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Having the LAST say

We sell bras in big quantity to international ebay sellers, who will in return sell them in their local market.

I recently had a buyer from Australia who turn out to be quite silly actually.

She was interested in a few models which we are offering and ask me to send her more photos of their labels and described in detailed how the brand names were cut/removed.(we sell off season branded bras so we have to cut the labels away).

I took all the photos and did what she requested and in return, she asked me if I could show her more models since she wanted to buy more.

Happily I obliged because I tot I could make a bigger sale, so I referred her directly to our website.

Then a few days later, she emailed me to ask for samples, saying that she will pay for sample fee but will not pay for postage.

I was already thinking in my head, you want 2 samples and it's only USD 4.00 but I have to pay for postage to send to Australia. So immediately I told her we don't give free samples nor we fork out the postage from our own pocket. But to be nice and professional, I added, "why don't you pay for the postage as well, and when you place an order with us, I will deduct this amount from your total invoice?"

Fair right?

She then replied and say that she only wants to buy 12 pieces out of each model. Meaning 2 x 12 = 24 pieces of bras!!!

What a joke!!!!

With this small quantity, I wonder why she is expecting such a high level of service? Furthermore, this is her first purchase, she doesn't have a rapport with us like a regular buyer yet.

I told her that our last buyer from Australia bought USD 600 and asked politely if she could keep her demands to reasonable level since she is a first time buyer and her quantity was small.

She took offends and said that she was a power seller and that I should specify that I don't do small sales. She said she was not going to buy from us anymore.

Ok, I lost a sale. So I ignore the email and move on with my life. Since she was no longer a potential buyer, I shouldn't waste time on her anymore. Her ego is not mine to stroke since she was not buying from me.

I think she must have felt insulted that I didn't give her face or didn't email to save the situation. As if she still deserve my attention, she emailed me 1 day later to tell me to NOT TO EMAIL HER ANYMORE.

Some ppl are just sour grapes.

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