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Offline Rudeness

Not an online shopping story but I guess this could be an example for all shop owners to watch their motor mouths.

My sister always frequent this boutique near to our apartment. I went there twice and I really do not like the way the owner talks because she is really snobby and whatever you wear she will say nice nice nice nice and convinced my sister to buy it although she looks horrid in that dress.

One Sunday, as usual, during my weekend, I am too lazy to put on make up, contact lens and even dress up pretty coz I do that every day on weekdays. I don't know if it applies to you girls, but sometimes can get real tired of dressing up.

So I tied my hair up nicely, wore dark-rimmed spectacles, a loose top and a pair of my favourite jegging. and somehow I followed my sister to the stupid boutique. Then as my sister and I were browsing through her items, she said this really loudly : "You know, Farah*(not really my sister's name), your sister is not as fashionable as you!"


I was this close to buying a RM89 boho skirt from her. Then I decided that I would rather give the money to a beggar on the road side who said that I am pretty instead of her.

Yes yes yes, I am vain and cannot receive criticism blah blah. But seriously, WHAT makes you think that you have a right to say that I am not fashionable when you only see me once every 6 months? I may not be a trend setter but I dress as casually and comfortable as I like. I also dress as suitable as I can. Unlike you, 3-foot midget who wore maxi dress that is obviously too long for you, fake tan and hair color that suits your stupidity.

That's why I love dealing online than frequent a boutique because you can buy whatever you like and you can look like a piece of shit in front of your monitor and nobody will discriminate you. I will never ever step into that midget's shop anymore.


  1. I guess she made that comment to make your sis (who is her frequent customer) feel good about herself so she would always go back to the boutique and splurge her $$$
    So what did your sis think about that? Does ur sis even know you were offended?
    Do both of u boycott the shop now?

  2. can I just LOL? hahaha XD

  3. oh, why didn't you make a smart comeback? ;D like, "oh, actually i was about to buy (insert least sell-able item here) and (more least sell-able item) but i'm not 'fashionable' enough. i should go put (insert amount of money altogether here) into a charity box." :P make her feel very regret.


  4. i hate sellers like that. Where's the 'customers first' attitude? And the type I cannot stand the most are those who act as if WE owe them money. =/

  5. the not fashionable sisterJune 20, 2010 at 2:43 AM

    Believe it or not, my sister just laughed it off. I can understand why because she told me that she can only find clothes that suits her from that boutique. But THAT is not true!!! her clothes are not at all that awesome and seriously overpriced!!! For example something we can find online is RM30 she is selling for RM80. I know she has a physical shop BUT SERIOUSLY RM50 more????

    Anyways, my sis will continue to buy from there as she likes lah. She said that I was sensitive, oh yes, I do admit that I am sensitive, but I cannot tolerate rude bitch at all. So i don't give a damn about it anymore since I will never go step in there again.

    @Anon 10.06pm, oh man, I should have said that shouldn't I? Hehe, shall try that if i meet some other rude seller again!

    @maria, yes darling you can LOL. ^^