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Patience the size of Grand Canyon

I've bought a dress and sling bag from a blogshop.
I know that she is working, and only post the item ordered by customer on saturday. But, it has been 1 months. She has received my fully payment, and promise me to post it last 4 weeks. I never had a glimpse of the items i bought. I guess this is a situation where, patience is a virtue.


  1. This is a situation where you need to voice out and complain about the blogshop, and start worrying about whether she has forgotten about your item or trying to cheat your money!

  2. Oh, 1 month is a little too long... go make a cup of coffee and come back perhaps. :)

    Tips: Only buy from reliable online boutiques.

  3. i sent numerous email, ask her what happened. she never mail me back. definitely she is cheating my money. ;(

    i won't let others buy from her blogshop!

    ironically, she is one of the followers of this blog!

  4. Oh hello... tell me who that is then :D

  5. Email the name to me love :