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Little princess got angry

I sell contact lenses , so last week , I had a customer. She ordered three pairs .

Then we met at Curve, she brought her 10 year old daughter (around that age lah , not sure) along . I was complimenting her daughter, saying how beautiful she would look when she grows up and wears my contacts ( i was being cheesy , cos i am always that way ;) ) and then , her daughter said , OH YEAH? WELL , WHY DONT I TRY THE CONTACTS NOW ? "

Then the mother, which is my customer said "oh darl no you're just too young. The daughter went mad and broke my contacts into two. The mother said to me, this is all your fault! If you hadn't compliment her she wouldn't try the contacts and break it! I want my refund! Now!"

I said no, you cant do that, then she started complaining so I just gave her the refund and told her that the other two pairs are still okay, so i should just pay 35.


Sorry for being so rude to a such gorgeous lady, but being unfair is not my thang .


  1. Why did you give in to her?
    Both mother and daughter are being rude, don't you think?

  2. Oh my. What a horrible mother! Indirectly she's teaching her daughter values like how to put the blame on others when she's not even a good parent. If I were you, I wouldn't even have given her the refund at all and just be firm. Anak biadab, will grow up to be as bitchy as the mum. Bitchy people need to be taught a lesson.

  3. Is this for real?? If yes, slap the child and slap the mother even harder!
    You should not refund her for the broken contacts. It was her child who destroyed it so it should be them who should pay for it. Like how it is in the real shopping world, if you break it, you have to pay for it!

  4. yeah.. how come the mother teach her daughter like this? the daughter mengamuk & broke the lense, then the mother scold the seller for her daughter's wrongdoing???
    no wonder, our world now have so many bitchy girls, they have mothers who teach bad examples such as this.. good job.

  5. OMG, definitely slap the mother 1000000 times!!!!!! Bitchy mother and biadab daughter, dont her feel shame and still dare to ask ppl refund.....isk

  6. well, i really hope that bitchy mother have read this from SMYDU!!!! Dont you feel shame to be a monther for a 10? yrs old kid!!!

  7. oh my, if i'm a family member i would cover my eyes and shake my head at the scene. so embarrassing!

    no wonder the daughter replied in that manner, because it came from the same gene pool.

    shame shame.. even adults dunno what is right and wrong..

  8. omg, just met a freaking KID like that just now. I must say kids nowadays are worse than samseng/rascals, somemore with their parents spoiling them, and listening to every of their needs and shits, and even side them eventhough they know their kids have no manner at all. what the f"ck happen to kids nowadays? really unbelievable? should have just asked the stupid mother to teach her daughter instead of spoiling her. so crazy one.

  9. just wondering how did the girl broke the contact? coz if i'm not mistaken, the contacts that are sold online is in bottle packaging that is quite difficult to open by a 25 yrs old adult (yep, that's me), let alone a 10 year old kiddo. sorry, just being curious.
    btw, what a spoilt child, throwing tantrums in the public like a 2 years old!

  10. i have this theory, that that MIGHT be a tactic by those two mother & daughter..a tactic to get their money back or something..

    who knows, right?

  11. aiyak..
    bad attitude...

  12. I agree with Ara. You know there's this saying, "customer's always right?" so maybe she took an advantage on you out of that ridiculous scene. trust me honey, the spoiled little kid is just a lucky shot for her to pay less.

    Although if I were in the same boat as you, I would feel so reluctant to refund or but you will never know she'll run to Consumer Affair and stuff like that and kill your business. Sigh.

    Im not talking based on experience (not even a seller though) but I've heard cases like this before.

  13. still wondering,how the kids can broked it..hmmm..

  14. lol i was just about to say the same thing. DEFINITELY YES, Ara. Maybe those two anak beranaks were just pretending, tactic la tu. for all you know after you jalan they go pungut back the contacts cs they don't want to rugi. LOL. haha. kidding XD