is profit-oriented? then why do business? why spoil other people's way of making a living? so sad la u all..and stupid. drive all the way to the suppliers already incur petrol cost, time and effort. then come back have to take pics, edit pics, measure, post online and answer a zillion questions. so do all that not for profit. means for fun right? if its so much fun why don't u do it then? honestly it makes my blood boil when i read comments like this...not profit-oriented then go do charity about i don't charge u anything just send to u what you want? dumb piece of shit?

  11. Well this is a tough world. Nice sellers = stupid sellers. Sellers who waste time earning little to no profit, who want to "win"? LOL. Why in your right mind would you equate earning such little profit to being an honest seller and not scamming others? Goodness gracious, I feel sorry for you...Will you settle for a low salary in the future when you work because you think that you're doing your boss and his business a favor by not "cheating" them? I think the problem here is the sellers who have low self-esteem and confidence to make sales. Cheap = win. LOL. The fashion market is extremely huge. It's quite impossible to "win" over the entire market babes.

  12. LOOK, every seller have their own method of selling okay?
    a) you sell things at cheap prices and gain your profit from QUANTITY. Come on, every buyer will be running over to buy cheap things, that's a norm since like forever, i believe! so many people buy you get a lot of profit as well! and you can roll your money fast too, and your supplier will love you and perhaps give you cheaper wholesale price.
    b) you sell things at an expensive price, so that when people buy, you get an outstanding sum of profit. but you risk having people feel like they are being ripped off (no I dont use the word 'cheat') and lose your customers.

    whichever way you go, THINK!

    and i think, suppliers too, will have fear and favor towards their customers(blogshop sellers) thus, your margin price maybe different from one another and therefore, SAME PRICES IN ALL BLOGSHOPS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL.

    haih, pity you la author, this concept also you cannot understand meh? if i know your blogshop heh, I WILL NEVER GO THERE OKK?

    YES TO PRICE WAR - it's healthy, and has been a norm in the business world. if you're not competitive enough and can't put up with this, go makan gaji or something alright? cool.

  13. haha.this seller must be losing out to those selling cheaper.hahaha.who are u to tell others not to price their items cheaper?seriously? do u think u own the onlining shopping industry? Sellers are free to set whatever pricing they prefer.

    Here's a suggestion, why don't u lower ur price then.You must be placing ur price sky high that's why earning more profit for urself.

  14. heh.. refer to previous story before this.. the hot story whereby the sellers stress on "RRP" (Recommended Retail Price).. While buying my stocks with different suppliers, I have asked them all and asked them, whether there's such thing as RRP for all the dresses that I bought from them.. and all of them said NO.. huh. makes u wonder ya..?

  15. its okay if other seller sell it at a cheaper price but what irritates me the most is SUPPLIER SELL IT EXTRA RM 4-RM8 FROM WHOLESALE PRICE!!! some supplier are darn stupid! While they set min order qtt for wholesale to 10 pieces!! haih...

  16. Anon June 22, 2010 1:56 AM u hit the nail on the nail on the head. When u try to "win" everything, at the end no one wins. It's a chain of events. sellers stop buying from those suppliers and those pathetic wholesalers can just resume their business without any continuous income from their resellers anymore.

    June 21, 2010 7:21 PM i understand where u're coming from as a buyer, of course, everyone including sellers will want to get the best deal for their money. as a seller, one should not go overboard and price their items outrageously, and i think a discrepancy of RM5 is still a reasonable range for buyers AND sellers. but not if a seller prices their items intentionally lower like RM10 off just so they can "win" over buyers over an RM5 profit margin? please understand that running a blogshop takes a lot of effort, running around, resourcing and some have invested a lot more in this business than others. it's not just about getting stocks, taking crappy pictures and reselling stocks. to the sellers and buyers who think that other sellers have intentionally marked up their prices so high, u're the same ones actually singing praises about them at sites like NOS for good service, price, etc. what we're talking about is moderation here. i think it's unfair to label a blogshop as ripping people off just because u can find slightly cheaper priced items at other sites. furthermore, if u observe, only stupid sellers enter into price wars and kill themselves because they have NO working knowledge of the business world. even our local manufacturers are steadily increasing their prices to match those of the imported brands here like MNG, miss selfridge and topshop. things are getting more expensive, not cheaper and this is reality. if all the other sellers don't realize that it's ridiculous to engage in price wars, then there won't be many blogshops left since serious sellers run the business for profit, not for fun, and u can expect ur favorite blogshops to leave the scene too one day.

  17. agree with anon JUNE 22, 2010 10:23 AM

    i'm a buyer and i don't mind paying more to reputable blogshops rather than some newbie/wannabe blogshops..

    at least i can avoid scam from popular blogshops who are obviously doing this for profit and they've been around for quite long

  18. if u cant fight the price war, dont do business.

    Price war is EVERYWHERE. like it or not, eat that fact. if you think price war is unfair, then u r not born to do business honey.

    if all price are the same, then might as well all of the blogshops merge into ONE big retail ishop. How bout that??

  19. hey author, i guess u learned now there is no such thing as friendly advice. perhaps you are barking up the wrong tree as most of the people here are buyers who are all looking for the best deals so what makes u think u will get any sympathy? and for the sellers guilty of price-dumping, u think they care about things in the long run? these ppl are usually in this 'for fun' or short term yea. so unless there is some sort of union that gets formed to counter these kinda problems (which i doubt will happen here - lets be honest there is no unity nor loyalty anymore), there is no point for u to complain here cos it will only fall on deaf ears.

  20. As a buyer, I tend to go back to the same sellers who have the same stuff as others even though their prices are a little higher. Why? Because of the trust built over past purchases. Not only that, it's also based on customer service. The tendency can be quite strong and consistent as long as sellers and buyers maintain the relationship well :)

    If they dun have what I need, then I'll hunt the blogshops and take risks.

    However, if I am low on budget, that's when I'll choose the blogshops that sell the same stuff but with cheaper price! Haha :)

  21. If one sell at a cheaper price, more people will buy from them. Even thought only earn RM5 per piece, but the sold quantity will be more, they earn more!! If you sell at a higher price, you earn RM15-20 per piece, but might have less buyers. May be one or two.

    You (sellers) find that earning RM15-20 per piece is reasonable, but the selling price might not be reasonable to the buyers!

    Reasonable earning amount is not reasonable price!

  22. Aha! This topic has been brought here to judgement before :)

    I'll just make this quick

    1. Sellers, do ignore the buyers. Lets just argue between sellers, okay? Cuz we all know that buyers always wants the lowest price and if they're no business minded, they just wont understand.

    2. Buyers, its a really complicated world of business and economics and people around the world - suppliers, sellers, retailers, wholesalers, and lots. Sellers are buyers too, u know :)

    Simple Example : Roxy Wedges

    1st time its introduced, it's around more than RM60 excluding postage, even if it's FAKE

    den people start to notice it. prices become RM50 - RM60

    I started to enter the market (of selling Roxy) when the price is RM45 plus poslaju.

    2 months later, the suppliers started to see the demand and increased supply and retailers (stores at malls, pasar malam, uptown) started to sell at lower price - RM 35.

    **by this time, manufacturer starts to produce LOWER QUALITY @ cheaper price. People started to look down on Roxy.

    a month later, they started to sell at RM25, causing blogshops to sell @ RM30 or something like dat.

    **manufacturer got overrun productions

    a month later, retailers are selling at RM15.
    now blogshops are trying hard to clear their stocks.
    retailers are trying to clear stocks too.
    prices are getting low.
    lots of stocks, less demands, manufacturer got overrun production.
    people does not demand for Roxy.

    Why? Low quality.
    Why? Cheaper prices causes the manufacturer to start producing less quality items.

    Now SELLERS loose big. Customers? Doesnt effect them at all.

    Same goes to shawl (even i'm not selling them). Once they are high quality, thick material, easily wear. Now everyone is in the market, selling as low as RM10.

    Supplier tries to win big too, and keep on producing and become PROFIT ORIENTEd and care less on quality. Prices of shawls would be RM5 sooner or later.

    And then, nobody would want to sell shawl anymore, unless they got unique design. Then it'll be DESIGN-ORIENTED and quality? near Zero.

    Hope u get what I meant. I'm on both side. I used to sell items @ cheap prices and even i'm just a little blogshop, I would try my best to keep within market price.

    It's still affordable, thats what matter, right?

    Call me - Elmyra. I know u want to slap

  23. alaa where were u when this post came out? now this post no more hot topic so not many ppl will get to see ur comment. anyway i agree with u 100% :)