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Your chance has been revoked

I've recently purchased from this blogshop who was made famous due to the announcement of closing down her blogshop. i've read her apology on her blog and thought, fine everyone deserves a second chance. My first experience shopping from her blogshop wasn't a pleasant one as well.

I made prompt payment for this item that i've purchased from her and up to date, it has been 11 days and i've still yet to receive my item!

Emails sent to her were not replied as well. and thankfully, based on the advise of the pos malaysia staff that i called via their hotline, she advised me to file a complaint regarding this incident.

And i got a call from pos malaysia this afternoon and guess what? she wrote my shipping address wrongly omg! and that's why i still haven't receive my item to date.

And the pos malaysia staff who called me saying attempt made to call the 'recipient' number which was her number by the way, were futile. and what got me mad as well was i've given her my contact number and why didn't she fill the recipient's number as mine. At least, i would have known there's problem with the delivery.

Last chance taken back! Change- yea right!


  1. Heh, I think we can guess which blogshop this is? With all the "publicity" it has received, LOL.

  2. ahahaha, i thought there won't be any more problem with her, after all the apology and lots of review on this one shop reviewer.

  3. oh well like what the author said, difficult to change isn't it?

    i'm staying away for sure. LOL.

  4. who is that???? any hints???

  5. that's why her blogshop is still being nominated for 'worst blogshop' at some other site..lols!

  6. omg i want to know who this is!!!

    everyones talking about her but who is this la?

    email me!

  7. Hint: Her blog starts with an "R".. :p

    Well blog reviewers don't really know which are the blogshops with bad service. Even if they do, they continue to review those blogshops most of the time. Cos they have nice items. And that's all that blog reviewers care I guess. Don't like that fact though =/

  8. hi!
    i also want to know. and i don't know who this is.
    i frequently shop online and so far luckily nothing bad yet. so please do let me know.

  9. "nominated for 'worst blogshop' at some other site"

    may i know which sites nominate blogshop, probably shld find out which is good n which is bad if can la..

  10. OMG, that's really terrible. I guess there are just too much risk with shopping online with blogshops... need to be really careful.

    And my advise is to only buy from reliable and reputable online boutiques.

  11. Just got my stuff from this blogshop, it was all good. Quality and service on par with the value I paid. :)

    I think she deserve this credit from me though shit happens as what happened with the author.