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I'm on my way you fool!

I had some bad experiences with this blogshop which i wanted to buy dresses from them. TWICE!

We had already agreed to meet up for COD about 3 days before the particular COD date.

Only on the very last minute before the agreed time they will only sms me telling me that the item had sold out! Which I'm already on my way to the place. =.=


  1. did she said 24 hrs reservation??? LOL applicable for COD oso.. haha!!

  2. Next time, reserve and make payment to secure your order. Collect your order during cod. I think it's a good idea, you do not need to prepare exact amount too, just in case no change. :)

  3. if you had the same bad experience once, why would you go back to buying from them again? if it were me, i'd just boycott them after the first time they pulled that shit on me :/

    slaps to you!